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Nicholas Blake was the pseudonym of Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, who was born in County Laois, Ireland, in. .

Nicholas Blake was the pseudonym of Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, who was born in County Laois, Ireland, in 1904. After his mother died in 1906, he was brought up in London by his father, spending summer holidays with relatives in Wexford. He was educated at Sherborne School and Wadham College, Oxford, from which he graduated in 1927. Blake initially worked as a teacher to supplement his income from his poetry writing and he published his first Nigel Strangeways novel, A Question of Proof, in 1935

A vintage murder mystery.

A vintage murder mystery. Wenham & Geraldine are a long-established and very well respected publishing firm, so when a printer's proof is sabotaged and libellous passages are mysteriously reinstated, they call in private detective Nigel Strangeways. Hugo Chesterman has been sentenced to death for murdering a policeman. What is his story and will an appeal be successful?

The Nicholas Blake books are something quite by themselves in English detective fiction" (Elizabeth Bowen)

The Nicholas Blake books are something quite by themselves in English detective fiction" (Elizabeth Bowen). His plots are ingenious" (Times Literary Supplement). A master of detective fiction" (Daily Telegraph). I enjoyed this story and had no idea whodunnit until close to the end. I've only just discovered Nicholas Blake, so I have lots of his work to catch up on. Being a fan of the Allingham, Marsh and Sayers ilk, this is a good thing.

Another ok Blake-good on publishing and poetry; plot a bit slapdash and of course the nasal spray is poisoned; Claire the best thing about the book. Blake seems a little tired of Nigel.

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A Nigel Strangeways Mystery. End of Chapter was first published in 1957. There is a saboteur hiding in plain sight at the publishing house of Wenham & Geraldine. General Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thrillers.

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Book proof whose libelous passages have been deleted then stetted upends a London publishing firm and Nigel Strangeways is called to right these wrongs. He must also take care of the murder of a popular (and poisonous) author. Interlocking ingenuity. Pub Date: July 10th, 1957.

Wenham & Geraldine are a long-established and very well respected publishing firm, so when a printer's proof is sabotaged and libellous passages are mysteriously reinstated, they call in private detective Nigel Strangeways.

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The distinguished old London publishing house of Wenham & Geraldine is in a difficult situation. Its specialties are memoirs and biographies, and its name has been synonymous with quality since the Victorian period. Now it finds itself faced with a libel suit which threatens to destroy its reputation. The manuscript of its latest title, Time to Fight, the memoirs of General Thoresby contained a couple of actionable passages about a rival general that Thoresby reluctantly agreed to expunge. But mysteriously the deleted passages reappeared in the page proofs. Thoresby, now furious, had to take them out again. The book, expected to be a great success, was hurried into print, and now, with fifty thousand copies already in the stores, the offending passages are still there for all to read. Someone did this on purpose, but who in the world had a motive for sabotaging the book?

The person who had, at least, the best opportunity to commit the mischief was Stephen Protheroe, the author of a single stupendous poem published by the firm a quarter of a century earlier and still selling. Since then Protheroe has contented himself with an anonymous existence reading and judging the writings of others. Detective Nigel Strangeways, an author himself, agrees to join the firm as a second reader, with a secret agenda known only to the firm's three partners and Protheroe, the one employee they trust absolutely. Nigel meets General Thoresby in the comfort of his club, finding him intelligent, congenial and perversely delighted that the truth about his old enemy is finally out there for everyone to see.

The notorious Millicent Miles, a popular romance novelist with a racy past, is the firm's "golden goose,' whose memoirs are expected to sell well enough to subsidize other more serious titles. She has even been given a small office, and she's there almost every day writing, an assertive presence in a somewhat stodgy environment. But Nigel finds that the one time she met General Thoresby, he had treated her contemptuously, and the firm, it seems, had dismissed her ne'er-do-well son's literary aspirations, and even declined to reprint Millicent's own early romances. As successful as she has been, is she the type to hold a grudge? Someone, however, has a grudge against her, slipping into her room as she types away, slitting her throat with a razor, and spiriting away a single sheet of the manuscript.

An interesting peek into the perils, resentments and jealousies of the world of literature and publishing. Obviously this was a world with which Nicholas Blake, as a popular novelist and under his real name, a serious poet, was intimately familiar. The setting provides an appropriate background for the spiteful, malicious characters he excelled at creating. Late in the book Nigel admits to himself that he often finds murderers quite likeable.
3 and 1 / 2 stars

This book was originally published in 1957.

Someone has sabotaged General Thoresby’s memoirs prior to printing at the Wenham and Geraldine publishing house. Into the book, a paragraph that was inserted into the book that was both explosive and libelous. It has got to be someone inside the publishing house. Nigel Strangeways is called in to investigate who has done this despicable thing.

With a plethora of suspects, it is a difficult case to sort out. Then, a murder occurs. The suspense ratchets up a notch.

The reader follows Nigel as he sorts out this difficult case. Following clues he conducts a painstaking investigation and ferrets out the culprit.

This is a well written and plotted novel for its time. It is very mild by today’s standards, but well worth reading for aficionados of mysteries. This is not my first Nicholas Blake novel, but it is perhaps my favorite so far.

I want to thank NetGalley and Ipso Books for forwarding to me a copy of this good book to read and enjoy.
A most enjoyable book with twist and turns aplenty. The characters where well developed and easy to picture, and the storyline was intriguing, although some parts had a repetitive nature. It is a good book if you enjoy the style of the era.
Another reliable Nigel Strangeways mystery, this time in a publishing house where he works from the inside. By now, it's just a matter of looking over the venue of a book, and selecting one of interest. They're all going to be good. However, I will say, I especially enjoy the younger Nigel, and look forward to reading the earlier ones as I find them. I also like his wife, and I understand she doesn't survive but a couple of editions. There was a big switch in this one from the ruminating and interviewing stage to some dramatic action, or rather re-enaction, which breaks the stalemate. It's an interesting mix of predominately conservative, intellectual souls with a few much less so. However, the large souled Nigel manages to mix with all of them, and even handle most of them.
Meh. Well-written but dry. "Blake" didn't seem to into it this time around.
Skunk Black
Nigel Strangeways is investigating who might have altered a proof copy of General Thoresby's memoirs, resulting in a libel case against the prestigious publishing firm, Wenham and Geraldine. Matters worsen when the flamboyant romance novelist, Millicent Miles, is murdered one evening in the publisher's office. End of Chapter (1957) finds Strangeways once again drawn into a homicide case.

Strangeways is at home in this traditional, English publishing firm as he is a successful poet, not unlike the author himself, Cecil Day-Lewis (writing as Nicholas Blake) who served as poet laureate from 1968 until his death in 1972. The chapter titles are appropriately selected from editing terms like setup, first impression, run on, delete, lower case, transpose, etc.

End of Chapter is a good example of a Nigel Strangeways mystery. The characters are well-educated and the dialogue is urbane. The solution involves untangling complex relationships and integrating clues from the past. The solution is not altogether surprising, but it is not obvious either.

End of Chapter was reissued in 1977 in a Perennial Library paperback by Harper and Row Publishers. It can also be found in The Nicholas Blake Treasury, Volume 4, a hardcover book club edition published by the Mystery Guild.
End of Chapter download epub
Author: Nicholas Blake
ISBN: 0060803975
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins (July 1, 1988)