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by Sherman Alexie

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After Building the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Death Star. The Theology of Reptiles.

For. Elisabeth, Morgan, Eric, and Deb. Contents. Breaking and Entering. Go, Ghost, Go. Bird-watching at Night. After Building the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Death Star. Ode to Small-town Sweethearts. The Senator’s Son. Another Proclamation. Invisible Dog on a Leash.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In his first new fiction since winning the National Book Award for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Thanks to Sherman Alexie, I will forever be pilfering the phrase "terminally nostalgic. War Dances is a collection of short stories, poems and other fiction forms that read as l, made even more enjoyable if you live in the Spokane area. When I saw him read back in December, I asked him how he felt about seeing the places he has written about disappear over time. When he talks about driving up Maple to Francis, I know right where that is.

Excerpt: War Dances. The following story is an excerpt from Sherman Alexie’s recent collection of short stories, Blasphemy. Published by Grove Atlantic Press, Oct. 2012. After the surgeon cut off my father’s right foot - no, half of my father’s right foot - and three toes from the left, I sat with him in the recovery room. It was more like a recovery hallway. There was no privacy, not even a thin curtain.

Can you switch Seats with me?. A woman asked me. So I can sit With my husband?

Can you switch Seats with me?. So I can sit With my husband? eat For her middle seat. By asking me to change My location for hers, The woman is actually Saying to me: Dear stranger, dear Sir, my comfort is More important than yours. Dear solitary traveler, My love and fear- As contained Within my marriage- Are larger than yours. O, the insult! O, the condescension! And this is not An isolated incident. I’ve been asked To trade seats.

So, on Sunday I went to see Sherman Alexie read from his new book, War Dances, at Wordstock09, and it was nothing short of great

So, on Sunday I went to see Sherman Alexie read from his new book, War Dances, at Wordstock09, and it was nothing short of great. One of the great parts of his reading that that he told Loved it.

Fresh off his National Book Award win, Alexie delivers a heartbreaking .

Fresh off his National Book Award win, Alexie delivers a heartbreaking, hilarious collection of stories that explores the precarious balance between self-preservation and external responsibility in art, family, and the world at large. Alexie dissects a vintage-clothing store owner's failing marriage and his courtship of a married photographer in various airports across the country; what happens when a politician's son commits a hate crime; and how a young boy discovers his self-worth while writing obituaries for his local newspaper. Brazen and wise, War Dances takes us to the heart of what it means to be human. This provocative new work is Alexie at the height of his powers.

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Ever since I heard an interview with Sherman Alexie on NPR, I have been intrigued both by his persona and writings. I was very happy to see his name turning up on my subscription lists at a price I could afford.

None of his books have been disappointments. This one, a collection of loosely connected stories and poems is both funny and sad. I hated to turn the last page and find it was over. I could have gone on for another two hundred pages, and I would happily have read them.
I have been pleasantly surprised with War Dances. I have read a few other books from Sherman Alexie, and this one is not one of his most popular. I can see why. This is a mix of poetry and prose. I do like his stories better than his poetry, but the poems in this collection are still enjoyable and thought provoking. Overall, I am glad I read this (granted, I did get it on sale). But it is hit or miss. You might connect with some stories and not others. For me, there were some stories that were forgettable. On the other hand, there were a few that were so outstanding and memorable I would put them among some of the most impressive short stories I have read.
I love the works of Sherman Alexie. I know I will want to go back and read this book again. I am sure the poems will offer more on additional readings. The stories are funny and sad, but always insightful. Anger and pathos, pain and pleasure, love and hate are the stuff life and his characters are made of. His stories are more character driven than plot driven, so if you like stories about people, you will enjoy the work of Sherman Alexie.
You'll find both poetry and prose in this book, along with a full gamut of emotions: hope, desperation, love, nonchalance...
But mostly you'll find the true human experience, something we all share regardless of color or background.
Sherman Alexie has a real way with words. The stories and poems in War Dances are powerful and beautifully written. I actually came across this work first as an audiobook, read by the author, and he reads it so well that I'd recommend it to everyone, even though historically I prefer to read myself rather than be read to.
Sherman Alexie couldn't write anything bad, if he tried. If you enjoy Alexie, you will like this
Being an 81 year old Cheyenne River Sioux l somehow can not relate to this narrative!!
I enjoyed every story and poem in "War Dances". In fact, I finished the book while eating in a Mexican restuarant. My waiter was one fourth Lacota. He showed interest in the book and I was proud to pass it on to him. I know he too will enjoy the open, direct, humorous and poignant glimpses of life ala Sherman Alexie.
War Dances download epub
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Author: Sherman Alexie
ISBN: 1440779317
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
Language: English
Publisher: Recorded Books; Unabridged CD Audiobook edition (January 1, 2010)