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Dara Joy. Love spell new york city. You are wicked! Lilac said. The corners of Rejar’s mouth curved upward, revealing a devastating little dimple in his left cheek. I have been told it is my nature. To be insensitive? she sneered. He puzzled her by laughing. I can assure you, I am a very sensitive man. Rejar leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. By design, the position brought their heads fairly close together. You need only test me to find out, he whispered seductively.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Joy, Dara - High 01 - High Energy. 446 Kb. Joy, Dara - High 02 - High Intensity. With her world falling apart, the last thing Deana Jones expected was to find a sexy, compelling stranger in her house

Dara Joy. With her world falling apart, the last thing Deana Jones expected was to find a sexy, compelling stranger in her house. Dara Joy. In a world where women hold all the power, a titled man can do little but accept his fate - that his sole purpose is to secure a good match - and hope his "bed price" is high enough. Jorlan Reynard has every trait necessary for that price - he is staggeringly handsome.

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Read Online(Swipe version). Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive. So we have a limit on the number of downloads. Read Online(Continuous version). Be the first to reply. You have been in the Tunnels for many months, Rejar. Almost a year measured by the passage of Aviaran time. Thinking it was not so, Rejar dismissed Lorgin’s words. Thinking it was not so, Rejar dismissed Lorgin’s words leased the Shimmalee, what happened to you? Rejar thought back. Yaniff thinks that during the cosmic storm, you were buffeted by temporal waves

Dara Joy's meteoric rise was nothing short of stellar. Dara Joy is a very talented author. I had read Rejar and other books in this series long ago. It was really great to visit these characters again.

Dara Joy's meteoric rise was nothing short of stellar. com, Ingram's A-list, and many others. Romantic Times Magazine calls the multi-award winning author, "An electrifying talent!" and Publisher's Weekly hailed Joy as "a publishing phenomenon!" Ms Joy is honored to have been inducted into RWA's Hall of Fame.

In a word, wow!" - GOLD MEDALLION WINNER, Romantic Times Book Club.

Rejar's got the WOW factor!" He is a totally sexual creature . In a word, wow!" - GOLD MEDALLION WINNER, Romantic Times Book Club.

There is only one thing a woman can think of when looking at a man like him. Sex. But Lilac never guesses that bringing a stray cat into her home will soon have her stroking the most wanted man in 1811 London.

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Dara Joy is a very talented author. I had read Rejar and other books in this series long ago. It was really great to visit these characters again. I can't even say which one of this series characters I love best. They are all very well thought out and developed. It's good to see her around again. Lilac seems to fade away after this book even though she is mentioned. Other characters live on through other of the books. I would have liked to see something happen between Lilac's Aunt and Yaniff. Even a ongoing would have worked with them. You will truly enjoy this book especially if you Love Hunks AND Cats.
Oh, Rejar, my darling shifter! : ) I so enjoy his feline attitude! Rejar continues the story that began in Knight of a Trillion Stars. He finds himself in Regency England, and finds Lilac, his mate. She is quite the innocent miss, and has been avoiding attachments of any kind to the male population since she, rightly so, doesn't want to give up her independence as an heiress. She gets to know Rejar in his cat form, but of course wants NOTHING to do w/ his human alter-ego.

This story is fun, spicy, saucy, sweet, and an historical but not. It's a good read, even if it's once again plagued by miscommunications for part of the story. Still one of my favorite otherworldly stories! : )
Gain Ren of Mine to Take, Rejar, or Ravyn of Dark Side of the Moon (by Sherrilyn Kenyon)? I'm captivated by all three. I love their dual natures! But Rejar is hot, hot, hot!! This story is the best of the three, by far.

Rejar was certainly not the story I expected. Imagine being stalked by a space alien, and finally forced to marry the alien, only to discover him to be a very kinky man - at a time and an age (Regency England) where people just didn't DO those things sexually (and talk about it in public)! You might think you'd been bewitched, or that you were loosing your sanity to carnal feelings and desires that were not 'natural' and hating yourself (and your lover) for it. Get's a little complicated, doesn't it?

