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by Linda Fairstein

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Fairstein has written several crime novels featuring Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper The titles are: Final Jeopardy (1996). Likely To Die (1997). The Dead-House (2001) (Nero Award winner). The Bone Vault (2003).

Linda Fairstein's "Death Dance" again features Alexandra Cooper, the New York City Assistant District Attorney in charge of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit. This novel follows the usual Fairstein formula. Alex is looking into various cases, including an alleged rape committed by a psychiatric resident after he supposedly drugged two Canadian students who were staying in his apartment. After several dull as dishwater novels in the Alexandra Cooper series, author Linda Fairstein has bounced back, with her last novel and this one as well. Death Dance" is about the murder of a prima ballerina, a bit past her prime and apparently an uber-diva, at the Met.

New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers behind the scenes of New York City's theater . Death Dance: A Novel Alex Cooper series (Книги 8), Linda A. Fairstein Alexandra Cooper Mysteries, Linda A. Fairstein Alexandra Cooper (Книги 8). Автор.

New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers behind the scenes of New York City's theater world - from Lincoln Center to the lights of Broadway - in a riveting novel, rich with her trademark blend of cutting-edge legal issues, skillful detective work, and heart-stopping suspense. Издание: перепечатанное.

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Linda Fairstein’s 20th Alex Cooper Novel. What’s that about? Linda was devoted to the Nancy Drew books as a kid, and thinks that series led to her two career. .in law, and In writing crime novels

Linda Fairstein’s 20th Alex Cooper Novel. The deadhouse – 2001.in law, and In writing crime novels.

Alexandra Cooper is a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney for the Sex Crimes Unit. Book 1-2. Final Jeopardy, Likely To Die. by Linda Fairstein. Shelve Linda Fairstein Boxed Set. Want to Read.

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New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein delivers a heart-pounding thriller that explores the dark secrets of Manhattan's iconic fashion scene in her latest Alexandra Cooper novel. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the runway, where American haute couture continually astounds with its creativity, daring, and innovation in the name of beauty

With her newest Alexandra Cooper novel, Terminal City, New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein delivers another breakneck thriller that captures the essence of New York City-its glamour, its possibilities, and its endless capacity for darkness. Linda Fairstein is well-known for illuminating the dark histories in many of New York’s forgotten corners-and sometimes in the city’s most popular landmarks.

New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers behind the scenes of New York City's theater world -- from Lincoln Center to the lights of Broadway -- in a riveting novel, rich with her trademark blend of cutting-edge legal issues, skillful detective work, and heart-stopping suspense. Teaming up with longtime friends -- NYPD's Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace -- Assistant DA Alex Cooper investigates the disappearance of world-famous dancer Natalya Galinova, who has suddenly vanished backstage at Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera House -- during a performance. The three colleagues are soon drawn into the machinations of New York City's secretive theatrical community, where ambition takes many forms, including those most deadly. Among Galinova's lovers is Joe Berk, the colorful, strong-willed boss of the Berk Organization, one of four family companies that own all the legitimate theaters on Broadway. The aging ballerina was using Berk to help revive her career at the time of her disappearance. Cooper, Chapman, and Wallace go underground and backstage at the Met, explore Berk's unusual apartment on top of the Belasco Theatre with its rumored ghostly resident, and then discover bizarre circumstances at City Center, which has a peculiar history not one of them knew about until now. Within the glamorous but sordid inner sanctums of the Broadway elite, the team confronts the ruthless power brokers who control both the stars and the stages where they appear. They meet Joe's niece Mona Berk, who is mounting a vicious campaign to extract her share of the family fortune, and stunning starlet Lucy DeVore, whose beauty may be her fatal undoing. Chet Dobbis is the artistic director of the Metropolitan Opera, and therefore privy to the most scandalous exploits among its famous inhabitants. He also knows every inch of the labyrinthine building into which the ballerina disappeared... Meanwhile, Alex is working on a very different case, using a creative technique to nab a physician who has been drugging women in order to assault them. As Dr. Selim Sengor eludes capture, Alex must navigate the new investigative world of DFSA -- drug-facilitated sexual assault -- intent on proving him guilty. Complicating her quest is the explosive legal and ethical dilemma of using the existing DNA databank to solve new cases. Can Alex convince a judge to let her prosecute a man for a violent crime using DNA that was collected for a prior case in which he was never charged? Or do the suspect's civil rights prevent law enforcement from keeping his DNA on file to be used against him at any future time? Death Dance is a spellbinding thriller combining a former prosecutor's fresh insight into hot-button legal issues with the unique history and spectacle of New York theater, and its shocking twists make this novel Linda Fairstein's most chilling adventure yet.

