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by Ed McBain

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87th Precinct Series. 55 primary works, 83 total works. Shelve Three Complete 87th Precinct Novels: Tricks, Ice, 8 Black Horses. The 87th Precinct cops in Isola, New York: Book 1. Cop Hater.

The 87th Precinct is a series of police procedural novels and stories written by Ed McBain (pseudonym of Evan Hunter). McBain's 87th Precinct works have been adapted, sometimes loosely, into movies and television on several occasions. The series is based on the work of the police detective squad of the 87th Precinct in the central district of Isola, a large fictional city based on New York City

His 87th Precinct novels have become staples of the police procedural genre. Ed McBain, his best known pseudonym, was first used with Cop Hater (1956), the first novel in the 87th Precinct crime series.

His 87th Precinct novels have become staples of the police procedural genre. Hunter revealed that he was McBain in 1958 but continued to use the pseudonym for decades, notably for the 87th Precinct series, and the Matthew Hope detective series. He retired the pen names Addams, Cannon, Collins, Marsten, and Taine around 1960. From then on crime novels were generally attributed to McBain and other sorts of fiction to Hunter.

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Fiddlers, his final 87th Precinct novel, was recently published in hardcover. Ed McBain is a prolific author and also a very entertaining one. In this book about the 87th Precinct, The Deaf Man" has returned. Writing as both Ed McBain and Evan Hunter, he broke new ground with Candyland, a novel in two parts. He also wrote the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I am of the opinion that a book should stand on it's own and you shouldn't have had to have read a prior novel which dealt with the same people to understand what is going on. I don't think this one measures up on that basis.

Читать онлайн - McBain Ed. The Heckler Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн The Heckler. Mcbain Ed. The 87th Precinct series one of the great literary accomplishments of the last half-century. Pete Hamill,Daily News (New York) It’s hard to think of anyone better at what he does. In fact, it’s impossible.

In a walled garden surrounded by skyscrapers, Father Michael Birney met an unholy end, stabbed by an assailant who invaded his vespers prayers and then vanished . Ed McBain - 87th Precinct - Ladies the women of the 87th.

In a walled garden surrounded by skyscrapers, Father Michael Birney met an unholy end, stabbed by an assailant who invaded his vespers prayers and then vanished as twilight overtook the big city. But it will take more than a leap of faith for the cops of the 87th Precinct to expose the truth behind the deadliest - and bloodiest - of sins.

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Now available for the first time in paperback--the latest riveting novel in the bestselling 87th Precinct series. The hardcover of Vespers has sold almost twice as many copies as McBain's previous hardcover releases. This paperback edition will contain a preview of the author's new hardcover, Widows. HC: William Morrow.

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You either like the 60's mystery genre or you don't, John D MacDonald, Mickey Spillane and Ed McBain. Some rough images, but not the gore and violence that mark so many recent mystery novels. McBain stands a bit apart from his contemporaries in his sprinkling of off topic dialogues that make you wonder if the record hasn't skipped a few grooves, but actually brings you into a conversation between a cop and a suspect/witness. And out of the blue, a paragraph or two that sound more like poetry than a murder mystery. And that's why I have read so many McBain novels.
In this one, it all starts with a hand in a bag. Throw in a missing stripper named Bubbles, a merchant seaman (also missing), another hand and what have you got? Obviously, another McBain winner.
Ed McBain is a great writer. Many current crime novelists credit McBain and his style. After reading a dozen of his 87th Precinct novels, this seemed a bit less developed than the others. The title was sophomoric, relating to a crime where detectives unfold the crime by finding first one then the second of the victim's dismembered hands. This one also feels a bit dated because how women are referred to, analogies of great cities being like women, etcetera. Also references to a Hispanic cop of the era who wanted to be considered a credit to all Hispanics. It could also be that after buying and reading so many of the McBain novels, they're not wearing so well anymore. It also could be the novel trudged along and then unfolded quickly at the end, almost too quickly.

By all means, buy a couple of the McBain 87th Precinct stories. Amazon often has several on sale as Kindle daily or monthly deals for two or three dollars. McBain on a bad day beats some of the efforts of today's current novelists, the ones who work more on the book jacket promo quotes than the book itself.
I've read most of the 87 precinct novels and this was not a favorite. One one hand, the mystery was complex and we'll developed, and there were some great twists at the end. On the other hand, the sex and satan worship scenes were creepy. Maybe I'm getting prudish in my old age. I appreciate its craftsmanship, enen as I squirmed through parts. I would like to have given it 3.5 stars.
Going through the whole 87th series sequentially I have had the great luck in reading 3 fantastic entries back-to-back-to-back with this being the second of the 3. The leads on the case are Carella and Hawes which is my favourite paring so it was off to a perfect start! The case involves someone's warehouse that gets burned down. I thought this was going to be a serial arsonist story but it went off in a very welcome direction. This novel has a ton of characters in it and it had me guessing until the end.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and recommend it 100%

Worth The Money: Yes
Would I Recommend It: Yes
McBain utilizes a complex setting to introduce and support the many characters that he weaves into his narrative. Like all good mysteries, it includes enough "new evidence" to keep you intrigued by how things will work out in the end. McBain moves beyond the "good" label by making each of the suspects entirely believable, no matter how evil or innocent they might at first appear. There is also an element of religion that should appeal to readers, whether conservative believers or wanderers in their own lives. That these two diametrically opposed belief systems exist within four city blocks of each other makes it all the more intriguing. McBain opens with a murder, then introduces characters through various settings to establish their possible connections to the murder, and allows the story to evolve with effective twists and turns, some surprising, others not so. What made this mystery stand out for me is that there weren't any fillers to provide needless after-the-facts details at the end. Every chapter, including the last one, presents an important aspect of the narrative
In the world of 2013, if a policeman were to find a bag abandoned near a crowded bus stop, the first thing he might expect to find in the bag would be an explosive devise left by a terrorist. But in the simpler world of 1960, it's only a bloody, crudely severed hand.

It's raining day after day in Isola and the last place the detectives of the 87th Precinct want to be is out running around in the rain, trying to figure out who might be missing the hand in question. In due course, yet another hand turn up, apparently removed from the same victim. The lab determines that the hands were once attached to a large white male, but someone has carefully sliced the edges of the fingers off of the hands, so there's no way of knowing who the large white male might have been.

Steve Carella, Cotton Hawes and the other members of the squad spend a lot of time chasing down missing persons who might be missing their hands, but without much luck. They also stumble over a stripper named Bubbles, who may or may not have anything to do with anything, but they will continue to push ahead until they find a resolution to this gruesome and troubling case.

The result is another entertaining entry in Ed McBain's acclaimed series. As always, it's fun to watch Carella and the other detectives at work, and in this case, there's even a fist fight in the squad room. Any fan of the series will certainly want to find this book.
Vespers: An 87th Precinct Novel download epub
Author: Ed McBain
ISBN: 0380703858
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Avon Books (Mm); First Edition edition (August 22, 2013)
Pages: 344 pages