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by Peter Turnbull

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Are you sure you want to remove False Knight (Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries) from your list? False Knight (Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries).

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A Hennessey and Yellich Mystery - A badly burned body. And then another charred corpse. Related? Crimes of passion or revenge? Family feud? Hennessey and Yellich are on the case. Related? Crimes of passion or revenge? Family feud? Hennessey and Yellich are on the case

Book 12 of 22 in the Hennessey and Yellich Series. It looks like a gangland-style hit to Yorkshire police detectives Hennessey and Yellich. They learn that the victim was Gary "Hammer" Sledge, one of the infamous Sledge family who "run" the tough Tang Hall council estate

Book 12 of 22 in the Hennessey and Yellich Series. They learn that the victim was Gary "Hammer" Sledge, one of the infamous Sledge family who "run" the tough Tang Hall council estate. No one wants to upset the Sledges, so the coppers figure whoever killed Gary must have had a powerful motive.

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A Hennessey and Yellich Mystery.

False knight Turnbull, Peter Неизвестно 9780727891709 : Mary Golightly was not a happy woman. Her husband and she were locked into a perpetual marital war so violent that the whole street knew. 2006 Серия: Hennessey and yellich mysteries Язык: ENG Издание: New ed Размер: 2. 9 x 1. 2 x . 0 cm Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade) Рейтинг: Поставляется из: Англии Описание: Mary Golightly was not a happy woman. Her husband and she were locked into a perpetual marital war so violent that the whole street knew about it.

Hennesy and Yellich face a shocking crime.

Hennessey, George (Fictitious character), Yellich, Somerled (Fictitious character), Police, Murder, Detective and mystery stories, English, Detective and mystery stories, English, Hennessey, George (Fictitious character), Murder, Police, Yellich, Somerled (Fictitious character). Sutton : Severn House. Hennesy and Yellich face a shocking crime. Mary Golightly was not a happy woman, yet in the last few weeks before she went missing, she was looking happier, as if something had happened to make her life sweeter. That was before a trash man found her thigh in a refuse sack.

Fans of Turnbull's Hennessey and Yellich series will immediately recognize his distinctive writing style and dry wit in this new series featuring London-based Detective Inspector Harry Vicary. In Vicary's second outing, he and his team must solve the puzzling case of a man's frozen body found on Hampstead Heath.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The discovery of a damaged vase takes Hennessey and Yellich back to a twenty-year-old murder case, with consequences for the present. A chance sighting of a vase for sale in an antique shop leads Detective Chief Inspector Hennessey and his team to take a fresh look at a twenty-year-old unsolved murder case.

Mary Golightly was not a happy woman: she and her husband were known throughout the neighbourhood for their violent fights. But in the last few weeks before she vanished, she seemed almost joyful, as if something wonderful had come into her life. That was before a bin man found her thigh in a refuse sack. Her husband makes no pretence of grief ? but does that mean he killed her?

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digytal soul
Peter Turnbull's FALSE KNIGHT (Severn House, 2006) is a poorly written "mystery" set in Yorkshire, England, and featuring his series team of Detective Sergeant Somerled Yellich and Detective Chief Inspector George Hennessey. It is very short (149 pages) and is most charitably defined as a "successful adventure." It has none of the "puzzle" qualities of the Fair-Play mysteries of, say, John Dickson Carr or Agatha Christie and very few of the "police procedural" qualities of, say, the 87th Precinct novels that Evan Hunter wrote under his pen-name "Ed McBain"; instead, its criminals are "detected" mainly by a combination of Hennessey's totally implausible intuition and 57 instances of totally unbelievable GOOD LUCK of various sorts (including an amazingly convenient "surprise witness" who appears almost from nowhere, totally on her own, just when one case is falling apart). Additionally, the book is flawed by a large array of Plot Holes, Authorial Errors, Bad Pacing, Weak Characterization, and Padded Passages.

The main crime "solved" by Hennessey and Yellich involves a serial killer who dismembers females after torturing them for several days. An intertwined secondary crime "solved" by them involves a "more-or-less" NON-serial killer who coincidentally killed and dismembered one victim; SPOILER ALERT: he attempted to repeat his first killing and failed (there are several clear indications in Chapter 6 that Turnbull originally intended, in an EARLY DRAFT of this book, to have this second killer also be responsible for the deaths of several women, but that he, Turnbull, changed his mind at some point—and then carelessly failed to revise his writing properly).

