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by Bard Constantine

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Bard Constantine's, The Aberration, pulses with action holding the reader with a bizarre intrigue of horrors external and . That was not the case for this book, Bard Constantine is truly a fantastic writer.

Bard Constantine's, The Aberration, pulses with action holding the reader with a bizarre intrigue of horrors external and within. Constantine's narrative serves up a bone chilling experience instilling the reader with the same dread and fear his characters experience as the novel's action escalates. I would highly recommend this book for people whom enjoy reading Horror, but also for people who want something entertaining to read.

The first word that came to mind was chaos. Chaos, indeed, is what wordsmith Bard Constantine creates when he describes the opening scenes of this tight-knit horror thriller.

Try Kindle Countdown Deals Explore limited-time discounted eBooks. The first word that came to mind was chaos. I really, truly enjoy Constantine's writing style, and am glad to have found his works online. The Aberration is beautifully horrific, even sometimes lyrical in its creepiness.

Bard Constantine (Author).

If Bard was the universe, every star would be a different story waiting to be told. Read Bard if you like epic fantasy and gritty futures, surreal mindscapes and poetic sorcery.

Right now we have more to worry about. That’s about the biggest violation of company policy I’ve ever. Shut up!. They all stopped and stared as though they had forgotten she was there. We’re all stuck in here, and you’re worried about stupid company policies? The main thing is -can we get out of here? It’s not going to be that easy, Michael said. She and the others listened in growing horror at his tale of faceless beings that surrounded the building.

I have to think about everyone else. If the Aberration isn’t stopped, it will spread. The wider it grows, the more powerful it becomes. It may not be able to be stopped then.

This Is Playtest Content. Regardless of its genesis, the Aberrant Mind origin imparts a sense of eeriness to the character or their surroundings. This can be as subtle as when your sorcerer reads a creature’s mind with detect thoughts, anyone in their immediate vicinity experiences a faint but pervasive sense of dread. Or it could be unmistakable, such as sweating a sheen of viscous mucus when you’re scared, or your pupils squirming when you’re excited.

Thyra Kvinnshal in Brunnhildar Village wants you to go to Valkyrion and obtain Vials of Frost Oil from the Valkyrion Aspirants. The Lich King sent emissaries to us on three different occasions. All three were promptly dismembered. Use the Vials of Frost Oil to destroy 30 Plagued Proto-Drake Eggs. Plagued Proto-Drake Egg (30). This quest starts and ends in The Storm Peaks. Our sisters in Valkyrion were not as dedicated to our traditions and accepted the Scourge's advances.

When a freak storm engulfs a flourmill, the workers learn quickly that there is much more to fear than just heavy rain.Something else arrives with the storm -macabre creatures that alter their shapes and features with every attack. In order to survive the night, the employees will have to rely on a man whose sanity is questionable. For he claims to have faced the same attacks before, over ages of time.He calls it an Aberration. A doorway that opens to a realm of nameless evils. What lies beyond wants to smother our world in darkness and perverse terror. It grows stronger with every passing moment, and all that stands between it and our world are the workers trapped in the building. Each person will be pushed to the very precipice of madness as reality distorts and the bizarre beings mount their attack. In the end, survival may not be enough to survive the Aberration... The Aberration is a tale of mounting horror that will leave readers guessing until the very end. Author Bard Constantine blends creature feature horror with psychological terror, creating a story that both haunts and satisfies fans of both.

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One of the things I really enjoy about Stephen King's writing is his sense of place. He paints his location well - from the horror-filled neighbourhoods of Castle Rock to the mist-shrouded supermarket surrounded by creatures from another dimension. Bard Constantine captures that same sense with this novella, in which the inhabitants of a flour mill find themselves trapped by supernatural beings out for their blood.
Their only hope is one of their colleagues, who is more than he seems, and whose returning memory of years of facing the Others may be their only chance of survival.
This is a cracking read, a tight thrill-ride that leaves you wanting more. The style of writing is more Koontz than King, though, with the kind of gooey bloodbath that compares to the gruesome fates in Phantoms and more.
It is a novella - so on the short side, we don't get to dwell too long with these characters here, which is really the only shame. Other Bard Constantine books return to this world, though, so consider it a taste of the setting that leaves you licking your fingers and wanting more.
<i>The first word that came to mind was chaos.</i>

Chaos, indeed, is what wordsmith Bard Constantine creates when he describes the opening scenes of this tight-knit horror thriller. I really, truly enjoy Constantine's writing style, and am glad to have found his works online. <i>The Aberration</i> is beautifully horrific, even sometimes lyrical in its creepiness. Yet it's got blood splatter and dead body splatter galore, a suicide, a near deserted flour mill factory in a freak rainstorm, more freakiness in the form of faceless Others trying to get inside, and a motley cast of 2nd shift workers on the inside trying to get out.

Not only did I enjoy the fast-paced action of this horror fest, which didn't slow down from the get-go, I also enjoyed the characters and their interactions with one another. The boyfriend Michael who longs to get back to his Barbie-doll girlfriend. The frumpy secretary Fran, secretly in love with Michael and staying extra hours just to get a chance to speak to him. The procedure-paranoid plant manager, who makes the bad call to keep the plant open, despite an employee faceplanting off the building into the parking lot and a murder of crows hanging out and lending general spookiness throughout. And of course, the enigmatic Guy Mann, a worker at the mill but also so much more, as he hides behind an everyman character; his true purpose being some mysteroius and eternal mission to combat appearances by the Aberration.

One of my favorite sequences, because I love bad asses:

<i>Michael stared. “What—what the hell? Why would you bring an entire arsenal of guns to work every day?”

Guy slung the duffel bag over his shoulder. “Never hurts to be ready.”

He offered one of the pistols. Michael held it gingerly, like a titanium-plated rattlesnake. “Ready for what?”

Guy looked up from his task of clipping a raven-engraved knife to the back of his belt. The blade was almost as long as a machete. “You know. Killing things.”</I>
heart of sky
“Her legs felt quivery as Jell-O, and the others appeared to be at various stages of near panic. The exception was Guy, who was probably too giddy with the excitement of simmering in his own insanity.”

This is an exceptionally well-written tale. Wonderfully lucid insights, elegantly written: “The television uttered garbled idioms, the pictures flickered and distorted as indistinct figures shouted and gestured wildly. Carefully calculated avatars reported opinion in the guise of fact, propaganda for the lemmings who leaped off cliffs of credibility at their request.” The author portrays his characters realistically, with believable detail.

There are a handful of typos (no more than you’d expect these days from a traditionally published novel, to be honest). Minor enough not to detract from an action-packed plot.

Horror? Madness? You’ll need to judge for yourself.
I found this ebook on Amazon for free. What an amazing find!

We start out at home with Guy and Michael. They both work at the mill on the night shift. When they first get to work, someone falls from the roof. It is believed to be suicide. Once the night gets started, Michael, Guy, Fran, Rob, Drake, and Greg (who we never get to meet) begin the worst possible nightmare.
Creatures gather outside the mill. Greg is found dead. Rob can't take it and tries to escape. The rest of the crew try to survive the night and fight for their lives.
This is horror and gore at it's best. I recommend this to anyone who likes to be scared are even just grossed out. Some scenes will turn your stomach.
This is my first Constantine book but I plan on reading more.
The Aberration (Aberrant Nightmares) download epub
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Author: Bard Constantine
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