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by Jonathan Miller

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Watch for Rattlesnakes reads the sign at the first rest stop within new Mexico's Fighting 14th judicial discrict.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Young attorney Dan Shepard has been fired by his mother's prestigious Washington.

Rattlesnake Lawyer is a darkly comic mix of mystery, thriller and suspense involving a young lawyer's coming of age in a modern New Mexico outback. Watch for Rattlesnakes" reads the sign at the first rest stop within new Mexico's "Fighting 14th" judicial discrict. Young attorney Dan Shepard has been fired by his mother's prestigious Washington, DC law firm, and now must make his home aming the rattlesnakes. A failed stand-up comic forced into the law to pay the bills, Dan finds nothing amusing about his first case.

Lawyer Geisha Pink (Rattlesnake Lawyer Book 6). Jonathan Miller. Miller's expertise in law and courtroom procedure is highlighted in Rattlesnake Lawyer. The novel reads like a well-prepared brief. A Million Dead Lawyers: A Rattlesnake Lawyer Novel. Conflict Contract (Rattlesnake Lawyer). Miller's knowledge of Southwest life, and his deftness with witty and colorful dialogue between peculiar characters shines.

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Laws & Loves" contains the real stories of the Rattlesnake Lawyer. Jonathan Miller is a practicing criminal defense attorney in New Mexico and the author of eight books

Laws & Loves" contains the real stories of the Rattlesnake Lawyer. Jonathan Miller is a practicing criminal defense attorney in New Mexico and the author of eight books. These are the chronicles of his early years, how he learned to balance the law with literature, all while looking for love in all the wrong courtrooms. This book is a must for anyone thinking of practicing law or falling in love. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Jonathan C. Miller, American Lawyer. Miller, Jonathan C. was born on June 29, 1962 in New York City. Son of Ned A. and Anita Miller. Bachelor, Cornell Univercity, 1985; Juris Doctor, U. Colorado, 1988; postgraduate, University of California at Los Angeles Extension, 1994.

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Laws & Loves: Real Tales of the Rattlesnake Lawyer by Jonathan Miller. Laws & Loves" contains the real stories of the Rattlesnake Lawyer. Jonathan Miller's tag cloud. california lawyer new mexico.

1220 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA. 398 m. Jonathan C. Miller - The Rattlesnake Lawyer Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, United States Jonathan C. Miller. Miller - The Rattlesnake Lawyer opening hours Jonathan C. Miller - The Rattlesnake Lawyer address Jonathan C. Miller - The Rattlesnake Lawyer phone Uncategorized. Popular Cities: New York Los Angeles Chicago Houston Manhattan Philadelphia Phoenix.

A legal mystery set in modern New Mexico, based on personal experiences of a criminal trial lawyer who fought in the trenches.

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Der Bat
I am so glad this book is out in e-book format for the Kindle at a reasonable price. I've previously read and reviewed a number of the sequel Dan Shephard books, nice to know how he began as the Rattlesnake Lawer. Of all the books this one is more about the nuts and bolts of a case and the attorney becoming emotionally imvolved with his client. The sheer lack of knowledge and training on proceedure, process in Dan Shephard trying to defend his first client was mind boggling. Would a doctor begin practice if they've never treated a patient while in medical school? Aside from lack of legal training for litigation the culture shock was interesting and I think will help readers who are not from the Southwest understand how small town here might be different from small towns in other parts of the country. The legal finesse in the trial came a nice surprise. One question, when did Dan buy his rattlesnake boots?
I really didn't know what to expect when I started this book, but I enjoyed the characters and storyline. I was looking for more books with storylines that take place in the Southwest, and I'm glad that I discovered Jonathan Miller's "Rattlesnake Lawyer." The only downside to reading this book was the poor proofreading and editing. However, I went right out and purchased "Crater County" and "Volcano Verdict." And, I'm looking forward to reading the entire series.
I enjoyed the book but the storyline was a little confusing at times. Good character development but there was alot of people to keep up with. The ending was a little forced and left somethings dangling. The plot introduces people and then writes them out.
I like this. I love anything southwest. This is a new perspective, new look. Like the writing. Could be a really fun series. But I am a big time cozy fan---keep the intimate stuff behind closed doors. You want to do sex? do sex. Keep it out of my face---your butt ain't that great. Like rattlesnake.
The Apotheoses of Lacspor
Perfectly reasonable first novel. Characterization is over-the-top, but the narrator has a lot of charm and the plot wasn't as heavy-handed as I feared. Worth reading, worth picking up the next one.
Really liked it!
Interesting but the writing is too choppy.
The author is an ok writer but needs work.
I would expect the writing to improve so watch for it
Jonathan Miller's debut work Rattlesnake Lawyer captivated me from the outset itself, for two main reasons; one, the unconventional title & two, the ability of the author to tell a serious tale in a light comic manner, at the same time keeping intact the aspect of somberness.
Young Attorney Dan Shepherd is on his own, dreaming of a topnotch case to kick-start his innings as an independent lawyer. He is in a new land with new people, & finds it hard to make ends meet. The first case that comes his way, however, is anything but promising.
The naive young lawyer is assigned the task of defending Jesus Villalobos, who is accused of a murder. Though his family & friends have nothing bad to say about Jesus, the State seems determined to send him to the gallows. What follows is Dan's quest to secure justice for his client, & the bond that forms between the lawyer & his unusual client (with an even more unusual name), ending in an exciting courtroom drama.
One thing is sure, Jonathan Miller is a fine attorney & his expertise in law & courtroom procedure is really highlighted in Rattlesnake Lawyer. The whole novel reads like a well-prepared brief - & I mean that in a positive sense - being deeply articulated & researched. Jesus Villalobos is a character that will remain in the Reader's mind for a long time.
The bond between the convict & his lawyer reminds me of the relation between the jail warden & the convict in Stephen King's The Green Mile. As a spiritual mystery, & to an extent, as a Christian fiction novel, Rattlesnake Lawyer proves a point, & Reader's who enjoy these sub-genres are bound to enjoy the work.
As a debut, Rattlesnake Lawyer is fantastic. Dan Shepherd has all the makings of a series protagonist, & I wouldn't be surprised to catch him in another novel in the near future.
Highly recommended.
Rattlesnake Lawyer download epub
Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Jonathan Miller
ISBN: 0967392012
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Language: English
Publisher: Cool Titles; First Edition edition (May 31, 2000)
Pages: 305 pages