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by Fran L. Washington,Gar Anthony Haywood

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Going Nowhere Fast book.

Going Nowhere Fast book.

This hilarious, non-stop action story is handled well by Fran Washington, who finds the narrative voice of Dottie with assurance and just the right touch of dry humor. Her limited vocal range leads to some unintentionally funny characterizations, such as the sociopathic killer's little-girlish voice, but her bright and lively pace make the whole work, if not the parts. She left me wanting to hear more from the Loudemilk family. Book pak, Brilliance Audio, 1994.

Joe and Dottie Loudemilk, their errant son, Bad Dog, and their beloved Airstream trailer-home, Lucille, find an unexpected guest in their commode-a corpse. This hilarious, non-stop action story is handled well by Fran Washington, who finds the narrative voice of Dottie with assurance and just the right touch of dry humor.

I suspected just having her back in tow would have a therapeutic effect upon Big Joe, and I was right. Maybe the fact that I drifted off to sleep somewhere near the end of his tirade had something to do with that, I don't know. In any case, we made good time. We were back on the Grand Canyon grounds by seven o'clock, just as the last layer of red was being swallowed up by a jet-black night sky.

Gar Anthony Haywood is the author of two highly acclaimed mystery series. Haywood's second series features the comic Loudermilk family and includes the novels Going Nowhere Fast and Bad News Travels Fast. His series featuring South Central Los Angeles private investigator Aaron Gunner debuted with the publication of Fear of the Dark, which won the St. Martin's Press/PWA Best Private Eye Novel Contest in 1987. Currently a writer for the FOX television series "New York Undercover," Haywood has also written for the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. He lives in Los Angeles.

A gritty compelling read," praised Entertainment Weekly of last year's It's Not a Pretty Sight. And the Chicago Tribune called it, along with other Aaron Gunner novels, "terrifically entertaining. With When Last Seen Alive, Gar Anthony Haywood plumbs the shocking all-too-real world of South-Central Los Angeles.

Author: Gar Anthony Haywood, Book: Bad News Travels Fast (2000) and other, read online free in EPUB,TXT at. .Both this one and "Going Nowhere Fast" involve the Loudermilk children and the troubles several of them get into and how their mom and dad find ways to extricate them.

Author: Gar Anthony Haywood, Book: Bad News Travels Fast (2000) and other, read online free in EPUB,TXT at FreeOnlineRead. Going Nowhere Fast (1995). First I want to thank whomever it was who first e-mailed me about this fledging mystery series by the author of the Aaron Gunner mysteries You Can Die Trying (1994).

by. Haywood, Gar Anthony. Large print book club ed. Ex-police officers, Retirees, Marriage. External-identifier. urn:acs6:yw:pdf:ffe-b97c661b59d0 urn:acs6:yw:epub:7de-7cd2707f0c35 urn:oclc:record:1035371112. Columbia University Libraries.

It's not a pretty sight. Bad News Travels Fast. Not long for this world. All the lucky ones are dead.

Eager to leave their humdrum family life behind, the Loudermilks take off in their new trailer, only to have a murder investigation involving their youngest son stop them in their tracks, and then send them off in high pursuit of a killer.

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The first in a series, _Going Nowhere Fast_ feature Joe and Dottie Loudermilk, a retired couple who have become proud and happy members of the Airstream family. At a stopover at the Grand Canyon, they discover a dead body in their bathroom, setting off a romp that includes their youngest adult child, a former Mafioso, the FBI, a pro football player, and a number of minor characters.

