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by Barbara R. Bjorklund

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Barbara R. Bjorklund is an adjunct professor at the Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter .

Barbara R. Bjorklund is an adjunct professor at the Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, Florida, where she teaches courses in developmental psychology, social psychology, and forensic psychology.

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For undergraduate courses in Adulthood and Aging, Gerontology, and Adult Development.

Books a la Carte also offer a great value-this format costs significantly less than a new textbook

Books a la Carte also offer a great value-this format costs significantly less than a new textbook

Helen L. Bee, Barbara R. Стр. 133 abilities generally show increases or stability through the adult age span, up to as late as the 70s, while performance abilities show much earlier decline (Busse & Maddox, 1985; Denney, 1982).

Helen L. Pathways through adulthood notes. Journey of Adulthood.

For Barbara Bjorklund, the subject matter in Journey of Adulthood 6e. .

For Barbara Bjorklund, the subject matter in Journey of Adulthood 6e has never been far from home: as a middle-aged adult who is on this very journey along with her husband, looking ahead toward their parents who are in late adulthood and back toward their children who are making their own way through adulthood, she has found that there is always room to learn - always room to grow. For undergraduate-level courses in Psychology of Adulthood and Aging, Sociology of Adulthood and Aging, Gerontology, Social Gerontology, and Life Span Development, Education.

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This best-selling book discusses the aspects of “successful aging,” covering growth and development from young adulthood to old age, and the impact that culture, gender, and individual differences have on these processes. Its conversational and positive tone keeps readers interested in the subject matter, as it encourages them to apply the concepts of the book to their own lives. It presents research findings, theories, and models from the fields of developmental psychology, social psychology, health psychology, sociology, and others to discuss topics of prevention, compensation, gains, and losses. For psychologists, sociologists, and gerontologists interested in a valuable resource for information about the aging process.

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Hidden Winter
It is fairly difficult to rate a text book. It was fairly standard as far as textbooks are concerned. I found the author would admit her biases so it was a fairly fair textbook. It was straight forward and easy to understand.

I understand most people buying this textbook do not really have a choice when it comes to choosing which textbooks to purchase. So I would like to say that if you are suppose to buy the newer 7th edition this edition works just fine. Even the statistics such as percentage of adults who do this...

My class required the 7th edition. I purchased this used to save myself over $100. The pages were a little off buy considering the figure number / image number and chapters are the same I have no trouble at all using this instead.

I recommend using this edition to save money.
Rented this for class. While I didn't expect it to be brand new, I definitely expected to receive a book that is not literally falling apart. I will use it because its needed, but I am disappointed in the quality.
Well written -the most readable text book I have ever owned. The author keeps the student interested with personal anecdotes and experiences. Not like many textbooks I have owned before that were sure cures for insomnia. I was actually eager keep reading and learning. Mrs. B
I don’t know why a professor would still use this as there are many inaccuracies - it’s way out of date. However, it arrived in great condition and rather quickly.
This book was required for a class that I was taking. I am not a psychology person, so I am not usually interested in this type of book. However, this one was interesting. I even found myself reading the chapters that were not assigned.
Good condition textbook. Will be used for a college level developmental psychology course. Limited images and book is only printed in black, white and blue.
Mr Freeman
Ordered for a class, I don't really read texts, just the summaries.
Used for my Adult Development course.
Journey Of Adulthood- (Value Pack w/MySearchLab) download epub
Author: Barbara R. Bjorklund
ISBN: 0205701280
Category: Medical Books
Subcategory: Psychology
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 6th ed. edition (January 17, 2009)