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by Holter Graham,C. J. Box

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Only 6 left in stock (more on the way). That The Highway is read by the incomparable Holter Graham makes it all the more scar. f you like your audiobooks creepy and riveting this is for you. But I wouldn't advise listening to it on a long stretch of unpatrolled road.

Back of Beyond: A Novel . .has been added to your Cart. One of the most suspenseful wilderness thrillers since Deliverance. And Box's characters are so real that you want to reach out and shake their hands or flee from them as fast as you ca. ―Associated Press. Used: Acceptable Details. It resembles and Agatha Christie whodunnit but with horses, bears, wolves and hunting rifles.

I would rate this as ., with an excellent narration (4-star) by Holter Graham.

Edgar® Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author . I would rate this as . This is the first of the Highway Quartet Series. Not having read Three Weeks To Say Goodbye, I was not acquainted with Detective Cody Hoyt.

Highway Quartet (Volume 1). Box; Read by Holter Graham. His first novel, Open Season, was a New York Times Notable Book and an Edgar® Award and . Times Book Prize finalist. Box lives in Wyoming. Holter Graham, winner of AudioFile's 2008 Best Voice in Science Fiction & Fantasy for Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron, is a stage, television, and screen actor. He has recorded numerous audiobooks, including much of Sherrilyn Kenyon's bestselling Dark-Hunter series.

Highway Quartet: The Highway by C. J. Box (2014, Paperback). One of the most exciting and action packed novels I have read. The fact that most of the book takes place in Yellowstone National Park makes it even better because it's something different. C. Box always puts out a fantastic adventure but I rank this book, "Back of Beyond", at or near the top of the scale!! Проверенная покупка: да Состояние товара: Подержанные. оставлен retiredcj0524.

Слушайте The Highway (автор: C. Box, Holter Graham) бесплатно 30 дней в.W is for Wasted: A Kinsey Millhone Novel, Book 23. Sue Grafton. Feast Day of Fools: A Novel. Box, Holter Graham) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Слушайте аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. As Cody makes his way to the lonely stretch of Montana highway where they went missing, Cassie discovers that Gracie and Danielle Sullivan aren't the first girls who have disappeared in this area. This majestic landscape is the hunting ground for a killer whose viciousness is outmatched only by his intelligence.

Back of Beyond: A Novel - Libro electrónico escrito por . Edgar® Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author . Box delivers a thriller about a troubled cop trying to save his son from a killer in Yellowstone

Back of Beyond: A Novel - Libro electrónico escrito por . Box. Lee este libro en la app de Google Play Libros en tu PC o dispositivo Android o iOS. Descarga Back of Beyond: A Novel para leerlo sin conexión, destacar texto, agregar marcadores o tomar notas. Box2 de agosto de 2011. Box delivers a thriller about a troubled cop trying to save his son from a killer in Yellowstone. Cody Hoyt, while a brilliant cop, is an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety when his mentor and AA sponsor Hank Winters is found burned to death in a remote mountain cabin.

Back of Beyond Cody Hoyt, although a brilliant cop, is an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety when his friend Hank Winters turns up dead in a remote mountain cabin. At first it looks like suicide, but Cody knows Hank better than that. As Cody digs deeper into the case, all roads lead to foul play. After years of bad behavior with his department, Cody in no position to be investigating a homicide. But he will stop at nothing to find out who murdered Hank The Highway When two sisters set out across a remote stretch of Montana road to visit their friend, little do they k.

Download the The Highway Quartet audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your . Narrated by: Holter Graham. Length: 11 hrs and 3 mins. Box is back with a masterpiece of suspense set in a time and place that listeners won’t soon forget.

Download the The Highway Quartet audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. uk online audiobook store. Release date: 02-08-11.

C J Box; Holter Graham. Back of Beyond : A Novel. Box has written a stand-alone book, Back of Beyond. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Tell us if something is incorrect. C J Box; Holter Graham. It features a cop who goes rogue, Cody Hoyt. That action takes place in Yellowstone Park, which seems to be a favored setting for Box.

The Edgar® Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author delivers a thriller about a troubled cop trying to save his son from a killer in Yellowstone.

Cody Hoyt, while a brilliant cop, is an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety when his mentor and AA sponsor Hank Winters is found burned to death in a remote mountain cabin. At first it looks like the suicide of a man who's fallen off the wagon, but Cody knows Hank better than that. Sober for fourteen years, Hank took pride in his hard-won sobriety and never hesitated to drop whatever he was doing to talk Cody off a ledge. When Cody takes a closer look at the scene of his friend's death, it becomes apparent that foul play is at hand. After years of bad behavior with his department, he's in no position to be investigating a homicide, but this man was a friend and Cody's determined to find his killer.

When clues found at the scene link the murderer to an outfitter leading tourists on a multi-day wilderness horseback trip into the remote corners of Yellowstone National Park―a pack trip that includes his son Justin―Cody is desperate to get on their trail and stop the killer before the group heads into the wild. Among the tourists is fourteen-year-old Gracie Sullivan, an awkward but intelligent loner who begins to suspect that someone in their party is dangerous.

In a fatal cat and mouse game, where it becomes apparent the murderer is somehow aware of Cody's every move, Cody treks into the wilderness to stop a killer hell bent on ruining the only thing in his life he cares about.