The story is well-plotted, dialogue and descriptions ring true, and everything moves along at a good pace. What I found disconcerting is that whomever was in charge of proofreading seems to have quit at about the 60 percent mark. There follows a large number of misspellings and typos, something that took me out of the story several times. All in all, though, I look forward to continuing the series.
I thought the concept of a mystery featuring a retired middle-class black couple traveling in their motor home around the US sounded like a nice set-up, and it started out intriguingly--nice first-person narrator, and the corpse shows up in a VERY interesting location right in the first scene. But it went downhill from there. The pace was slow, and there wasn't enough to keep up my interest in between (despite a very promising setting in the Grand Canyon country). The couples' son, Bad Dog, had too few redeeming qualities to be someone I wanted to read about---he was downright criminal (MILD SPOILER: stealing money from the body of a dead man??)! Am I supposed to find this funny? In addition, too many somewhat implausible things kept happening. I stuck it out through 70% of the book and then decided I could spend my time much more enjoyably on something else in my TBR stack. The author has won a number of awards, and I expected better. HOWEVER, I note this was written in the 90s. Perhaps he honed his skills later.
furious ox
This was one of those "free" books we all get, and since I love mysteries I downloaded it. It is fairly well written, but I was annoyed by the typos which could have easily been corrected by running spell check (i.e. the word "was" spelled as "vas" several times, "wav" instead of "way", and "]'/ow" as a one word sentence the meaning of which I can not fathom). As the story begins we are introduced to a retired cop and his wife who have sold their home and invested in an Airstream trailer so that they can travel around the U.S.. While parked at the Grand Canyon one of their children (who was not supposed to be with them - he should have been home - wherever that was) discovers the body of a man in the trailer (I won't say where as it would be a spoiler). Through twists and turns they become involved in solving the mystery of the murder. Throughout most of the book the reader assumes that Joe Loudermilk was a cop here in the U.S. But somewhere near the end we learn he was an "Inspector" at Scotland Yard. There is no explanation as to how they came to be in the U.S. or why their children live in the U.S. If you can tolerate the typos, the lack of an explanation for the family's presence in the U.S., it is fine as a quick quirky mystery. But don't spend much on it. Wait until it is on the 100 Free list.
This is a take on the "zany" family mystery mold. However, it has some novel leading characters and an interesting setting. So, honestly I am not a big fan of "zany" family mysteries - but I looked at this one due to the RV theme and Grand Canyon setting. I did really like the main characters, I could definitely relate to their love/hate responses to their grown children, and found the dad's obsession with his Airstream very amusing and pretty believable. I am lukewarm about the plot - it seemed pretty far fetched - which is probably the part about zany family mysteries that I find generally annoying. I would probably read another in this series if I stumbled across it - I liked the main characters - but I will not be seeking it out.
I loved the Loudermilks! Sassy Dottie and steadfast Joe Loudermilk are a retired couple "living the life" in their Airstream trailer. They became caught up in a murder investigation in a park edging the Grand Canyon. They think their wayward son is somehow involved. The story is told from the view of the feisty and funny Dottie, and the best parts are the spirited exchanges between the family members. An interesting story and some tense moments also make it a delight, even if the "who did it" struck me as a little contrived. Loved the final scene with the Airstream Good Samaritan. I think there is another Loudermilk mystery which I plan to read, but I really wish there were more. I'd like to spend more time with Dottie and Joe!
And it sounds right! I also love that the character's race isn't an issue. I didn't realize the main characters were African American until well into the story - that's how things should be imho, race was just another part of the descriptions told along the way as the story progressed.

When the plot involves a murdered man, found in their bathroom - again, no issue just a nosy mom, a bonehead son and an Airstream obsessed husband caught up in an adventure you will enjoy reading.

I look forward to reading more Joe & Dottie adventures and maybe meeting more of the 5 "special" kids lol! Gar sure has Dottie's voice down.
Don’t bother reading this one. I wasn’t able to really get into this book. In fact, I got to the point where I didn’t really care who the murderer was. Three things bothered me:
1) I found it hard to believe that Joe was ever an ex-cop. He just didn’t seem to be interested in the crime at all. 2) Who would call their 23 year old son by the name of Bad Dog. 3) A 55-60 year old lady threatens to spank her 23 year old son? Really???

This book just did not hold my interest and it was ridiculous from the start. I will not read anymore of this series.
Going Nowhere Fast download epub
Author: Fran L. Washington,Gar Anthony Haywood
ISBN: 1578150108
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Media Books Llc (September 1, 1998)