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Actually I have read about 8 of her books, hoping that they will show some improvement over the one I had just read. However, I have decided that all of Fairstein's books I have read are mediocre; I skipped reading many of her books given only 3-3.5 stars.

I don't mind when the heroine does dumb things in one book, but Alexandra does not appear to learn and does dumb things in every book, such as she always has to go to a seedy, dark, suspicious place BY HERSELF. Almost inevitably she is trapped by the villain and almost killed in every book. I guess she got her law degree at Podunk U and had someone else pass the NY bar exam for her because she shows no intellectual skill in any of these novels. Alexandra does not usually solve any case by the use of her mind or by research, but usually ONLY BLUNDERS BY ACCIDENT into the villain and subsequent solving of the mystery. Unfortunately, to me Alexandra appears to be in her position because she knows someone wealthy & influential (people usually are not influential without lots of money) rather than being competent. She shows no competency in these books, just sheer luck that she stumbles on the villain and doesn't die in the end.

Unfortunately the conclusions from my masochistic reading tendencies is that the premise of each Fairstein book is good but the development of the characters and plots are not done well. The characters are not likable, rather incompetent and Alexandra is extremely accident prone, probably by her own stupidity. Anyway, I'll try one more time and will get it from the library without spending any money for it. I hope that sometime Fairstein will get it right and possibly her 2013 book will do it (4.5 stars so far). The vast majority of her readers pretty much agree with me; of most the authors I read, Fairstein's books (up until this 2013 book) only rate 3-4 stars average, and many are 3-3.5 stars. When dozens or hundreds of reviewers give 3.5 stars average that tells me that the books is at best mediocre.

I luckily only bought the cheapest readable used books of Fairstein's and if I didn't like the book, I don't feel guilty donating it. Maybe the next person will buy my used book and not give more royalties to Fairstein.

Please buy no more Fairstein books; get them from the library, borrow them from a friend, etc. Probably Fairstein will still get royalties from Kindle versions, so please don't do that; used books are often cheaper than Kindle (even with shipping) and I don't believe Fairstein gets royalties from sales of used books.
This is the first book I've read by Linda Fairstein and it will certainly not be the last. 'DEATH DANCE' was enjoyable and moved at a good pace. There were no points at all where I thought the story was dragging. There were some really obnoxious characters and in some cases I was wondering if anyone would actually talk to a police detective that way. There seemed to be lots of people with virtually no respect for the investigators. The detectives, however, were very likable and none of them seemed to be wrapped up in their own problems. Okay, there was the mourning for a deceased wife, Val, but this was never an issue when on duty. Good detectives. And of course, there was Alex Cooper, the prosecuting attorney in the special victims unit. It was nice to have a main character who was not being tortured by the ghosts of the past. You have to like her. The wrap up to the 3 crimes that were on Alex Cooper's caseload all came at once and 2 of them just out of no where. I guess once the main subject of the investigation was done, the author just had to close out the other two. One thing I did have a problem with though was the way the District Attorney just handed a homicde case to a prosecutor in another division. There was a big point made of how the head of the homicide prosecution unit would react to this but then nothing was even mentioned. Not a word. What happened to the guy whose territory was being invaded? Oh well. Anyway, I've read other reviews of other books by Linda Fairstein. It seems that maybe this is not her best effort. This is a good, quick read that won't make you feel cheated, but probably won't be one you will count as one of your all time favorites. 'DEATH DANCE' is what a 3 star book is all about. I would say that if this is her worst effort, then Linda Fairstein is a very good writer. I am anxious to read more in this Alex Cooper series.
Good Fairstein novel in the Cooper series. Lots of characters--pay attention.
I couldn't find it at our library.
It was okay, some interesting historical facts and good plot.
This is the second time I have read this book and I actually found new things I missed in the first read.
I like these earlier Fairstein books better than the latest ones. Alex is much more confident and sure of herself before she fell so hard for Mike and started acting so sappy.
Love this book by Barbara Nadel, the Donna Leon of Turkey. Nadel weaves a tapestry of current crime, Turkish views on Western tourists, the struggles of a country in transition, dealing with a variety of ethnic citizenry, and family values. Her books are an addiction, a happy one.
Beside a good mystery a wealth of inside color on three of our best culture centers, the Met, City Center and the Belasco.
Death Dance: A Novel (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries) download epub
Author: Linda Fairstein
ISBN: 074348228X
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket Books; Reprint edition (January 23, 2007)