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The Disappearance book. Efrem Sigel has skillfully crafted this novel recounting the disappearance of a fourteen year old boy.

The Disappearance book. The anguish and frustrations of his parents are clearly and sensitively spelled out to the conclusion. He has also created an aura of suspense, even while focusing on the progression of the investigation. The landscape and weather of the Western Massachusetts town are vividly and beautifully portrayed. Sigel displays both sensitivity and complexity with his spare, yet vivid narrative.

1 5 Author: Efrem Sigel Narrator: Anthony Heald

1 5 Author: Efrem Sigel Narrator: Anthony Heald. When Joshua and Nathalie Sandler's only child, fourteen-year-old Daniel, disappears one day in a town in western Massachusetts, their world changes in an instant.

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Send Efrem Sigel a message or a question The Disappearance immerses us in the Sandlers' world, deftly portraying the various townspeople.

Send Efrem Sigel a message or a question.

We meet various townspeople with motives and secrets of their own who might be involved in the disappearance or its aftermath.

Narrated by Anthony Heald. We meet various townspeople with motives and secrets of their own who might be involved in the disappearance or its aftermath.

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When Joshua and Nathalie Sandler's only child, 14-year-old Daniel, disappears one flawless summer day in a tiny hamlet in western Massachusetts, their world changes in an instant. Over the next year, Joshua neglects everything else to search ceaselessly for their son, while Nathalie, a beautiful and gifted cellist, withdraws into herself, unable to play even a note of music. Sigel's novel immerses us in the Sandlers' world. We see the various townspeople who might be involved in this disappearance and its aftermath: the mean-spirited president of the Board of Selectmen, neighbors who either come forward to help or who hide evidence, a deeply human police chief, half a dozen troubled teenagers, and a dark-haired, passionate young woman with secrets of her own, who is drawn to Joshua and his plight.With lyrical prose and suspense that builds inexorably toward a resolution, Sigel portrays the anguish of parents, who, despite their crushing burden of uncertainty and grief, must continue to live their lives. While the mystery of Dan's appearance deepens, Joshua and Nathalie struggle to find a new meaning to their existence and to discover, finally, whether a marriage that has come apart piece by piece can ever be made whole again.

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It's hard to really care about the parents, and parts of the story are unbelievable in the extreme.
Basic Overview
The Disappearance is about every parent's worst nightmare -- the unexplained disappearance of a child. The Sandler family is a happy, affluent family spending the summer in the small Massachusetts town of Smithfield. The two parents -- Joshua and Nathalie -- dote on their 14-year-old son Daniel. Nathalie thrives as a cellist for the New York Philharmonic. Joshua has taken over the family business and made it successful -- enough so that he is able to invest in a new resort being built near Smithfield. And Daniel is a parent's dream -- smart, athletic, personable. Although Daniel and Joshua have begun to butt heads as Daniel begins to establish himself as his own man, the family is essential happy and loving. So, one ordinary afternoon, when Joshua and Nathalie run a mundane errand into town and leave Daniel behind, they have no reason to think twice about it. But when they return, Daniel is gone. With no real reason to worry, they believe he has gone out with his friends or for a walk. But as the hours pass and Daniel doesn't show up, Joshua and Nathalie begin to worry. They begin calling Dan's friends, checking with neighbors and searching their small town. But Daniel doesn't come home, and Joshua and Nathalie become increasingly concerned and frantic. They call the police, and the search for Daniel begins in earnest. Days pass and no trace of Daniel is found. Joshua -- increasingly frustrated by the police's failure to find his son -- takes matters into his own hands and begins conducting his own investigation. He is unable to sit still knowing that Daniel might be out there somewhere. And as days turn to weeks and weeks into months, Joshua becomes obsessed with finding answers. He is always in motion, always looking for new avenues to explore. By contrast, Nathalie shuts down -- barely able to take care of herself. Her beloved cello sits neglected. She drops out of life. The strain on their marriage takes a toll. And, then, the mystery of what happened to Daniel is solved -- but is it too late for Joshua and Nathalie?

My Thoughts
When I first started this book, I thought I was getting a standard-issue whodunit: "A boy goes missing. What happened to him?" But I found so much more. The mystery of what happened to Daniel is really almost secondary to the primary story -- which is how Daniel's disappearance affects Joshua, Nathalie and their marriage. In fact, the mechanics of solving the mystery of what happened to Daniel were the least satisfying aspects of the book. Of course you want to know what happened, but I felt the driving force of the book is not solving this mystery. Instead, the book is a well-written character study of Joshua and Nathalie and how Daniel's disappearance affects them.

I've always read that the death or disappearance of a child usually affects each parent differently -- to the point where marriages are often destroyed rather than cemented by a common grief. Joshua's need to take action contrasts strongly with Nathalie's withdrawal from the world. Their marriage suffers, and the mystery of whether they would be able to find each other again was as compelling to me as finding out what happened to Daniel. This was a well-written character study of how grief and tragedy affect people differently and how such a traumatic event can affect even the strongest marriage.

