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by Ngaio Marsh

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Felony & mayhem press, new york. Thomas, a dancing footman. Mrs. Pouting, Jonathan’s housekeeper. James Bewling, an outside hand at Highfold.

Felony & mayhem press, new york. Jonathan Royal, of Highfold Manor, Cloudyfold, Dorset. Aubrey Mandrake, born Stanley Footling, Poetic Dramatist. Sandra Compline, of Penfelton Manor. Thomas Bewling, his brother. Roderick Alleyn, Chief Detective-Inspector, . Agatha Troy Alleyn, his wife. Walter Copeland, Rector of Winton St. Giles.

Death & the Dancing Footman (1941) by Ngaio Marsh is one of those Golden Age mystery stand-bys: a murder at a country house party-and in the middle of a snow storm no less. But Marsh gives the standard a slight twist. Jonathan Royal, who by his own reckoning is a stifled artist, has decided to use human beings in a drama of his own contrivance. He has deliberately invited a houseful of guests where each person is at odds with at least one other person (and sometimes more).

Death and the Dancing Footman is a detective novel by Ngaio Marsh; it is an example of the Country house mystery. The host Jonathan Royal has invited seven people for a weekend house-party. As his invited observer Aubrey Mandrake says, he has invited stark murder with the guests chosen for their antagonism to each other. Then Highfold Manor in Cloudyfold, Dorset is cut off by a snowstorm with the phone line down (although the house still has electric power, possibly from a private generator)

Death And The Dancing Footman. A footman should not be dancing when on duty. But suppose he does - what will be the consequences for the solving of a murder puzzle?

Death And The Dancing Footman. But suppose he does - what will be the consequences for the solving of a murder puzzle? Contents. Chapter II. Assembly3.

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Roderick Alleyn 11 1941.

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Madame Elise Lisse, beauty specialist, of the Studio Lisse. Lady Hersey Amblington, Jonathan’s distant cousin, beauty specialist of the Salon Herséy. James Bewling, an outside hand at Highfold

Madame Elise Lisse, beauty specialist, of the Studio Lisse.

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A winter weekend ends in snowbound disaster in a novel which remains a favourite among Marsh readers. It began as an entertainment: eight people, many of them enemies, gathered for a winter weekend by a host with a love for theatre. They would be the characters in a drama that he would devise. It ended in snowbound disaster. Everyone had an alibi - and most a motive as well. But Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn, when he finally arrived, knew it all hung on Thomas, the dancing footman...

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Set in WWII, this book has the most complex murder mystery I had read up to that point (in order of publication). Marsh wrote some wonderful mechanics into the crime aspect of this story - truly Shakespearean levels of identity mix-up. The protagonist undergoes more change over time (one weekend!) than even Marsh usually assigns. There's also some exploration of how WWII created tensions for this upper-echelon of society - the changing nature of class relations in Britain, which is so relevant for a genre typically set on a posh estate. A well-written romance. I'd say the plot of this one went a little slower for me than others. I'd also say there were one or two characters/suspects who annoyed me more than usual. So that dampened my overall enjoyment of the book. Also I got the murderer wrong, which colors my enjoyment. But until I got it wrong, the complexity of the murder mystery and the main character made this one of my favorites, along with Marsh's wonderfully quirky sense of humor and the view into a darkening and turbulent era.
This is one of Marsh's best. I read it most recently during a heatwave, and her evocation of a Dorset winter storm outside, and a tense house party inside, is wonderful -- I could see the snow and feel the cold. The characters are believable (in a slightly incredible situation) and she really gets into their heads. I find myself thinking about them, and about what each of them did during World War II, which looms over the whole story. There's an added bonus: no NIgel Bathgate and not too much Roderick Alleyn either. Two thumbs up!
Death and the Dancing Footman, originally published in 1941, is the11th Roderick Alleyn mystery. Marsh is one of the greatest detective novelists of the Twentieth Century - a Golden Age treasure. And Inspector Roderick Alleyn of Scotland Yard is perhaps the most attractive detective of all. (Sorry, Lord Peter.)
My favorite Marsh! Her violence and sexual content always takes place "off-stage", perhaps more telling than graphic. Perfect in every way.
furious ox
This is one of my favorite Ngaio Marsh books. The characters are memorable and the plot does twist and turn quite a bit.
I've enjoyed this author's writing for many years. This story was one of her " dark" ones but still contains some good dialogue.
This follows "Overture to Death", and the two have many similarities. Alleyn doesn't appear only in the last few chapters, which is just too bad. Without her master sleuth (and well, one or two murders), Marsh's books turn into novels, and they are just not good enough for a novel. Repetitive characters, for example the two doctors in this and in the "Overture to Death" are nearly interchangeable, just like their love interests: the calculating, scheming femme fatales, don't help. The initial idea of a host who invites a bunch of people for a weekend party with huge conflicts between them, (but they still come and stay?) in the door of a a cataclysmic word war, is just weird and so unappealing to me. If somebody finds life so empty and boring that he has to put a bunch of people together who pretty much hate each other and watch this hate work it's way through them, is sick and doesn't entertain me. Funny thing how surprised he is when it ends up in murder. All in all a glimpse of the British elite just before WW2 started and as such, interesting.
Death and the dancing footman download epub
Author: Ngaio Marsh
ISBN: 0425146553
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Berkley (April 1, 1995)