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by Yishai Sarid,Barbara Harshaw

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Translated from the Hebrew. I sat in the car a few more minutes to look at the old picture of her and listen to the end of Here Comes the Sun. You rarely hear Harrison on the radio, and there aren’t many morning songs as good as that one.

Translated from the Hebrew. It’s important for me to know the face of a person before I meet them for the first time, so as not to be surprised. She was very beautiful in the picture, hair pulled back in a bun, a wise forehead, smiling at an Arab at some meeting of progressives. A morning in late July.

Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously.

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Yishai Sarid (Hebrew: ישי שריד‎) is an Israeli author, novelist and lawyer. His second book, Limassol, became an international best-seller

Yishai Sarid (Hebrew: ישי שריד‎) is an Israeli author, novelist and lawyer. His second book, Limassol, became an international best-seller. His fourth book, The Third, became a major subject of public and literary discussion in Israel and won the Bernstein literary award. Sarid works full-time as an attorney, formerly as a public prosecutor and now privately.

Items related to Limassol. Sarid, Yishai Limassol . ISBN 13: 9781609450007. Yishai Sarid studied law at the Hebrew University of Jersualem and received a graduate degree in public administration from Harvard University. He works as an attorney and a journalist for the Hebrew press. Limassol is his second novel. Barbara Harshav's translations from Hebrew include works by prominent authors such as Michael Govrin, Yehudah Amihai, Meir Shalev, and Nobel Laureate . She teaches at Yale University.

The novel Limassol by Israeli author Yishai Sarid is a gripping, incisive, and multi-layered portrait of life in Israel today, and a must-read companion to David Grossman’s To the End of the Land. An Israeli Secret Service Agent is souring on his job as interrogator of captured Arabs. Once known for his subtle psychological cross-examinations ( the good ones really do use common sense, not force.

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LIMASSOL" was translated by Barbara Harshav.

This morally complex novel tells the story of a conflicted Israeli secret service agent and his questionable aresenal of interrogation techinques. A connoisseur of persuasive methods–legal and otherwise–he never fails to make his subjects talk, but his tactics often fall beyond international law. His tampering with protocol culminates when two prisoners die in his custody, causing his superiors to suggest a temporary reassignment. Begrudgingly, he accepts his new mission: go undercover, posing as an aspiring novelist, and befriend Daphna, an Israeli writer. His primary target is the son of a Palestinan poet and wanted terrorist leader named Yotam, the son of Hani–Daphna's best friend. As the writer's friendship begins to awaken feelings he thought long dead, his own well-entrenched sense of right and wrong is clouded. But the habits of a lifetime in the military propel him to continue his deceptions and lay his trap for Yotam. Playing upon a dying man's sentiments, he convinces the elderly poet to arrange a meeting with his son in Limassol, a Cypriot town where the Israelis lie in wait to eliminate their target. As intrigue and tension mount, the agent will be forced to choose between his professional obligations and his newfound loyalties–compromising the mission and his identity.

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It has been years since I have read such a fascinating and sensitive book. It is not just a thriller. It is a very smart book, especially in the way it deals with every charecter. I am looking forward for the next book of this author.
In this novel by Yishai Sarid, an unnamed speaker "draws the horse" of Israeli society and establishes the setting in which the animosity between Arabs and Jews has festered, then exploded into a series of continuous battles. Working undercover for the Israeli secret service, the speaker approaches Daphna, an Israeli woman who has written a book and now teaches writing. The speaker has written a story and says he wants to learn more about writing so that he can develop this story further. In reality, his story is not very realistic, but his primary purpose is not learning to write or develop a short story. The speaker is far more interested in befriending Daphna, whose long-time friendship with Hani, a seriously ill "man from Gaza," might lead him to Hani's son, regarded as an Arab terrorist and hiding from security, perhaps in another country.

The speaker has been totally committed to his job in the secret service, to the extent that it has dramatically affected his relationship with his wife and son while he interrogates suspects, often using force--the ends of avoiding a terrorist attack seeming to justify the means, in the speaker's mind. Gradually, the many forms of security, including active surveillance, interrogations, threats, the making of promises in exchange for information, and even physical brutality show the fear within the society, even at the highest levels and the determination to do whatever is necessary to protect the country. As the speaker's boss says, "With the Arabs we don't have a problem...We're so angry at them we don't have any trouble being brutal."

Gradually, domestic issues, involving all the characters separately, put the security situation into a larger perspective, showing the effects that the lack of peace has on all levels of society, both in Israel and in Gaza. As the speaker's advisor comments, "We are two tribes of gorillas hitting one another. Like Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, only our sticks are more advanced." As the speaker succumbs to the pressures of his job, the toll that Israel's fraught relationship with its neighbors takes on the society becomes increasingly clear. Enemies have become inhuman ciphers, and little attention is paid to their common humanity and the understandable goals each has for the same land. Eventually, the speaker must decide whether to allow his humanity to become more important than his lock-step adherence to the age-old belief in the inherent enmity of all "others." In the process the reader comes to understand the agonizing tension between these two traditional foes and hope that at some point it will be possible for reason to become part of the equation of their lives.

Author Sarid, an attorney who studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and who contributes to the Hebrew press, raises and discusses through his fiction important issues affecting all sides in the Israeli-Arab conflict, providing the reader with many new insights. His clear prose and realistic vision of some of the issues common to all humans, yet dividing these foes, make this a novel from which readers will gain new perspectives and new understandings. Mary Whipple
This story is made of the brown, black, and red bleeding materials the everyone living in the middle east for the past decades has learned so well.
Mercilessly it eradicates (most) hope that humanity can survive in this region.
Even the self professed righteous know in their heart that they share responsibility for the atrocities described within.

Spoiler: Some hope is scantly offered, just to allow the suffocating reader to breathe - after a very intense reading experience.
Limassol download epub
Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Yishai Sarid,Barbara Harshaw
ISBN: 1609450000
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Language: English
Publisher: Europa Editions (November 30, 2010)
Pages: 160 pages