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Sabre-Tooth" is the second book in the Modesty Blaise series of books and was written by Peter O'Donnell in 1966.

Sabre-Tooth" is the second book in the Modesty Blaise series of books and was written by Peter O'Donnell in 1966. It is a direct sequel to the first book "Modesty Blaise", with Sir Gerald Tarrant of the British Foreign Service sending Modesty and Willie out on another dangerous mission. Jan 09, 2008 Steve rated it it was amazing

SABRE-TOOTH Peter O'Donnell. ONE 'UNFORTUNATE that it should be this one,' said Liebmann. Here in the valley there was no saluting or springing to attention, no orthodox discipline.

SABRE-TOOTH Peter O'Donnell. To the extent that Liebmann recognised any personal feelings of his own he would have preferred the normal trappings of discipline, but he acknowledged that there was no need for them. No need at all. Karz used more direct and lasting methods to get the results he wanted. How long have you been with us, Carter?'

Sabre-Tooth (Modesty Blaise series) Paperback – September 1, 2003. O'Donnell is truly a master of the action/adventure genre. Blaise has been compared to James Bond, but I think the comparison does no favors for either character.

Sabre-Tooth (Modesty Blaise series) Paperback – September 1, 2003. by. Peter O'Donnell (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Aside from the espionage elements, they are quite different protagonists with different agendas. That said, they do give you that super cool 1960s experience that people like Tarantino try so hard to emulate (and sometimes succeed) in their films.

Modesty Blaise Sabre Tooth I, Lucifer A Taste For Death .

Modesty Blaise Sabre Tooth I, Lucifer A Taste For Death Impossible Virgin Pieces of Modesty The Silver Mistress Last Day In Limbo Dragon's Claw The Xanadu Talisman The Night of Morningstar Dead Man's Handle Cobra Trap. 25 people found this helpful.

Modesty Blaise is an fiction novel by Peter O'Donnell first published in 1965, featuring the character Modesty Blaise which O'Donnell had created for a comic strip in 1963. This was the first novel to feature the character of Modesty Blaise and her right-hand-man, Willie Garvin. The series of books (all written by O'Donnell) ran concurrently with the comic strip until 1996 (the comic strip ran until 2001).

Dramatisation of the novel "Modesty Blaise - A Taste For Death". Sir Gerald Tarrant tempts Modesty out of retirement and into a job involving a young woman with extra sensory powers, an exotic desert location, and a larger than life public school villain, intent on murdering his way to a vast fortune

O'Donnell, Peter - Modesty Blaise 02 - Sabre-Tooth.

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Modesty Blaise Books. Books: 1965 1 Modesty Blaise 1966 2 Sabre-Tooth 1967 3 I, Lucifer 1969 4 A Taste for Death (not to be confused with P. D. James') 1971 5 The Impossible Virgin 1972 6 Pieces of Modesty (short stories) 1973 7 The Silver Mistress 1976 8 Last Days in Limbo 1978 9 Dragon's Claw 1981 10 The Xanadu Talisman 1982 11. The Night of Morningstar 1985 12 Dead Man's Handle 1996 13 Cobra Trap. Movie: 1966 Modesty Blaise (starring Monica Vitti). 199? Miramax is reportedly considering to do a new MB movie. Two scripts are in preparation, if either turn out is still uncertain.

1966) (The second book in the Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin series) A novel by Peter O'Donnell. In this adventure Modesty and her loyal lieutenant, Willie Garvin, find themselves pitted against Karz - a modern Genghis Khan with an army of ruthless mercenaries.

"In another classic adventure in the Modesty Blaise pulp fiction series, Modesty and her partner, Willie Garvin, are up against the nefarious Karz, a modern Genghis Khan, and his army of ruthless mercenaries. After orchestrating an audacious theft to attract Karz's attention, Modesty and Willie find themselves on the run through London, Paris, and Lisbon, and finally to Karz's remote fortress in the Hindu Kush. Once captured by his army, only Modesty can break Karz's hold, fighting his terrifying executioners, the Twins. A battle ensues that brings the adventure to its thrilling climax."

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I learned of Modesty Blaise when reading "The Psychology of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo" by Robin S. Rosenberg who mentions Stieg Larson was a big fan of the Modesty books. Modesty is a tough, brilliant and beautiful woman along the lines of The Avenger's Mrs. Peale, but more deadly. She is expert in martial arts and a variety of weapons. If these books were wrtten in this decade instead of the 60's, she would probably also be computer geek extraordinaire . Don't be put off by the tacky cover illustrations, the books are about brilliant, daring and often outlandish escapades (including - spoiler alert - shooting a defector over the Berlin Wall via a circus canon) rather than sexual encounters, which are plentiful but not explicit, very much a la Ian Fleming's James Bond and with humor like Lawrence Block's Tanner series. The books are entertaining, clever, humorous, thrilling and very well wriiten. I'm sorry there are only 13 books and the author sadly is no more.

