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by Teresa Mummert

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White Trash Beautiful, . Part of White Trash Trilogy series by Teresa Mummert.

White Trash Beautiful, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33. Page 1. Author: Teresa Mummert Chapter One. I’M NOT NAÏVE. I know I don’t get the happily-ever-after. My knight in shining armor took the highway detour around this godforsaken shit hole. 3. Page 33. Author: Teresa Mummert. We decided on a drunken rendition of Let’s Talk About Sex. Unfortunately, halfway through I realized that on a good day I had no clue what the lyrics were.

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A Song for Us (White Trash Book 3). Teresa Mummert. If you are looking for a story that will keep you on the edge and take you for an emotional ride, then White Trash Beautiful is for you. Impetuous (Victory Lap Book 1). Mercedes Jade. Hopeless romantics beware. Keep your tissues nearby. Bookish Temptations ). "I would put this in the same category as other great angst-filled and passionate New Adult Romances, such as The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay, Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, and The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorenson! Read this book!

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White Trash Beautiful book.

I shot Tucker a quizzical look. He grinned and gave my hip a squeeze ace Jax. It will be fine, do. . It will be fine, don’t worry. This is only the beginning. I gave Tucker a weak smile. After tonight, we could be together and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything but our future and our family. I took a deep breath and tried to push the worry out of my head as we traveled back the narrow path

White Trash Beautiful. Author : Teresa Mummert.

White Trash Beautiful. Genres : Young Adult, Romance. A word-of-mouth bestseller that’s captivating readers with its honesty, grit, and headstrong heroine, White Trash Beautiful is a story for anyone who has ever felt trapped in life, cheated by love-and longed for something more. Cass Daniels isn’t waiting for her knight in shining armor. She knows that girls like her don’t get a happily ever after.

White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert (Unabridged Audiobook). Narrated by Grace Grant. This is book 1 of "White Trash" trilogy. Cass lives a depressing life in a small trailer park inEddington, GA with her mother and abusive boyfriend, Jackson. She works hard just to barely make ends meet. When Tucker White walks into the diner she works at, she has no idea that he's a famous lead singer from the band Damaged. He tries to show her that there is more to life, but being with him has a price tag that could cost her everything and everyone. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Teresa Mummert eBook Online Read. White Trash Beautiful. Published Year: 2012 Young AdultRomance & Love. Published Year: 2013 Young AdultRomance & Love. Perfect Lie. Breaking Sin. Published Year: 2012 Young AdultRomance & Love

First in a stunning new trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Teresa Mummert.A word-of-mouth bestseller that’s captivating readers with its honesty, grit, and headstrong heroine, White Trash Beautiful is a story for anyone who has ever felt trapped in life, cheated by love—and longed for something more . . . Cass Daniels isn’t waiting for her knight in shining armor. She knows that girls like her don’t get a happily ever after. Not if you live in a trailer with your mom, work at a greasy spoon diner, and get leered at by old men. Maybe that’s why she puts up with Jackson—her poor excuse for a boyfriend, who treats her like dirt. Cass has learned to accept her lot in life. That is, until he walks into her diner. . . . His name is Tucker White, and he’s different from any man Cass has ever known. Tall, tattooed, and bad-ass gorgeous, he’s the lead singer of the rock band Damaged. From the moment they meet, Tucker sees something in Cass he just can’t shake. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. And he’s determined to find out what it is—if only he can get her to open up and let him in. . . .

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This was by far an amazing, emotional story.

This is the story about Cass. Cass hasn't had an easy life since her father walked out of her life at a young age, but her and her mother are surviving.

Cass works as a waitress and lives in a trailer park with her mom and her boyfriend Jax. While Cass would rather be anywhere than with Jax now, she knows she cannot go anywhere, with little to no money, and her mother, she's stuck.

One day, Tucker White walks into the diner Cass works at and sparks fly. He wants to see more of her, but she knows its impossible.

First she has a boyfriend, though he treats her like crap, she knows she would never fit into the life style of Tucker White, lead singer in the band Damaged.

When Tucker keeps coming around, she gives in and hangs out with him, goes to watch his shows, and has a great time.

Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned and she has trouble waiting for her when she gets home one night. Drugs make people do stupid things. One may be abusive, but drugs don't help the situation. Cass knows how Jax is when he's high and though she tries to avoid him, it doesn't always work.

When the situation escalates, it's Tucker who comes to her rescue. Though sometimes it's too late to save a person. This story has love, sadness, loss, and hope.

Can Cass escape her past and be the girl she wants to be? When she goes with Tucker, trying to cope with the loss, she realizes she can't handle it all.

Should she be the one to determine what's best for Tucker or should that be his decision?

Awesome story, can't wait for book 2.
This was an EASY read. It has a simple storyline that intertwines chick lit, the Cinderella story and almost a teen romance, wrapped in one... with a dose of small town news headlines. I'm really not sure their target demographic (age-wise... It's very much a novel for women), but at 30 I can admit I enjoyed it, even at its simple core. I will say its probably not realistic (to the point my eyes rolled at times), but reminds me of the nighttime drama "soaps" I loved that were based on a younger age like Gossip Girl. It also surprisingly lures you to appreciate the simple things in life, that others may take for granted, and ache for those who feel "trapped" in bad situations, not seeing much light in their futures. I have always been raised to dream big, and full of ambition. however, I know this isn't always the case. I have had friends suffer hard situations and some with parents whose only ambition that they have a job or get married (a close friends' mom didn't understand her aspiration to go to college - she thought girls should just get married and raise families, non-negotiable). I love living in a society that does promote big dreams and possibilities, but it is very believable to me that the belief in the ability of an individual to change one's life radically can feel impossible to achieve. This point illustrates the main character's desire to move forward, but facing the challenges of dealing with the reality of her current situation, complete with the responsibilities and fears that silently lock her into staying. The author may linger or rush in certain parts, but I felt a good visualization for the novel, playing the storyline out in my head. I will be looking for the next book in the series!
This book has been on my TBR list for a while now and I finally went ahead and decided to read....OMG I am def kicking myself. I absolutley LOVED this book. My heart broke for Cass from the start. Life for Cass as a child was perfect until suddenly her dad runs off and then things begin going down hill. She feels like everyone she has ever loved has turned their back on her. When she meets Jax she thinks her luck has finally turned around but that to doesn't go as planned and Jax turns into a completely different person. All she wants to do is continue to work at the diner and save up as much money as she can to get a place of her own. She knows the life she has been forced to live is not the one she wants to continue to stay in. Getting hit on by different men is no stranger to Cass but suddenly one day that all changes when in walk Tucker White.......As much as she tries to fight it, the sparks between them are explosive. He can see how broken she is but he is determined to break down some of her walls. The more she pushes him away, the more he comes back. While in the diner one day he witnesses Jax being rough with Cass and vows to do his best to protect her.

When Cass finds out who Tucker really is will that change things for them? Will Tucker be able to break down Cass's walls and keep her protected? Will she ever be able to break away from Jax before its to late? Will Cass ever get a happily ever after that she deserves?

You will be happy with the ending but you will be yelling for more. I want more Cass! I want more Tucker! I need more answers!!! Off to book 2 I go :) Amazing job Teresa Mummert!!
White Trash Beautiful download epub
Women's Fiction
Author: Teresa Mummert
ISBN: 1476732027
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Women's Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Gallery Books; Expanded ed. edition (July 9, 2013)
Pages: 240 pages