There were times when the book made me very uncomfortable. Poor Lilac. There was a vague 'Lolita' feel to the book, with a sexually self-confident male and awakening teenager. If Rejar had been less charming, Lilac's lack of choice in the matter would have converted the story from a romance to a horror story. At times I objected to the situation. Rejar makes a few cultural faux pas; and they don't really talk while he's courting her. Lilac is a blue-stoking: no friends, little liking for the social scene of the London ton, and no sexual experience whatsoever. Rejar courts her in her dreams, and knows all her business, as her 'cat.' Do you expect me to believe that these lovers can establish mutual trust when they are not having anything but intercourse of a sexual nature with each other? Rightfully, Lilac resistes this Streetcar called Rejar based upon what she knew of Rejar's public personality. But Lilac is trapped, like cornered prey with no way out (similar to Lolita). She gets swept along by this sensual space alien, into a situation she has no way to understand, not having any real friends to talk it over with. Independent, embroidery-hating, Lilac rightfully, heart-wrenchingly has some adjustments to make in her unwanted marriage state to an alien who curtails her freedom. But the author deftly handles my objections. Lilac is a person with a great deal of innate sensuality (the so-called 'passionate' nature) - sensed by an alien keyed to that sort of thing. The space alien is very bright, able to learn English, learn enough of the social customs to manipulate a sweet girl into marriage (even carrying her kicking and screaming down the stairs on her wedding day), THEN he has to struggle with the fact that at bottom she's immature, from a period in time not able to accept 'differences,' much less time travel and space travel. It's a cagey and interesting situation for a guy that you are rooting for, and heroine you feel does everything right for who she is - including standing up for herself and not falling at his feet.

His brother comes along to help him, and offer timely advice. Other secondary characters are priceless - Jackie, and Aunt Agatha.

This is a GREAT science fiction story, cloaked as romance. One with contemporary sensibilities. Edgy. I've never seen a romance deal with the protagonist going from being a maiden to being a wife and struggling with coping as a couple. My only complaint (one that is becoming generic with this author) is that she doesn't have good, strong, WOMEN leads. When her girlish, or young women characters get married they seem to be relegated solely to motherhood and/or spousal duties - in other words, they fade away next to their male counterparts. Aunt Agatha, bless her, is the only WOMAN I've encountered in these books that has the interpersonal skills, intellect, and adventuresome spirit that would make a good model for where the female leads go after the romance has resulted in marriage. I'm going to make up an 'Aunt Agatha' button and put it on the shelf where this book goes - as a keeper! ;-)
'Rejar' is a book about an alien who is able to transform himself in a cat and who finds himself trapped in Regency England and falling in love with a beautiful young woman who takes him -- the cat -- in. Romance and fun start.
Many readers have complained that there are lots of references to the previous book in the series ('Knight...') which made the book hard to follow and understand. I sympathize and I can understand them, this is a minus for the book but there are many books out there which make the same mistake.
The hero is fascinating, handsome and caring, and of course the fact that he can turn himself into a cat only adds to the mystery and magic surrounding him. The heroine (Lilac) is witty and lovable, not the shy young debutante.
Except for the obvious romance story, there were two things I enjoyed about this book: first, the fun. There are countless funny situations, especially when Rejar is in his cat-form and thus hears many things he's not supposed to. And second, there are some very dramatic scenes which describe very realistically the historical period: poverty, beggars, and the like.
The characters have strong chemistry and the love scenes sizzle; some of them are a little forced, though. Ms. Joy uses the fact that Rejar is an alien to justify that he is capable of endless, immensely pleasurable sex. Hmmm... maybe, but there should be more to it.
The secondary characters are good also, Rejar's brother Traed especially. He's my kind of man and if Ms. Joy decides to write a book about him I will probably pick it up.
I did not like the first book because the characters there seemed to have nothing in common, no justifiable attraction. Somehow, this is not the case for Rejar and Lilac, although apart from the very powerful physical attraction they didn't share much. But I could easily picture them together, which was not the case in 'Knight'.
To conclude, I would probably have given this book only 3/5 stars if I didn't read 'Knight' (2/5) previously. The difference between the two of them is so great I just had to make the distinction.
Rejar download epub
United States
Author: Dara Joy
ISBN: 050552855X
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: United States
Language: English
Publisher: Love Spell; Reprint edition (May 25, 2010)
Pages: 355 pages