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by Todd Borg

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Tahoe local Todd Borg is the bestselling author of 15 Owen McKenna Mystery Thrillers. The cast of characters - Owen, Street, Diamond, and Spot feel so familiar, so real, that you really welcome meeting them all again for the next adventure

Tahoe Payback (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 15). Tahoe Ice Grave.

Published by Thriller Press at Smashwords. Published in the United States by Thriller Press, a division of WRST, Inc. ww. hrillerpress. The shooter lay hidden under the thick low boughs of a red fir, twenty feet from the Flume Trail. Tahoe Payback (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 15).

When a pop star dies in a mountain biking incident on the world-famous Flume Trail high above the East Shore of Lake Tahoe, Detective Owen McKenna is drawn into a dangerous case with a killer who appears to be a twisted psychopath. But as McKenna investigates, it appears that the killings may be cover for a huge money-making scam. McKenna and his Great Dane Spot both become targets of the killer.

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Tahoe local Todd Borg is the author of the Owen McKenna Tahoe Mystery series, featuring Detective McKenna, natch, his Great Dane Spot, and a bunch of other cool characters

Tahoe local Todd Borg is the author of the Owen McKenna Tahoe Mystery series, featuring Detective McKenna, natch, his Great Dane Spot, and a bunch of other cool characters. But the main reason to check them out is that they are fun, fast reads with a lot of action and intelligent stories. The recurring characters will become your friends.

When Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna gets a call from a terrified young woman who says she knows something .

When Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna gets a call from a terrified young woman who says she knows something about a murder, he gets pulled into a case involving a twisted psychopath who appears to be engaged in thrill killings, but may in fact be covering up a giant money-making scam.

On a gorgeous August morning the pop star Glory went mountain biking on the world-famous Flume Trail high above the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Something caused her to ride off the cliff-hugging path and she died when she plunged to the rocks below. Everyone thinks it was a terrible accident until private investigator Owen McKenna gets a call from a frightened young woman who says she has information about Glory's death. Owen's investigation turns up lots of suspects but no good leads until he gets a taunting call from someone who speaks with a synthetic voice. Owen realizes that the murderer has been watching him and his friends, including his girlfriend Street Casey, Deputy Diamond Martinez and Owen's Great Dane Spot. While Owen can't figure out why a sick killer with a robotic voice is killing people in exotic ways, he knows it has something to do with a huge money-making scam. Owen needs Spot and search-and-rescue dog Natasha to literally sniff out the killer because the bodies are piling up, and Owen's name is at the top of the killer's list...

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Retired police officer and now private inspector, Todd McKenna races through another nonstop adventure. He is beat up (twice), shot at, almost blown up (also twice), kidnapped, taunted by a killer who is intent upon causing his demise in any number of horrible yet creative manners. Author Todd Borg creates another mystery which flies through all of the above circumstances to come to an ending which is complete and satisfactory. Character development is good and builds on returning characters while presenting new ones for this story. I have bounced all over this series and each volume is a standalone yet has slight references to previous books. An important cast member to the series is the dog named Spot! All told, a recommended book and series.
Another great read by Borg. Spoiler alert.

This one starts with a man about to commit murder. He's just off the path of the Flume Trial. Trail bikers use this trail a lot. Its one awesome trail. His weapon is something that can't be traced. Its not a gun but is as lethal as one. Its also a weapon that makes no noise and can easily be destroyed leaving no trace.

Right now Glory, a singer who's made it big and her trainer and body guard Tyrone are biking their way towards the man who will murder one of them. Of course the man hits the wrong rider. A rider who goes over the edge and five hundred feet to the ground below. A young truly gifted singer named Glory is now dead.

Owen McKenna is 6'6" tall and over two hundred pounds. He's not a guy anyone doesn't notice. Owen is at home when he gets a phone call from a woman named Faith Runyon. Faith wants to meet with him about the death of Glory. A death everyone is assuming was an accident. Faith tells him it wasn't an accident but she doesn't want to tell him anything over the phone and a meet is set up in the middle of the lake. Owen will use one of his friend Jennifer Salazar's boats and Faith says she will meet him there. Faith gives him a description of the boat she will be using.

