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by Roger Macbride Allen,Isaac Asimov

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Manufacturer: Bantam Books Release date: 1 May 1992 ISBN-10 : 0553295594 ISBN-13 .

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Roger MacBride Allen. Roger MacBride Allen. Volume One of The Hunted Earth sequence. Science is toil and hard work-except when it verges on miracle. Third in a powerful trilogy that examines Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics-a challenge welcomed and sanctioned by Isaac Asimov, and written with his cooperation. The exciting sequel to Caliban and Inferno explores the last of Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.

Items related to The Modular Man (The Next Wave, No 4). Roger Macbride Allen; Isaac Asimov The Modular Man (The Next Wave, No 4). ISBN 13: 9780553295597. The Modular Man (The Next Wave, No 4). Roger Macbride Allen; Isaac Asimov. When a key politician is murdered, suspicion falls on Caliban. the only robot without guilt or conscience, with no need to obey or respect humanity. a robot without the Three Laws. But the stakes go deeper than one man's life.

The Modular Man is a science fiction novel by American writer Roger MacBride Allen. It is the fourth in the Next Wave series. The novel concerns the issue of personhood and what it takes to be considered a member of the moral universe. There are three main characters: Herbert the vacuum cleaner, who is modified by his owner, David Bailey, a scientist who specializes in figuring out how to "mindload". Mindloading is the act of a human downloading his mind into a machine.

The Modular Man book. The Modular Man. (The Next Wave)

The Modular Man book. His body badly injured in an accident, robotics expert David Bailey. (The Next Wave). Roger MacBride Allen is a US science fiction author of the Corellian Trilogy, consisting of Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, and Showdown at Centerpoint. He was born on September 26, 1957 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He grew up in Washington . and graduated from Boston University in 1979. The author of a dozen science-fiction novels, he lived in Washington .

Isaac Asimov, Roger MacBride Allen Inferno. Spacers were the descendants of men and women who had fled semi-mythical Earth, with their robots, when robots were banned there. The original laws of robotics I. A robot May Not Injure a Human Being, or, Through Inaction, Allow a Human Being to Come to Harm. With the aid of their robots, the Spacers terraformed fifty worlds and created a culture of great beauty and refinement, where all unpleasant tasks were left to the robots.

His body badly injured in an accident, robotics expert David Bailey mindloads his own consciousness into Herbert, his home maintenance robot, only to see Herbert arrested for Bailey's presumed murder. Original.

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I have read many of Roger Macbride Allen's books, and this is one of the better ones. It reminds me of a recent book by John Scalzi, Lock In. This is the idea that eventually severely handicapped people could have a more active life by essentially using a robot vehicle to have a life outside their sick bed. This scenario is almost certainly going to happen, and it is a good idea because there are so many severely handicapped people like Steve Hawkings who could then have a much improved tactile experience. The Modular Man explores the legal aspects of people using robots to have an active life.
The Modular man was written in 1992 about a time we have not yet reached; but that we are fast approaching. MacBride has summed up in this book the core issues of the ethical debate that is suffusing our current discussions of health care reform.

We have serious topics here but they are wrapped in a great combination of adventure and mystery.

On the one hand is the argument that everyone should have the same access to health care and on the other acceptance that the rich will always get something better. How much can and should we do for life extension? What are the ultimate implications of our decisions? Does outlawing expensive private procedures actually hurt everyone as R&D is reduced? How are these issues handled in an intensely political environment, especially where one side is committed to "winning at all costs". What can a few determined individuals do against "the System".

I bought the book because I was re-reading an old "Analog" that contained the first part of the book as a serial and I could not find the next issues. Such was the impact that I just had to get the rest of the story. I was not dissapointed! A great read!
Light out of Fildon
Unusually insightful view into the future social implications of continuing revolutionary advances in information science and technology. I highly recommend it.
This is a standard philosophical sci-fi novel with little action and lots of digression. The central issue is the very meaning of humanity. Should you look concentrate on the physical 'human being' when defining a human being? How much of your body should be original before you are a legal cyborg?

A wealthy man and his wife were hurt severely in a vehicle accident and barely cling to life. The man, David, realizes he is going to die very soon and sets up a mindload into a modified cleaning robot. His robot shell is prosecuted for murder because he survived 'his' own suicide. His wife Suzanne, a trial lawyer rendered quadriplegic by the accident, takes up her husband's case using a remotely controlled body.

Personally I thought this particular science fiction novel rose above the normal space opera and speculative futures so common in the genre. Without a science fiction backdrop, it could easily be called modern literature. The characterization of the supporting cast is a bit rigid, but 'Modular Man,' as the story of David and Suzanne, is an excellent novel. The middle may be a little slow, but the end makes the entire experience worth it.
The Modular Man (The Next Wave, No 4) download epub
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Author: Roger Macbride Allen,Isaac Asimov
ISBN: 0553295594
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: United States
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books (May 1, 1992)