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by Jim Hougan

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Jim Hougan has won awards for his investigative journalism.

Jim Hougan has won awards for his investigative journalism. He is the author of three nonfiction books: Decadence, a philosophical investigation of the 1960's counter-culture; Spooks, about American intelligence community, and Secret Agenda, a revisionist look at the Watergate Affair. With his wife Carolyn, he has written six thrillers under the pseudonym John Case, including the international bestseller The Genesis Code and, most recently, The Murder Artist and Dance of Death.

Jim Hougan won awards for investigative journalism. He has reported for NPR's "All Things Considered" and has produced documentary films for "Frontline," "60 Minutes," A&E, and the Discovery Channel. With his wife, Carolyn, he has co-written a series of books under the pseudonym John Case, including the New York Times bestseller The Genesis Code. They live in Afton, Virginia.

Jim Hougan's books are books that all mystery fans need to have on their book shelf! . For Jesus and Mary Magdalene "fans", this story is a total bust.

One person found this helpful. JB Richards Author of "Miriamne the Magdala-The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series".

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The Magdalene Cipher. From the shadows of history - out of the ancient prophecies and sacred texts - comes a conspiracy so vast, so deep, so earth-shattering that the CIA itself is merely a cover for it. The ritualistic slaughter of a college professor right under the nose of CIA agent Jack Dunphy has damned the disgraced operative to a living hell of paper-pushing obscurity.

The Magdalene Cipher book. The author, Jim Hougan also writes with his wife, under the name John Case. I have read and liked all their books. I liked this book as well.

James Richard Hougan (born October 14, 1942) is an American author, investigative reporter and documentary film producer. He is best known for Secret Agenda, perhaps the first investigative work to question the orthodox narrative of the Watergate scandal as propounded by The Washington Post.

A stunning international thriller of psychology and conspiracy, espionage and prophecy, history and suspense. After someone he has under surveillance is slaughtered - literally - CIA agent Jack Dunphy is ordered to leave London immediately and return to the US, where he is dumped into a tedious desk job that seems calculated to make him quit. Determined to learn why, Dunphy uses all his CIA tradecraft on the agency that has turned against him - and discovers the fragments of a story that seems too wild to be true, providing him with evidence of a conspiracy that goes back to the time of Christ, a conspiracy so vast and deep and old that the CIA itself is but a cover for it. Embroiled in a plot far more elaborate than he ever could have imagined, with players too powerful and consequences too deadly, Dunphy must uncover the shocking truth - or die trying...

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Excellent book written in a fascinating, captivating way to the very end. Jim Hougan's books are books that all mystery fans need to have on their book shelf!
If you enjoyed Genesis Code or any other novel by "Case" you will enjoy this one.
A captivating story based on historical facts woven into a compelling mystery. I will definitely be checking out more of Jim Hougans other books.
Needs to write more books.
The best authors write about what they know - this gentleman wouldn't know the CIA from the ATF. Neither does he know the Washington Metropolitan Area very well. I thought Tom Clancy could be long-winded sometimes, but this guy takes forever to get to the point. Very disappointing book - slow, boring, not worth the time.
If you like conspiracies, this is the book for you. The author has used almost all of the biggest conspiracies of the 20th century to write this book (UFO's and crop circles are only two of them). But, as always, the mystery of Maria Magdalene is the main theme here.

A lot of people might think that the author has tried to make easy money by writing another Mary Magdalene book, but 'The Magdalene cipher' was actually published before 'The Da Vinci code'.

But this book isn't 'The Da Vinci code'. Although it is a fast read and funny at times, I was disappointed. The cardbord characters didn't help, but the worst of all was the 'big finale'. One of the most bizarre endings ever.

A page turner with interesting ideas, but a horrible finale.
On the one hand, this is a typical by-the-numbers conspiracy thriller. On the other hand, it manages to avoid several of the more predicatable cliches of the genre, which makes it much more interesting than your typical book of this type. As an added plus, the author totally avoids the didactic overtones and overt lecturing that sank The Da Vinci Code in more than a few places. Throw in an ending that plays out on a more intimate, human scale, rather than focussing on bombast and explosions and you end up with quite an enjoyable read.
I really liked this book. Unlike the Dan Brown book, the writing was very good. The characters were likable and interesting, and the humor was clever and unexpected and fresh. The process of reading the book was unusually fun - I enjoyed every page. It wasn't like the Dan Brown book where the revelations were interesting but the writing was just awful. (If I never see the words "stunned" and "shocked" again, it will be too soon.) If Mr. Hougan had other books I would absolutely go get them.
The Magdalene Cipher download epub
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Author: Jim Hougan
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