Owen and Spot his huge one hundred and seventy pound Great Dane get the boat from the Salazar estate and head out to the lake. Owen then see's another boat matching the description of the boat Faith has. Faith is twenty yards away when her boat explodes throwing both Owen and Spot into the water and overturning his boat. Hypothermia is the problem as Owen manages to get himself and Spot up on the overturned boat and another boater rescues them. Seems Faith may have been right about Glory's death.

So begins one damned fine read and one rollercoaster of a ride.

This one has Owen, Spot, Diamond, Street, Billy Crash, Wheels, Ellie, Natasha, KD, an Owen who is attacked at his home, a Spot who is wounded, a Diamond who is number one for the Sgts. stripes, a Diamond who fired at a man Owen was chasing at a casino, a shot that hit the doll of a little girl, a Diamond who is then suspended after Senator Stennis gets involved, an Owen who is now targeted by one very crafty and smart killer, a shootout at Diamonds house, a Street Owen sends to a hotel to get her out of the line of fire, an Owen who doesn't want to be around anyone because that anyone could be the killers next target, a man named Wheels who shows Owen that Glory was pushed of the trail, a Wheels who is the killers next victim, a woman named KD who was Faith's madam, a Faith who was a high dollar hooker, an Owen and Spot who camp out in the woods at various places, an Owen who is captured, a Tyrone who saves him, a Diamond, Tyrone and Owen who come up with a plan, Ellie and Natasha the search and rescue dog Ellie loans them, a party at Senator Stennis's mansion, a Street who gets Owen, Tyrone and Diamond in, the dogs who trace the guilty and Owen McKenna doing his best to solve the mystery, save lives and stay alive.

Five Stars.
In the category of fun-to-read novels, Todd Borg has become my favorite living author. I own the entire series (11 at this time) and have read 7. I'm almost hesitant to start the others just because I'll feel so empty once they're gone.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're already familiar with the Owen McKenna series, and this one follows suit with the others - sure, the overall series is a bit formulaic - but who cares? It's a winning formula. The cast of characters - Owen, Street, Diamond, and Spot feel so familiar, so real, that you really welcome meeting them all again for the next adventure.

Tahoe Killshot may be my favorite of the series - or at least a tie with my other favorite - Tahoe Deathfall - but the reality is they are all wonderfully entertaining... and even more so if you are familiar with the Lake Tahoe region and/or love dogs.

I was hesitant to start this book when I saw that it was about an R&B diva and the music industry - two subjects that kind of turn me off - but I should have had faith. Those aspects of the story are very minor, and the story and the new characters specific to this book are great. The "mystery" part of this book is probably the most complex of all the Tahoe books, so if you are the type of reader who gets frustrated that there aren't enough clues to figure it all out on our own, then this book might frustrate you, but that's okay. Mysteries are no fun if they're simple enough to figure them out half-way through. Just go along for the ride.

I can't recommend it highly enough. Enjoy!
I keep thinking I will get bored since I am reading these books without reading anything else. I am far from bored. The books get better and I am more in love with Spot. The characters are great and get deeper with every book. But...what was the gift KD brought to the birthday party? Hmmm
The detective's dog is my favorite character, then his girlfriend, and police friend Sergeant Ramirez, as I find Owen McKenna's character not really likeable to much of a degree, as compared to the detectives in John Sandford's novels (either the Prey series or the spin-off of Virgil Flowers).
But the book keeps you guessing most of the way through the story, which is better than most authors manage.
The Sphinx of Driz
I am usually reading several books at once, as I tend to be able to keep the storyline of each book separate. However when I start a Todd Borg book, I don't seem to be able to put it down, and I'm glued to it until the last page. I love his stories, I love the characters, and its a fine and fun ride to the end. This book had me worried that one of the characters would turn out to be the criminal, and I guess you'll have to read the book to find out...but believe me that's no chore. I sure do love Spot and Natasha.
I have loved these books from the first one I read, which a friend gave me. I'm familiar with the Tahoe area so it made it even more interesting, knowing where these places were. And Spot, who wouldn't love him. I can picture his expressions and how easily a dog can make you feel guilty for not sharing with just a look. Not so fun is when Spot gets hurt. All the stories I have read so far have been great. Fast moving. educational in many areas, and make you want to keep reading until you're to the end. Great books.
Tahoe Killshot (Owen McKenna Mystery) download epub
Author: Todd Borg
ISBN: 1931296146
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Thriller Press; 1st edition (August 1, 2004)
Pages: 320 pages