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by Archer Mayor

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Joe Gunther is seconded to the neighboring town of Bellows Falls to investigate harassment allegations against a fellow officer.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. What begins as a seemingly open-and-shut case comes to look more and more like a frame job as Gunther doggedly pursues the truth.

Archer Mayor is the author of the Joe Gunther detective series. Archer is a Yale graduate and lives in Newfane, Vermont, United States

Archer Mayor is the author of the Joe Gunther detective series. Archer is a Yale graduate and lives in Newfane, Vermont, United States.

another great mystery from Archer Mayor. I so enjoy his books, especially since they are set in the community i currently live. it's fun to visualize the exact buildings and streets he references

another great mystery from Archer Mayor. it's fun to visualize the exact buildings and streets he references.

Open Season is the flagship book for me. The one that began it all. It not only introduced my readers to Joe Gunther, but it brought Joe and me together with Vermont as well.

for their relentless optimism. Open Season is the flagship book for me. Written over several years and completely retooled three times, it was less an exercise in plot development and more a road of discovery. Indeed, the very first draft was written in the third person, placed in Virginia, and featured a plot to subvert the .

New York Times Bestselling Author. A friend of mine two years ago gave me an Archer Mayor book and it was his first book Open Season. was so intrigued I couldn't put it down. I knew after the first I had to have another and it just so happened that my friend had them all!! One by one I read everyone till I got to the last two and now its officially on my Christmas list.

The Joe Gunther Mysteries, Book 5. By: Archer Mayor. Narrated by: Tom Taylorson. There are 28 novels in the Joe Gunther Mysteries series by Archer Mayor. It is an excellent suspense mystery.

Narrated by Tom Taylorson. Joe Gunther is sent to the neighboring town of Bellows Falls to investigate harassment allegations against a fellow officer.

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Joe Gunther is sent to the neighboring town of Bellows Falls to investigate harassment allegations against a fellow officer. 333333333333335 3 5 Author: Archer Mayor Narrator: Tom Taylorson. But as Gunther doggedly pursue.

When asked to investigate a small-town police department in Bellows Falls, homicide detective Joe Gunther becomes determined to separate myth from reality as he delves deep into a world of deceit, domestic violence, corrupt cops, drugs, and murder

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Great as always. This fast paced mystery is interesting and engaging and has left us (my mother and me) coming back for more! I've already bought the next one in the series and never want it to end!

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Number 8 in the Joe Gunther series, this book is another good read. Set in Vermont almost entirely, it is important to keep a map by your side of the state, if you do not know the geography. The author Archie Mayor, has spent a good part of his life in Vermont and can describe the byways, the land and the people very well. There are occasions however, as I have pointed put in prior Joe Gunther reviews, that he makes an error which is obvious to any reader who processes the information at a detailed level. The mistake, not at all salient to the plot, is that Greenfield MA is no where near halfway between Brattleboro VT (20 miles away) and Lawrence MA (80 miles away. Every once in the while, I think the author gets a bit carried away or loses an index card, but that oversight in no way detracts from the storyline.

I will not give away any aspect of the plot, except to say that if you live in Bellows Falls or have family there, it will be very interesting to get your read on the essential backdrop of the story. It is helpful, but not critical to have read past Joe Gunther books. If you have, you will quickly recognize some key characters from Brattleboro and Burlington. You can pick up the book at chapter headings or at the breaks mid-chapter, and have no difficulty continuing, Violence is not an issue in this book, so if descriptions of active violence is not something you deal with well, not to worry.

I had already ordered number 9 (Kindle version), so I will keep going with readin about Joe Gunther is taking on the criminal element in Vermont.
From my first experience with the Joe Gunther series, I've been thrilled to have discovered a consummate writer and storyteller in author Archer Mayor. He has a true talent for crafting a suspense-filled plot, and his writing style is amazing. There's not an editing error to be found in any of his books, and there's a fluidity to his descriptions and dialogue that keeps the reader completely engaged in the story (often until the wee hours as each book is very hard to put down). Once you've been exposed to his ability to turn a phrase in such an elegant way and to create compelling realistic characters, you'll find yourself completely hooked. Each new installment is a unique story revolving around familiar people that you've come to know and care about. In Bellows Falls, it's again obvious that Mayor's real life experiences in law enforcement and death investigations as well as his amazing insight into the psychological makeup of his characters, combine to create another five star book. And although each installment in the series is a stand-alone story, do yourself a favor and start with the first one. Reading them in order makes each one an even better expedience!
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I've been hooked on Archer Mayor's Joe Gunther series. Bellows Falls, the eighth in the series, is another mystery that twists and winds through the small towns and personalities of Vermont. Rarely does a book series make me want to know the area and people described, but Mayor manages to make Vermont, and it's culture, a character you want to know more about.

This series even has me considering retiring in Vermont, in a sleepy, rural back woods area where neighbors know each other but accept their idiosyncrasies. I sure don't want to live in the Brattleboro of Joe Gunther though. Like Cabbot Cove in the Jessica Fletcher books, there are more mysterious deaths and crimes than I'd care to be a neighbor too.

Looking forward to book nine. And later...
Mostly I enjoyed it because it took place in much of the state of Vermont and having lived there for three years I enjoyed reading about the variety of locations in which it took place. Some Vermont folks characteristics were interesting reminders of having lived and worked amongst them. But, it seemed to me that it was difficult to figure out who was talking about whom. Sometimes moving from one chapter to the next new people were introduced and I had to go back and try to glue the story back together. Maybe a better reader than I would get more from it.
Bellows Falls (Joe Gunther Mysteries) download epub
Author: Archer Mayor
ISBN: 0446606308
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; First Printing edition (December 1, 1998)