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by Delores Fossen

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Even though he tried to tamp down all the wild scenarios that started to fly through his head, he wasn’t completely successful. The little girl was a dead ringer for him. ice, he pointed out, talking just as much to himself as his g visitor. So, why I should believe anything you say?. Because I’m telling the truth. It still didn’t help convince him otherwise, and she obviously realized that, from the Arctic look he gave her. The truth? he questioned, upping that icy look a notch.

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Rodeo rider Nico Laramie may have a reputation with the women of Coldwater, but there are rules he doesn't break. Can a Texas lawman capture an escaped serial killer after a witness's location is breached? The serial killer Gemma Hanson narrowly escaped just discovered her WITSEC location, and he's coming after her to finish what he started.

About the author Books by Delores Fossen. 1026-THE christmas clue.

Imagine a family tree that includes Texas cowboys, Choctaw and Cherokee Indians, a Louisiana pirate and a Scottish rebel who battled side by side with William Wallace. With ancestors like that, it’s easy to understand why USA TODAY bestselling author and former air force captain Delores Fossen feels as if she were genetically predisposed to writing romances. Along the way to fulfilling her DNA destiny, Delores married an air force top gun who just happens to be of Viking descent. Books by Delores Fossen. 1044-NEWBORN conspiracy.

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This Christmas he'd have to play Santa in disguiseFederal agent Matt Christensen hadn't planned on spending . I'm always looking forward to Delores Fossen's books, because they guarantee an excellent read. The Christmas Clue was no exception.

I'm always looking forward to Delores Fossen's books, because they guarantee an excellent read. Strong, honorable, protective

THIS CHRISTMAS HE'D HAVE TO PLAY SANTA IN DISGUISEFederal agent Matt Christensen hadn't planned on spending Christmas Eve dodging bullets. He hadn't planned on fatherhood, either. But when he discovered he had a daughter, Matt vowed he'd do anything to find her- including cozying up to a beautiful murder suspect with dangerous connections. To get inside the isolated West Texas compound of a known criminal, Matt needed Cassandra Harrison's contacts. But could he ignore the other needs Cass brought to mind? She was vulnerable and soft...almost innocent. With an arsenal of gunmen intent on crushing his Christmas mission, he'd have to protect them both if they wanted to survive the cold, cold night and bring his baby home for the holidays.

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While this is not among my favorites from this author I still liked this book and would probably read it again. I often do not reread books so that is saying something positive about this one. This book had a slightly "espionagey" impression that I didn't feel from the other books in this series, it was nice to mix it up a bit. I felt that most of the suspense came from that element. Although this book is titled as a Christmas book, for me Christmas felt like a bit more of an afterthought or perhaps just a skin for the story. That being said, I will say that decorations were mentioned with frequency throughout.

Sexy Times: Yes
Swearing: No, This author says "He Cursed" in places you might find objectionable language.
Cassandra is being framed for murder. She has been on the run for a year. She knows time is running out to clear her name. Her only option is to team up with Matt. She has to convince Matt to help her. Cassandra found out that Matt has a daughter, which he didn't even know he had. The two team up together to clear Cassandra name, and save Matt's daughter. The action was nonstop, the plot was really good, and the suspense kept the book interesting, and the romance was sizzling.

Sample from chapter 3 - We have eight days at the most to get the evidence, and each and every one of those days means that your little girl is living under the same roof with a man like Dominic.

Sample from chapter 4 - One of the man, dressed head to toe in black, darted behind an oak. Matt automatically took aim. So did Cass. It was too little too late. A bullet came right at them. From that moment she'd seen those gunmen, Cass had braced herself for the possibility that she'd have to dodge gunfire. What she couldn't have planned for was the deafening blast that sent that bullet their way. The sound ripped through her, spiking her adrenaline and sending her heartbeat racing out of control. "Stay down," Matt barked. Just as another bullet slapped into the dirt mere inches from her head.
It starts off very fast a little slow in the first three chapters but it's good with action. Then the action slows for a time and picks up again witch is nice because it is about rescuing a baby and an FBI agent. Who des overs love and fatherhood.
I thought that this story was below what I normally read. Shallow, vapid, and frankly, stupid. I'm not recommending it to anyone. Had almost nothing to do with Christmas., in truth. Author threw in some "gratuitous" sex, which did nothing to make the story better. Bah, humbug!
I Chose five stars because when I started reading I couldn't put it down, I would recommend this book to all to I like this author's books
I couldn't put any of the five alarm babies down.....
Delores Fossen's Books are always great!
Rating 3.5 stars. __Contains mild graphic sexual content.
Note: Stand alone read. 3rd in the Five-Alarm Babies series.

EASY READ. Capably written, a suspenseful storyline, likable characters, good secondary cast, menacing henchmen, ruthless mastermind, and a hot, lust-a-thon. HOWEVER, the beginning is rather far-fetched, the entire story takes place in just over two days, the sex-in-the-front-seat-of-a-car romance is clichéd, and the book needs editing for plot holes and continuity (e.g. the heroine holds baby, the heroine sets baby on the porch, the heroine can’t draw her gun because she’s holding the baby). These issues detract somewhat from the storyline.

THE STORY follows wealthy heiress, Cassandra Harrison, Justice Department’s Federal Agent Matt Christensen, and his six-month-old daughter, Molly. Nearly a year ago, Cass was set up by a powerful crime boss, framed for murder, and is now on the run.

As the story opens, Cass approaches Matt and reveals the existence of his infant daughter who has been illegally adopted by the same evil mastermind who framed her. She proposes they work together, infiltrate the crime lord’s high security compound, steal the computer discs that prove her innocents, and rescue his daughter at the same time. What follows is two intense days as they repeatedly enter the villain’s mansion, blend in, poke around, steal computer discs, and fall in love, while waiting for the chance to grab Molly.

OVERALL – strong, focused character that work well together, but some irritating inconsistencies and plot holes. The FIVE-ALARM BABIES series includes Undercover Daddy, Stork Alert, The Christmas Clue, Newborn Conspiracy, and The Horseman’s Son.

For books with complex characters and good storytelling try N. Bruhns, or A. Stuart. For better mystery/detective writers try J. D. Robb, D. Stabenow, Julie Miller, Gayle Wilson, or Kylie Brant.
The Christmas Clue download epub
United States
Author: Delores Fossen
ISBN: 0373692935
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: United States
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue (November 6, 2007)