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by Inc. BarCharts

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As a pharmacy student, this is wonderful to keep information fresh and to give me knowledge when I forget or to look something up. Instead of going through thousands of pages I can flip through this and get a refresher. It is great for review. I suggest this for anyone in pharmacy school or as a pharmacist. I do wish it went into more detailed information on the drugs and disease states, but it did not. Though, sometimes I forget the little things that it can help with. For the price it isn't bad. That is what I thought it would do. However, do not let this deter you from purchasing this - as a fresh student this is still extremely helpful!
Great study chart. Needs to be updated. For example, Schedule 1: C-1, High abuse potential; not legal; no acceptable medical use; no prescriptions available. Heroin, LSD, cocaine, marijuana, methaqualone.

It has been proven that medical marijuana is an Rx with proven benefits to people suffering from chronic pain, migraines, seizures, etc.

Also, cocaine has a medical approved use as a "topical cocaine" when used in conjunction with surgery to numb the patient. So, it needs to be updated. I haven't gone over the whole thing.
felt boot
This product was not really useful for my needs as it was way to general. It basically has boxes that list drugs in catagories such as NSAIDS, Androgens, Opiods, Anticoagulants etc... then gives a brief description of what these class of drugs do a short paragraph on adverse reactions and a few common names of the class of drug.
Tori Texer
Basic, didn't find it very accurate.I believe there is info on the back page that isn't correct. Didn't include medications that are common as a point of reference. I thought it would be more in depth as to how the pharmacology actually works. Wouldn't waste money on this.
I purchased this to study for the pharmacy technician certification exam but I honestly didn't use it much. There's not a lot of questions concerning pharmacology on the exam. However, it appears to be a pretty decent, inexpensive study guide.
Ok I guess but not something I would call "must have". Very very basic.
Love it. I always seem to forget little things and this has a lot of useful information for me. I am a Pharmacology Student and use this all the time when studying and doing work in class. A few of my classmates even went and bought one after they glanced over mine.
charts exactly what was requested!!!
Pharmacology download epub
Author: Inc. BarCharts
ISBN: 1423207491
Category: Medical Books
Subcategory: Nursing
Language: English
Publisher: QuickStudy (June 3, 2008)