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by Annabel Laine

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This is the second book by Annabel Laine (aka Reay Tannahil, 1929-2007, Scottish author) that I have read and it again has as protagonist Charles Dornay, Earl of Moriston.

This is the second book by Annabel Laine (aka Reay Tannahil, 1929-2007, Scottish author) that I have read and it again has as protagonist Charles Dornay, Earl of Moriston.

The Melancholy Virgin book. Annabel Laine is the pseudonym of bestselling author Reay Tannahill, whose work, published in Britain and the United States, has also been translated into French, German, Dutch and Japanese. One of her recent historical studies was a main choice of the American Book-of-the-Month Club. Annabel Laine is Scottish by birth and, most of the time, by inclination. She is married and lives in the Highlands.

I met Quinn while I was working at his law firm, Stucky, Curtis, and Slater. I was the virgin lusting after her boss, catching his attention – a day I will never forget – only to be told he ‘doesn’t do virgins’. Obviously that wasn’t the case. We ended up in a fiery, lusty affair.

The Melancholy Virgin marks the second appearance of one of fiction’s most attractive heroes, the Earl of. .

The Melancholy Virgin marks the second appearance of one of fiction’s most attractive heroes, the Earl of Moriston - aristocrat, diplomat, and occasional detective. Readers who enjoyed the high spirits and stylish good humour of The Reluctant Heiress will find even more to please them in this adventure, which interweaves the high glamour of the Prince Regent’s world with a story of page-turning suspense. Praise for The Melancholy Virgin. This book, published in 1982, is the second by Annabel Laine (aka Reay Tannahil, 1929-2007, Scottish author) that I have read and it again has as protagonist Charles Dornay, Earl of Moriston. Laine's writing is smart and literate.

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My beautiful Annabel Lee; So that her highborn kinsmen came Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. But our love it was stronger by far than the love. Of those who were older than we-. Of many far wiser than we-. And neither the angels in Heaven above.

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The melancholy virgin.

Charles Dornay, the Earl of Moriston, investigates a murder whose chief suspect may be his own secretary

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This is the second book by Annabel Laine (aka Reay Tannahil, 1929-2007, Scottish author) that I have read and it again has as protagonist Charles Dornay, Earl of Moriston. He's a 30-something peer who likes to dabble in solving mysteries, enlisting the help of his sister Lady Sarah, brother John, Sarah's husband Captain Adam, and estate manager and cousin Matthew.

Laine's writing is smart and literate. Her research into the time period is excellent and her knowledge of the times is woven seamlessly into the story instead of being boring information dumps. Here we learn a lot about the workings of the theater of the time (on and off "Broadway", so to speak) and also about art collecting and valuable, old, illuminated manuscripts, in addition to the murder mystery which must be solved and the understated romance which will develop.

In this second of the series (which Tannahil/Laine unfortunately discontinued while going on to write more meaty work), young, not-very-successful actress Imogen Reese is murdered. Charles's secretary Francis Merwyn is the main suspect and has disappeared. Bow Street runner and acquaintance of Charles is hired by the murdered actress's friend and more successful fellow actress, Katherine Kenwood, to find him, and Charles takes it upon himself to prove Francis's innocence.

In his investigation Charles discovers (with the help of family and friends) that Imogen has an unknown protector whose identity he must uncover, finds that there is blackmail and theft of precious manuscripts possibly tied up with the murder, and meets up with interesting characters and possible suspects, such as Imogen's sister Olivia and Olivia's husband, a frustrated man of God. And he finds himself strongly attracted to the beauty and intelligence of Katherine Kenwood.

I'm a historical mystery lover and these two mysteries featuring the earl are similar to but better, IMO, than Sheri Cobb South's John Pickett series. I enjoy Laine's more sophisticated hero and his family, the clever and witty dialogue and the very literate writing style. Laine's two stories may not be to all tastes but they are to mine. They were a very lovely surprise from Endeavour publishing, which lately has been releasing a lot of pleasant but mediocre Regency romances with cute covers, such as those written by Lucy Gordon and Valerie Holmes.

Remember that, in spite of the cute, romantic looking covers of Laine's two books, they are not romances. They are mysteries with a hint of romance. And speaking of the romance here, if you have read the first book with its understated romance for Charles, you may be surprised to see that it didn't work out. That's fine with me. I much prefer this book's love interest, Katherine. And it's obvious that Charles does also.
This book is the first I have read by this author and I am not entirely sure how I came across it, but as it was free, I had nothing to lose. The editorial review already gives a synopsis of the story, so I don't really need to touch too much on that. The title put me off a bit, but all became clear during the course of the story. The H, Charles and his absolutely delightful family (those who are with him in this story) have to clear the Earl's secretary of murder and how they go about this is sometimes hilarious and sometimes downright dangerous. They stumble across a sub-plot during the course of their investigations which gives them another direction to pursue. The author has a very deft touch in her writing style and the book well-edited and is easy to read. It is a 'clean' Regency which is very refreshing considering some that are on the market. The characters are all three a dimensional, the plot is good, the story intriguing - what's not to like? Lately I seem to have developed a penchant for the "butler" in books I have read, and the Earl's butler, Brandon is no exception. Brandon is my icing on the cake. I recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is definitely going into my "Favourites" folder.
As a previous reviewer pointed out this is Rex Stout's Death of a Doxy, without Nero Wolfe. Morriston looooooosely plays the roll, Julie is renamed and is a Mary Sue Actress -well done despite the familiarity but not even half as shocking- and it takes 3 characters to be Archie Goodwin [not a surprise it takes more than one to fill his shoes]. Townsend the Bow Street Runner is hardly as satisfying as Kramer but I didn't despise him, only found him a bit cut out in comparison and if you know & love Stout's work, or the A&E series that did this 'episode' you cannot help but compare them. The only Historical Note the author provides concerns historical figures, she does not acknowledge Stout for the plot & much of the dialogue. Death of a Doxy was published in 1966, this book in 1981.

All that said, if you don't mind supporting an author that steals another work without acknowledgement or permission of the original author or his work, it is a light read. I am unable to give any credit to the author or publisher for this work & won't read anything else by Annabel Laine or Endeavour Press. They both should know better & I certainly do.
Good story. For those who enjoy a "clean" Regency this is one. I will admit to being a bit let down by the ending.

A young woman is murdered, and her friend - who is an actress- hires a man from Bow Street to look into the matter. A young man employed by the hero is suspected, and the hero is determined to prove his innocence.

The main characters are delightful, and this is well worth reading.
This is the second book in the series, and it's just as witty. The mystery is intriguing, and I love these characters. You've got the usual class distinctions and lovely clothes, but what really elevates these mysteries is the intelligence of the hero. He's everything you want and more, but there isn't a sweeping romance. It's more about the mystery, with just a trace of romance. Author Felicia Mires
This is another nice Regency-set mystery/detective novel, with more romance elements than the first one in the series (The Reluctant Heiress). It's well-written and well edited generally. There's just one gross anachronism, when the hero's brother comments that the heroine makes him feels "as if he were still a kindergartner."
Light out of Fildon
Absolutely loved this book! Very well developed story,wonderful characters. A very hard to put down mystery, it even has some laugh out loud moments.
I sincerely hope to see a continuation of this wonderful mystery series!
Delightful!!! A clean Regency romance/murder
Well written with strong characters. Excellent story line.
The Melancholy Virgin download epub
Author: Annabel Laine
ISBN: 0312528655
Category: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: St Martins Pr; First Edition edition (February 1, 1982)
Pages: 220 pages