The two main characters are very weakly portrayed in this book. Hennessey, who is the central focal point of the case, is fixated throughout on the depressing thought that he is losing his mental sharpness and should retire very soon; Yellich, who barely is utilized otherwise, says dozens of untactful and even insubordinate things that reinforce his boss's distress and anxiety. They are a bit like a pair of old married people, nattering and snapping at each other for 97 percent of the book and then "making up" at the end. Oh—and although we get virtually nothing about Yellich's personal life, we do get 2 or 3 tiny sprinklings of Hennessey's long on-going July-November romance with the series' female medical examiner.

Other characters are grossly "overdone" in terms of space allotted them (e.g., many dozens of irrelevant page-filling details about the life-&-times of a happily employed garbage collector can be found in Chapter 1, and a similar abundance—about the clothing, the office, the camera, etc. of a private detective—swells out Chapter 4). However, the nature of the main killer is "underdone"—we get 2 relatively breezy pages about him in this book's Prologue and a couple of brief snippets near the book's ending. And overall, in my judgment, about one fourth of the book's passages analyzing psychological aspects of the characters ring somewhat false, while nearly all convey rather shallow stereotypes.

Also worth noting: one character who is called "Nicola Butterworth" on pages 6-7 suddenly becomes "Nicole Butterworth" after page 89. The author's proofreading and the publisher's copy-editing for the most part show signs of fatigue as the book progresses, with standardized usage for commas almost vanishing by the end and slips such as using "like" for "as" and "you've have been" for "you'd have been" creeping into the final form of the printed book.

Finally, although this book is set in Yorkshire (and Turnbull himself is from there), it contains not one instance of Yorkshire dialect. Interestingly, Turnbull is also the author of another series of "mysteries"— his "Harry Vicary Series," largely set in London—and I've recently read DEEP COVER (2011), the second volume in it, which has a medical examiner from Yorkshire as a key character who DOES often flaunt his Yorkshire dialect to those around him (I rated DEEP COVER as worth a "C" grade).

Basically, I'd advise people to skip FALSE KNIGHT ... unless they're taking a course in mystery writing (or are teaching one) and are using this book as a pedagogical tool—an example of 20 things NOT to do.
With "False Knight" Turnbull adds little to his unambitious mystery series starring Detective Chief Inspector Hennessey and Detective Sergeant Yellich. For the most part, these two protagonists remain consistently nice and a bit dull. This time, however, he does spice up the interaction between them with conflict over how the murder investigation should be conducted. As the case progresses, Hennessey, nearing retirement, notices he is slipping a bit in mental sharpness, and Yellich, generally agreeable, becomes impatient with his superior. It wouldn't surprise any readers of this series to know their ill feeling doesn't last long, as these are two of the nicest men around.

Turnbull provides a decent plot in "False Knight" that includes a dismembered leg found in a garbage wheelie bin and a missing wife in a local village. As usual, Turnbull's plot gathers momentum only to take a turn in a new and surprising direction. There are shortcomings to this series, but plot is not one of them.

This book is very short. Turnbull seems to be cranking out this series in record time, and reducing the number of pages must be his way to do so. Normally he provides standard filler about Hennessey's personal life, eg, his remembering the death of his brother while riding his motorcycle, or scenes of Yellich at home with his wife and son, but this time those sections are omitted with nothing new to replace them. It is not as though these sections are missed, so the quality (such as it is) isn't really compromised. Overall, this series is what it is--some interesting plots played out by dull characters with journeyman writing.

For more mystery series that may entertain you, check out my website describing and reviewing many series (see my Amazon profile for the URL).
There is a little too much murder in this novel to be entirely credible. But it's otherwise a competent police procedural, with lots of meaty interviews with witnesses and suspects.

The kick-off of the plot is the discovery of a female thigh in a trash bin). DNA analysis identifies the thigh as part of the missing wife of a rather unpleasant man who may or may not be the murderer.

The detectives, sergeant Yellich and his boss George Hennessey, are in disagreement throughout most of the story. Yellich, being young and sharp, wants to move in fast on the suspected husband. Hennessy, on the brink of retirement, wants to go at a slow, careful pace. Hennessy's fear that his memory and effectiveness may be fading is a sub-theme.

False Knight is not a brilliant book, but if you're looking for a short crime novel to kill a little time, it's okay. I enjoyed it in a lukewarm fashion. I'm always in search of a new mystery series, which is why I got this book. I will not be pursuing the series.
False Knight (Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries (Paperback)) download epub
Author: Peter Turnbull
ISBN: 0727891707
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Severn House Publishers (June 1, 2007)
Pages: 149 pages