If you want to read them in order:

Modesty Blaise
Sabre Tooth
I, Lucifer
A Taste For Death
Impossible Virgin
Pieces of Modesty
The Silver Mistress
Last Day In Limbo
Dragon's Claw
The Xanadu Talisman
The Night of Morningstar
Dead Man's Handle
Cobra Trap
I heard a lot about Modesty Blaise from others online and thought I'd check it out. When I saw DC Comics had done a reprint using one of my fav artists, Dick Giordano (Green Lantern, etc.) I could not resist.

It seems this graphic novel is of Modesty's early adventures. Hardened as a child at a refugee camp, she took over a criminal organization and dealt in everything except drugs and sex. She took on a partner and did quite well, getting out of the business.

Another man of a British organization (Sir Gerald Tarrant) wants her help and he convinces her by letting her know of one of her friends is in a prison, whom she frees. Grateful, she helps our modest British agent get the goods on a diamond smuggling ring.

The rest of the tale is quite well done. Modesty is very sexy; some of the scenes are really well done (thanks Dick!) and the James Bond like instruments of death (grenade in a shoe, etc.) are fun to read about as well.

The Modesty character is brazen, strong and can be soft when she wants. She uses her feminine ways to get the goods on the clueless male bad guys, even in one scene when a common thug gets the goods on her.

Most of these strips came from author Peter O'Donnell, who wrote these in the Sixties at the time of the James Bond films. Another femme fatale in comics and television is Honey West, (Honey West #1) but Modesty is tougher!

O'Donnell wrote many novels and even a screenplay of the character from what I understand. And yes, though I'm a newbie to this strip, I really must follow up on more graphic novels and maybe even check out that screenplay!

Tied up, a knife to her back, how will she escape? Read and see! Recommended.

Other Graphic Novels in the Modesty Blaise Series:

Modesty Blaise: Million Dollar Game (Modesty Blaise (Graphic Novels))
Modesty Blaise: Sweet Caroline (Modesty Blaise (Graphic Novels))
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This excellent Over-sized Trade Paperback is actually volume 28 in Titan Books Complete Modesty Blaise, This volume reprints British Comic Strips from 1997 and 1998. Since the strip ended in 2001, I assume it will be 30 Volumes in total. This Book is NOT in the Landscape format (wider then tall) that most recent comic strip collections have adopted. Instead they use a traditional "portrait' format with four strips to a page. While I would like to see them in larger size they are still readable and the reproduction is sharp. Since they use 4 strips per page rather then instead of the 2 or 3 per page that the American Library Of Comics or Hermes Press employ. Sine the stories do not conclude with a multiple of six daily strips you get two stray strips (on the page) that conclude each adventure.

Peter O'Donnell's writing is brilliant and the adventures are tightly plotted with every story beat intricately calculated. When reading some other adventure strips, you get the feeling that the plot is being created as the story goes along. That never happens in a Modesty Blaise story. Everything is carefully crafted.

Enric Romero is back with realistic but sexy fine line art. The man has knack for showing Modesty and her female cohorts in various states of partial nudity and making it seem integral to the plot.

British Writer Rebecca Chance does the introductions and does a good job. I love how they do an introduction for the general volume and then each of the four story-lines gets their own introduction. This is a great concept that I wish other strip collections would emulate.

1) THE MURDER FRAME. In this story Willie, Modesty's trusted right hand man, is framed for murder by a neighboring socialite. This is a very traditional murder yarn, make enjoyable by how well it is done.The story features a pair of returning strong women Lady Janet and Maude Tiller.

2)FRASER'S STORY. This story brings the spotlight onto one of the bit players in O'Donnell's Opus. We dig into Fraser's past as he tries to murder an agent who has destroyed something very valuable to him.

3) A TRIBUTE TO THE PHARAOH. This is easily my favorite story of the volume. it provides us with new information on the childhood of both Modest and Willie. It is set on the banks of the Nile and explores ancient burial tombs an the legends of Kush. We get a flashback of Modesty as
young teen. And find an elderly woman who helped raise Willie. We also meet a plucky young girl who is modern version of young Modesty.

4) SPECIAL ORDER. Speaking of plucky young woman, this features another one. Sam is another Strong woman whom are heroes had previously encountered before. Now she gets abducted by a group who specialize in "special ordering" just the perfect Sex Slave. Can she plot here an escape from the slave ship, before Modesty and Willie help out?

This Volume gets My Highest Recommendation.
Sabre-Tooth (Modesty Blaise, No. 2) download epub
Author: Peter O'Donnell
ISBN: 0330202049
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Pan Books Ltd; New Ed edition (1967)
Pages: 284 pages