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by Rand McLester

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Fifteen Billion Years book.

Fifteen Billion Years book. An Indiana Jones genre sci-fi apocalyptic adventure loosely based. Details (if other): Cancel.

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Also the author of Fifteen Billion Years: Alpha and Omega, McLester is a thirty-four year law enforcement veteran who lives .

Also the author of Fifteen Billion Years: Alpha and Omega, McLester is a thirty-four year law enforcement veteran who lives in a custom log home on the Continental Divide in Southwest Montana, sharing the Rocky Mountains with elk, bear, lynx, wolves and other wildlife. com -or- fifteen billion yearso.

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Fifteen Billion Years.

My Art Book of Random Things. Herro! Idk what to really put here except that it's my first art book and my not so great art but I'm still sharing it with the public :P So, enjoy!

My Art Book of Random Things. Herro! Idk what to really put here except that it's my first art book and my not so great art but I'm still sharing it with the public :P So, enjoy! .After 15 million years. 74 4 1. by Silver Wall. ISBN13: 9781452097114 ISBN10: 1452097119. View Larger ImageView Larger Images.

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As with all FIRSTS--whether it is first love, first low, first high, expectations run very high. But having lived life one thing I have found to be true----- expectations can kill anything. I found the story to be engrossing, it pulled me in. A previous reviewer stated that the middle read like someone else's story. I found myself thinking of a movie I had seen a long time ago---it was vaguely familiar. The transition from the first of the book to the middle and then to the final third was a little disjointed but still thrilling. If I have any criticism it is this-----the narrative rushed head long to the end---I wanted more from the characters---more of what they were thinking--more of why they were doing what they did. Some meat on the bones so to speak. Some things remain a mystery. Perhaps that is what the author had in mind. Perhaps there will be more??????-----I commend this first attempt and recommend it as a good rainy day pastime.
Being the editor for Book 2 in this trilogy has given me the opportunity to read farther than the general public. Book 2 is as good as the first book with more of everything that I loved about Book 1.
Book 1- 15 Billion Years is a book that has a life of its own. Not only is it a great fictional piece of work combining science fiction, religious beliefs, adventure and suspense, but it also makes you use your mind. Inside this first book,as well as the other two following this one, you will find a riddle or puzzle. It's your job to put the pieces together and figure out how all the things in the book can be happening. The book is full of colorful and entertaining characters with humor, love and compassion, and they emphasize the importance of living every day to the fullest and the bonds of friendship. And for all you guys out there, this book is packed full of blood, guts and gore. Put your mind to the test and read this book (and the following 2 soon to be available). Can you figure out the answer to The Puzzle?
Slowly writer
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I found the writing to be superb. It is an action/ adventure/ fantasy novel which leads you on a mysterious journey 15 billion years into the future....and perhaps the past? The author uses language and descriptions that jump start your imagination, and pull you into the book. The characters are well-developed, and work together with the rest of the plot to bring to the forefront the value of friendship, devotion, and faith in something greater than ourselves during a period in our history where those things seem to mean little. I would DEFINITELY recommend this book to anyone who wants a realistic view of life, love and hope accompanied by science fiction and artistic license. I read about a novel every 2 days, and most do not impress me enough to take the time to write a review. This one does. It's worth the money and the time to enjoy the imaginings of one man from Montana.
Please DO NOT BUY and DO NOT READ this book! The over-sized print and unnecessary space-consuming sentence breaks at the beginning of each section should have been a warning. I was more suspicious after reading the first chapter that the author knew little about science and wrote in a very linear and artificial manner. Hair doesn't stand on end because of a magnetic field, as happens to one of the characters, and you don't get "a dazzling magnetic cloud whirling around" anything. Believe me (my PhD in Physics and 30 years in corporate research should give me a little credability)! I had a sense that the author just read H.G. Well's "Time Machine" and thought he could re-write it as a blood-and-guts action novel. But I'm always the optimist, so I read chapter two. In it, the two brilliant scientists exit their time machine 10 million years in the future without first checking the air quality and, finding a pool of water in a domed structure on an otherwise arid world, both decide to take a drink since one of them declares that "It's good water, distilled". Excuse me? Sounds a little reckless for scientists. Their weapons are futuristic laser ray guns and there are plenty of gory descriptions of people being blown apart or burned to death, but it's all done as simple statements without much writing skill. There is no character development, no background on how the time machine came about, and very little science that makes sense. Yes, he throws in words like "black hole" and "transitional flux", but it's obvious the author didn't do much background research talking to scientists. No matter what the situation, the characters all appear two-dimensional and as unexcited as I, the reader, am. Perhaps it gets better in the later chapters (I'm always the optimist), but I sincerely doubt it. As much as it hurt me to waste almost $20, after the second chapter I threw the book in the recycle bin with the hope that it will one day be reincarnated as a readable sifi book. For comparison, if anyone wants to read a light-weight sifi book (i.e. with not much scientific content) about time machines that is well-written and a lot of fun, try "The Accidental Time Machine" by Joe Haldeman.
Fifteen Billion Years download epub
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Author: Rand McLester
ISBN: 1452097119
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
Language: English
Publisher: AuthorHouse (January 5, 2011)
Pages: 412 pages