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Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Three Dragons (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) download epub

by Luke Steven Fullenkamp

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The great UK city of London is threatened, along with the life of Queen Victoria. The Master of the Three Dragons must be stopped, but can it be done in time, and who will survive? It's Watson and Holmes as they've never been seen before.

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melody of you
I doubt that Fullenkamp has ever actually read any one of the 57-odd Sherlock Holmes stories and novels by Conan Doyle. Fullenkamp's ignorance of late 19th Century British customs, culture, conversation and manners is almost total. [At one point Holmes refers to Queen Victoria, to her face, as "Queen Mother." And all the characters refer to one another by their first names throughout the novel.]
The author also commits one of the most unforgivable sins of the beginning writer who is not a reader, the sin known to novelists as "said bookism." This is the avoidance of use of the word "said" at all costs. Characters never say anything, instead they remark, aver, inquire, grit, explode, answer, whisper... you get the idea. Ordinarily this defect in a novel is fatal, as bad as Chinese Water Torture... you forget what is going on and wait for the next awkward synonym with terror and disgust!
But now to the good part, which actually makes the said bookism fairly harmless. Fullenkamp seems to be a born storyteller. The story moves briskly forward with no real letup. You keep reading despite all the problems with characters, dialogue, plot and overall concept. The motives and actions and plans of the stereotypical yellow-peril villain, Ming (who thankfully is never called "the Merciless") make no sense whatsoever from any standpoint. That Watson could consider Holmes a romantic rival for the affections of the lovely Miss Cantaville (yes, even the names of the characters are a problem) is preposterous. And so on. But you'll finish the book, no matter how horrified you may get at the author's almost total ignorance and almost pure ineptitude.
Whenever anyone read any short story by the (fictitious) science fiction writer, Kilgore Trout, they were so overcome by the stunning originality of the ideas combined with the total incompetence of the fiction that they always burst out, "My God, if only you could write!!!!!" In Fullenkamp's case one is likely to exclaim, "My God, if only you could research!!!"
I'm trying to be less caustic in my reviews since I offended a writer enough to e-mail me and complain that my review was hurting his sales. However, this story is not quite up to the usual Holmes pastiche. I mean "Jonathan Watson?" Both Homes and Watson ACCEPTING a knighthood? I don't think so.

However, it does raise an interesting point: The name of Watson's second wife. I see no reason why Mr. Fullenkamp shouldn't be taken as seriously as anyone else, since she was never named in the canon. (Actually, come to think of it, are we even sure he HAD a second wife in the canon? Maybe all the reference is to Mary, as Watson was never good with dates...)

You can't miss the character of Moriarty even if he is never named. Who else would Holmes call "Mephistopheles"? Remember, despite the Chinese, this is Holmes, not Sir Dennis Nayland Smith. London will be destroyed by the Dragons, which read to be sub-nuclear missles, there are underwater bases, submarimes, etc. A kind of Holmes meets James Bond sort of thing.

Not bad. But not really Holmes. Quoth the Raven...
Gold as Heart
Since I like to begin reviews on a positive note, let me say this first: good plot. However, could we please give it to someone who knows something (anything!) about Sherlock Holmes and/or the Victorian Era?

I knew I was doomed when the first page consisted of an entry from the personal journal of Dr. Johnathan Watson. sigh

Grammatical error on page 11; things are not looking up.

Triple threat error - Canon, British-ism and plausibility - on page 15.

Oh, thank God! It's an alternate universe! "It was a mild evening in London, in the spring of 1879..."

RUN, do not walk, to avoid buying this book if you care anything at all about Sherlock Holmes. There is MUCH better fanfiction than this on the internet for free.
This was a fun read, and the author has a strong descriptive style and energetic pacing which transports you (along with Holmes and Watson) to various Victorian locales including the Paris sewers and a Mary-Poppin-like flight through London's night skies... and the villain and plotline are imaginative. But too many liberties (see other reviews) are taken with the Holmes/Watson relationship, dialogue, and personalities to satisfy the real Conan Doyle fan. If you can forgive these, it's a pleasant way to spend a plane flight - and I've always been partial to Victorian science fiction gadgets, which abound here.
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Three Dragons (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) download epub
Author: Luke Steven Fullenkamp
ISBN: 1585007730
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: 1st Book Library; 1st US - 1st Printing edition (January 20, 2000)
Pages: 204 pages