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The Collected Stories of Peter Taylor. Peter Matthew Hillsman Taylor (1917-1994) was the author of fifty-nine published stories, several plays, and three novels, including A Summons to Memphis (1986) and the Pulitzer Prize-winning In the Tennessee Country (1994)

The Collected Stories of Peter Taylor. Peter Hillsman Taylor. The Old Forest and Other Stories. Peter Matthew Hillsman Taylor (1917-1994) was the author of fifty-nine published stories, several plays, and three novels, including A Summons to Memphis (1986) and the Pulitzer Prize-winning In the Tennessee Country (1994). In 1978 he was awarded the Gold Medal in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and in 1993 the PEN/Malamud Award for his lifetime contribution to the art of the short story.

May 03, 2009 Matthew rated it really liked it. When I think of Peter Taylor, I think of the closer to his story Dean of Men: "It is a strange world, Jack, in which an old man must tell a young man this. At times, the stories also suffer from a certain preciousness of subject matter - an almost tedious This book was a pleasure, especially for a Tennessean like me. It's easy, however, to see why you don't hear much about Peter Taylor these days. These stories are old-fashioned in their delicate construction and even delicate-r prose style.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Peter Taylor was the great chronicler of the American Upper South . Two of the stories in this volume, A Cheerful Disposition and The Megalopolitans, are collected here for the first time.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Peter Taylor was the great chronicler of the American Upper South, capturing its gossip and secrets, its divided loyalties and morally complicated legacies in tales of pure-distilled brilliance.

Peter Taylor; Introduction by Richard Bausch. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Described by Anne Tyler as "the undisputed master of the short story form," Peter Taylor imbued his stories with a powerful sense of the conflicts between the old rural society and the increasingly urbanized South. Ranging in subject from the story of the exposure of a respected doctor's infidelity by the family's longtime cook to the tale of elderly siblings whose party for young people exposes the town's class divisions, the stories often explore family dynamics within the larger society of the South. Connect with the author.

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Peter Carey was born in 1943 in Australia and lives in New York. He is the author of the highly acclaimed selection of short stories, The Fat Man in History, six novels, Bliss, Illywhacker (shortlisted for the 1985 Booker Prize), Oscar and Lucinda (winner of the 1988 Booker Prize), The Tax Inspector, The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith and Jack Maggs, and a book for children, The Big Bazoohley. Published in Canada by Vintage Canada, a division of Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto.

Two of the stories in this volume, A Cheerful Disposition and The Megalopolitans, are collected here for the first time. LIBRARY OF AMERICA is an independent nonprofit cultural organization founded in 1979 to preserve our nation’s literary heritage by publishing, and keeping permanently in print, America’s best and most significant writing.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Peter Taylor was the great chronicler of the American Upper South, capturing its .

Collected Stories" is a standard name for books that aren't complete - that don't include all of a writer's work. Peter Taylor is a master stylist, writing taught, compelling Southern fiction. It is surprising he's not more widely read. Those are called "The Complete Short Stories of AUTHOR. Taylor is a Southern writer and I love Southern writers. A Master's Masterpieces: Southern, thoughtful, modern, homey. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 21 years ago.

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I came shamefully late to the short stories of Peter Taylor, after years of hearing the praise of friends for Taylor's work and reading countless critical encomiums. A lot of reviewers on this page complain that this volume of collected stories doesn't contain one or more of their favorite Taylor stories (even though the back cover plainly states that this represents only the work Taylor published from 1940 to 1969, whereas he lived until 1994). Personally, I think this book is a wonderful introduction to Taylor's stories, and it whets my appetite to explore his work further.