C. J. Box's Back of Beyond is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Mysteries title.

Comments: (7)

I really like CJ Box's books, and I've bought and read all the Joe Pickett books and most of the others he's written. This is not one of the better ones. In fact, I'd rank it last of all his books that I've read. Why? Because even though the characters are good and the story moves along well, with great settings, it's too hard to suspend my disbelief at all the gaping plot holes.

The plot is just too elaborate ever to make sense. For example <spoiler warning>, picture an experienced back country outfitter who learns of hidden treasure in the mountains. Is he going to (A) go after it alone, with mules as pack animals to haul back the loot, or (B) go after it with a dozen tourists and no means of carrying back all that heavy money? (A), you say? Me too. No one with half a brain would pick (B). This guy would have canceled his trip and made up a story about scouting a new route, and used that pretext to grab the cash. (B) makes no sense at all.

And then <another spoiler warning>, think about a woman who is going after said loot. Is she going to (A) hire an individual outfitter to take her up there alone to grab it, or (B) adopt a false identity, befriend some guy and (later) his two teenage girls and join up with a bunch of tourists, with no extra cargo capacity, to get the money? Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with (A).

Those are only the most significant plot holes, but there are more. Including <third spoiler warning> the idea that it makes sense to (A) go around killing a bunch of recovering alcoholics around the country to "protect" the loot, and thereby raise all kinds of suspicions, rather than (B) simply going after the loot immediately so there's no chance they can get there first.

And then <fourth and fifth spoiler warnings> there's Gracie, who at one point starts wondering inexplicably about some hidden maps that she's never seen and is never told about. And how about the idea of simply murdering pretty much everyone who even might raise an alarm, such that the survivors must either die too and have their deaths somehow covered up, or they will in turn raise the alarm? Which brings me back to the idiocy of trying to recover treasure as part of a tourist expedition.

Or how about a character named Donna, who gets called "Jennifer" for no reason about a third of the way into the book?

And then there's the part where Hoyt wears a wire to elicit a confession, but the perp doesn't admit one single thing, and then the authorities arrest him anyway, even though nothing's changed.

Don't get me wrong. I do really like Mr. Box's work. This book is definitely a deviation from his normal standard. But one more quibbling note, which I see in every one of his books: It's ungrammatical to say, e.g., "Bill wished that he WOULD HAVE closed the door." It's correct to say "Bill wished that he HAD closed the door." Sorry, but that's been bugging me.
Cody Hoyt is a lapsed alcoholic, divorced, and a police detective who just doesn't seem to care about much any more. At least until his son goes on a wilderness trip with his soon-to-be step-father. During a murder investigation, Hoyt discovers links to other murders, and somehow figures out that the murderer may be on the same wilderness trip as his son. Despite having zero experience in the wild, he convinces a retired tour guide to help him find his son and maybe catch a killer.

I love Box's Joe Picket series and picked this up expecting something different yet similar. It isn't. Cody Hoyt is just not a likeable character (which is generally OK), and it's difficult to invest yourself in him. The situations seem contrived or convenient throughout the book. I did finish the book, but the last half was a struggle, and I finished it only because I thought Box would somehow bring the story together better than he did.

Not recommended, but I'm looking forward to the next Pickett novel.
5+ Stars Compelling. CJ Box is a must read, must buy author. His new series with character Cody Hoyt is a page-turner. Easy to follow stand-alone with no graphic violence or drag-you-down drama.

Interesting storyline with realistic setting, actions and reactions.
Believable characters with distinct personalities. Informative, thought-provoking and occasionally snarky dialogue.

'They said you were crazy, violent, and unpredictable. They said you were a loose cannon and you were all over the place like a fart on a hot skillet. But they also said you were a f'ing fantastic cop and you went at every case like a bulldog on steroids who wouldn’t let go'

'The long flashlights had been banned from most police departments, which Cody saw as a further sign of official wimpification.'

'Because if there was a body and it belonged to whom he thought and if the evidence pointed to a homicide, he’d personally go after who did it like a rabid dog until he took that person down. And he wasn’t thinking Deer Lodge, Montana, where the state penitentiary was located. He was thinking Dirt Nap, Montana. Which was just about anywhere he wanted it to be.'

I will re-read this story and look forward to more in this series.
This is a well-written book overall. Some plot gaps, but generally story ties together at the end, keeping in mind this is fiction, which does ask our forgiveness. I specially like the character development of Cody, the very flawed hero. His struggle with alcoholism rings true. And the character development of the girls and the guides is excellent. Without that character development, the story would run flat. Overall, a good read. Note that the title, Back of Beyond is also the name of a guide service operated by Seldom Smith, a key character in Edward Abbey's classic anti-establishment, "environmental terrorism" novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang, an excellent read.
I have read many books by Box and I love his work. He makes you last attention to detail, and I have to admit, sometimes I may read one page several times to make sure I know where this story is going. But, I can tell you readers this, he doesn't make it easy. He takes you in so many different directions you lose track. Even though you pat attention, he will throw you a curve and you are doubting your own thoughts. Way to go C.J.Box. I loved this book. Cody was one more crAzy but smart cop. But you didn't know that until the very end.
Back of Beyond: A Novel (Highway Quartet) download epub
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Author: Holter Graham,C. J. Box
ISBN: 1427211345
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
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Publisher: Macmillan Audio; Unabridged edition (August 2, 2011)