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by Sarah Gabriel

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Her time is nearly out . . .

To claim her inheritance, Fiona MacCarran must marry a wealthy Highlander, and soon. Arriving in the misty Highlands as a schoolteacher, she despairs of finding an acceptable groom . . . until she meets Dougal MacGregor. She knows he's just a smuggler, and yet when the handsome laird pulls her into his arms, she forgets about obligations, the law, and finding that perfect Highland groom.

He must save his clan . . .

Moving his finest whiskey—and fast—is the only way Dougal can protect his people. It should be simple, but nothing is easy with Fiona MacCarran around. He cannot allow himself to be distracted by the sensual schoolmistress. After all, a Highland rebel and a law-abiding lass could never have a future together . . . or could they? Soon they are caught in a battle between honor and desire, with the only victory lying in sweet, sweet surrender.

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I appreciate that this was a different highland story. I like the whole whiskey smuggling angle. I found it a little chaste and the requirements of the will a little silly, but overall thought that the book was okay. It seemed that there were a lot of subtext unexplored, but I thought that the book was written nicely.
loved it.
This book was a little different from other Highland Romances that I've read. For a start, it wasn't about sword-fights and reiving but instead about whisky distilling and smuggling. The author has clearly researched the making of whisky and infodumped quite a lot of detail at times throughout the book.

It is also, of course, a romantic story. Fiona MacCarran needs to marry a wealthy highlander (a request in her grandmother's will) and so travels to Glen Kinloch to teach at the school there and hope that a rich highlander happens across her. Dougal MacGregor, laird of Kinloch, does happen across her and he is a highlander - but unfortunately not wealthy. In fact he's heavily involved in smuggling whisky in order to try to earn enough money to buy his land back from the Crown. When the schoolteacher arrives he is instantly attracted to her but her brother works for the excisemen and so he tries to persuade her to leave. But Fiona isn't willing to be persuaded; she wants to find out more about highland fairies and she likes the village. Can they have a future together?

This book was a bit of an oddity in terms of pacing. The initial chapter consists of Fiona and her brother Patrick explaining their situation to each other (to inform the reader) and felt a most unnatural conversation. After that great tranche of information is given the book slowed down considerably and meandered around as Dougal and Fiona met each other, kissed each other and Dougal tried to persuade her to leave. Fiona meets various MacGregor people, all of whom are involved in smuggling and seem pretty brazen about it. With various mentions of fairies and fossils the story trudges on until the rather unlikely final scene where Fiona is in some danger.

The setting of the book was interesting and the information about the whisky distilling was unusual. However other aspects were a bit dodgy, including American speech patterns in highlanders of the 17th century ('fall' for autumn, 'likely' in place of probably, etc). There was no tension in the romance which meant it wasn't particularly memorable and neither main character rang particularly true to me. I also struggled with the author's intent with regard to honour and integrity - are the lies that the characters tell each other acceptable? What about the illegality of the smuggling? Was it fair to set Fiona against her brother and his duty as a gauger? These questions were never satisfactorily answered for me.

This wasn't a bad book although the fairy aspect didn't work for me and the over-emphasis on all things whisky got a bit tiresome. However it wasn't a very memorable book and I felt it was a little too uneven in its execution to make it class as a good read.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2009
In 1823 Fiona MacCarran understands her late grandmother's strange will that she must meet if she is to inherit, but also believes she will not be able to meet the conditions. Her grandma wants schoolteacher Fiona to marry a wealthy Scotsman so that she leave the classroom and paint portraits of fairy.

Fiona is attracted to laird of Kinloch, whose children she teaches. However, she knows Dougal MacGregor may be a hunk but is not remotely affluent; in fact she believes he is a whiskey smuggler avoiding the excise men like her cousin.

Dougal feels drunk with desire for Fiona, but knows he must ignore his feelings. He fears what she can learn about his clan's "fairy whiskey", especially the smuggling activity that could if revealed could endanger his villagers. However, when the locals get in trouble, Fiona joins Dougal rather than her blood kin to help keep them safe.

From almost the beginning readers will see how Fiona thinks differently than her brother Patrick when they rock climb and hear a noise that she says is fairies while he insists it is smugglers. That sets the tone of a whimsical engaging historical romance with a wee bit of the paranormal and some late suspense. The story line is fast-paced from the moment the caring laird sees the beauty through the highland mists and never slows down as they fall in love while she wonders if her hunch is right that he leads a smuggling operation. THE HIGHLAND GROOM is a winner as it asks whether doing the right thing to care for the locals should supersede the law that has wider applications.

Harriet Klausner
Ok this book has some great elements that I enjoyed. It made me want to travel to Scotland to view the landscape , hear that wonderful accent and check out the cute highlander. I like the characaters but - - in the end I just didn't have a strong connection to them. The concept is that Fiona MacCarran must marry a wealthy Highlander and draw a picture of real 'fairy' help fullfil her Grandmother's will. She goes to the Highland to teach and finds herself attacted Dougal MacGregor a whiskey smuggler... It was a good enough read, that I finished it and but something was missing...

If you are looking for a novel with a Scotlish theme , I would suggest any of the books by these authors; How to Abduct a Highland Lord,The Runaway McBride,MacGowan's Ghost
Not a bad book at all. Not terribly well written, but interesting enough if you enjoy medieval/scottish romance.
I loved the first book in this series (To Wed a Highland Bride) and waited for this book to come out. However, it is not as good as the first book. There is not as much depth nor is there as much development of the storyline that is supposed to link the 2 books.
I should have read this second but that's ok, these characters were alot of fun. I just finished the first book and messing up the order was OK.
The Highland Groom download epub
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Author: Sarah Gabriel
ISBN: 0061234974
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Language: English
Publisher: Avon (December 30, 2008)