The name of Chekhov is cited too often to praise the short-story writers who came after him, but Taylor is one of the very few who merits the comparison (the Canadian Alice Munro is another). Taylor has a remarkable ability to capture the nuances of human nature--particularly those which cause people to misunderstand each other completely--and record them in impeccably pellucid prose. His particular territory as a writer is the upper South in the days between the Depression and the Civil Rights Act, and he makes it as vivid as any in the history of American fiction. "Reservations" is a funny, bittersweet tale of a couple on their honeymoon, their wedding night foreshadowing the entire future path of their marriage. The title character of "The Fancy Woman" sets herself up for myriad humiliations as she clings to the hopeless expectation that her wealthy lover will marry her. "1939" depicts two college boys whose dreams of romance and literary glory come crashing down during one Thanksgiving weekend. Interspersed between these stories are the marvelous depictions of Southern culture in flux, including "A Wife of Nashville," "What You Hear From 'Em?" "Cookie," and "Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time." This isn't the only book by Peter Taylor you'll ever need, but to those just coming to his work, it's a revelation.
Peter Taylor's work is powerful, intriguing. He writes about the Changing South in the early and middle parts of the twentieth century. However, calling Taylor a Southern Writer is like saying Chekhov would only appeal to Russians. Taylor is a wise, wise teller of tales, someone who can observe and think as lucidly as he can describe. These are stories of humanity and desire, and well worth your time. To put it bluntly, if you like literary fiction, check out Taylor.

I'll also add that the Old Forest, a story of his NOT included here, is probably one of the greatest stories ever written. And this is the problem. This book does not collect all of Taylor's stories, doesn't even come close. The book appears to be a reprint of an earlier "collected" that was published in the middle of Taylor's career (and which he oversaw). This means whole BOOKS of stories do not appear here, including his most mature masterpieces, which were only to appear late in his career, after the original publication date.

But I'll stand by a strong recommendation for this book. If you've never read Taylor and are interested, this is as good as any place to start because it has a number of amazingly good stories. But if you're already a fan and want to read them all, just go back and buy all of his books and skip this one.

Final note: For those debating the term "collected" stories. Collected IS different from complete, but not entirely. A telling example is Faulkner, who has equally large volumes of "collected" and "uncollected" stories. Collected means stories that were put into collections by the author; this is opposed to those uncollected works that were published in literary journals or magazines but were never put all together by the author under one spine/cover. A Complete stories would include every story that had been published or perhaps even written by the author. Sometimes an author might have grown from early efforts that made it into journals and so chose not to "collect" those early stories (or perhaps those stories written for a buck mid-career). So, I believe this was a true collected when it first came out, including every story from Taylor's early collections (and Taylor at the very least did the selection and editing). But for FSG to publish the book under that title now is not only wrong, but also misleading since there were many more stories that Taylor "collected" after the original publication date of this volume.
A fine and varied collection by this very good writer. Worth having in one's library.
Peter Taylor wrote stories as I think a great storyteller should. His stories are not especially exciting or dramatic to me, but steady and carried to a simple, clear end, like Mr. Chekhov's stories. And, in elegant English.
There are some pretty ignorant "reviews" of this important collection. For some time now FSG has been reprinting, with introductions by admiring authors or critics, now-classic books from their catalogue. Taylor's COLLECTED STORIES, originally published in 1969, is one of these, and it now boasts a short introduction by Richard Bausch, himself a master of the realist short story. If you want to know what it was like to live in the upper South (Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis) in the 1930s (and a perhaps little later), from a white middle-class perspective, read Peter Taylor--just as you would Joyce for living in early 20th-century Dublin. Quite aside from their socio-historical interest, these are very entertaining stories--and also extraordinarily shrewd in their examination of social and familial tensions and generous. Of course Taylor went on, after 1969, to write some masterpieces you won't find here: "In the Miro District" and "The Old Forest" among them. The books with those stories in them appear to be out of print--which is a shame. Meantime, buy this classic COLLECTED!
one life
I already have a paperback edition of this book, and came here hoping to get it on Kindle so I could read and re-read these literary pearls anywhere I happened to be. Guess I'll just have to carry it around. Superb stylist, original, insightful observer of life as it really is, in the top echelon of America's all-time best writers.
Collected Stories download epub
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