I think it is also worth mentioning that the town of Smithfield is a bit of a character of its own. It is an effective setting for this book, and it provided Sigel with the opportunity to have Joshua do a bit of his own detective work without that seeming unrealistic. Also, I liked how the author wrote about Nathalie and her love for her music. It made me wonder if he was a bit of a musician himself.

Finally, it goes without saying that a book like this makes you think about your own reactions if something like this happened to your own child. I never want to go through what this family did, and I don't know if I would react more like Joshua or Nathalie. I hope I never find out.

Final Thoughts
The Disappearance was a well-written character study of parents dealing with the disappearance of a child. Although the mystery of the disappearance is a major part of the book, the book is more of an examination into a marriage and two good parents dealing with a terrible tragedy. I found the ending to be satisfying. However, if you are looking for a riveting "whodunit" type of mystery, I don't think this book would satisfy you.

An Excerpt from the Book
"He thinks of Dan in that moment and as often happens, a soothing calm--the calm of cloistered monastery walls, of shady hideaways in meandering gardens--takes hold. It's as if Dan has been gone on a long trip and the distance between them is teaching him to understand and cherish his son. In his brain he knows that, like any 14-year-old, Dan was a hormonal, secretive teenager. Surely Dan must have resented Joshua's oversight, benevolent or not; when he got together with his buddies, surely he must have articulated the common disdain for cloddish parents and their hopeless ways. But in Joshua's memory the specifics of family discord soften, and the Daniel who emerges is mature and self-aware."

"Joshua does not wallow in these edited memories but merely accepts what they grant him, a brief respite from the agony of uncertainty. It is uncertainty that bears down on him like a rock from which he cannot extricate himself, an uncertainly far worse than whatever horrible thing transpired. What happened, happened, Joshua tells himself over and over; it's in the past. Not knowing what happened contaminates the present as well. And yet, uncertainty also allows him to entertain the possibility of a miracle that will restore their son to them. He will never speak of such an eventuality, won't even let his mind entertain it and yet, absent proof, it exists as an incalculably small possibility, as if he could sift every grain of sand on a wide beach and find the one that bears the singular ivory white hue he seeks."

Sigel creates a heart-rending and emotional page-turning novel of two parents trying to deal with every parent's worst nightmare come true: a child goes missing and is found months later dead. The parents each deal with the tragedy in different ways: The two suffer alone, silently: They grow apart. Sigel's wonderful descriptions are touching, suspenseful. I felt their angst and pain as they try to come to terms with their grief and the uncertainty of their son's disappearance. The parents are so real that I could not help but identify with them and want to help.

Sigel is a masterful story teller: He's equally wonderful in setting the scene of the town the where the tragedy takes place and in developing the colorful characters of the townspeople. I can see the forest, the house they lived in. I have met the neighbors. This is not a run-of-the-mill whodunit -- the characters are too real for that. Indeed, I was very uncomfortable picking up this novel, but did so because Sigel's short stories are absolutely wonderful and I wanted to see how he would write a novel. I was not disappointed. For two days [I could not put the book down!]. I had to find out what happened to their son and see if the parents would remain together and move on. 'Disappearance is a great read!!
From the first paragraph of lush, gorgeous prose, in which Sigel describes Joshua running toward the light in The Hollow, I knew this would be a heartbreaking, yet uplifting book. The title is a bit misleading, as the mystery behind the disappearance of 14-year-old Dan Sandler plays second fiddle to its aftermath in the lives of his parents, Joshua and Nathalie. I knew what the resolution to the disappearance would be, but that's not the point, and the flawless pacing made The Disappearance extremely difficult to put down. The suspense is relentless, fueled by dips into the past that begin to shed frustrating shafts of light on a mystery that at first is in absolute darkness. No one saw anything the day that Dan disappeared. There is no physical evidence of any kind. Over weeks and months, as hope fades and Nathalie and Joshua fall apart both separately and as a family, pinpoints of light reveal murky connections and slim clues. I'm normally resigned to reading in fits and starts, but I desperately wanted to shut myself in my room and read this book in one go. I stayed up far too late to find out if Joshua and Nathalie would find closure, or at the very least, a way to move on.

The Sandlers are newcomers to their summer home of The Hollow, a hamlet outside the little town of Smithfield, Massachusetts. When they return to their real lives in New York after the disappearance, Joshua throws himself into work while maintaining a grueling schedule of investigation in The Hollow: calling the police chief twice a day, spending his weekends interrogating neighbors. Nathalie's cello sits untouched as she plunges into depression. Their opposing responses to uncertainty and grief push them further and further apart. The struggle of parents following a child's death or disappearance is a story that's been told a thousand times, but Sigel's portrayal is fresh and realistic, and Nathalie and Josh are shown so clearly that their agony is almost unbearable. It is a credit to Sigel that I, too, held out hope for a happy ending to Dan's disappearance.

The small town is drawn beautifully. The police chief, Sammons, is not the usual bumbling hick portrayed in small-town law enforcement. He is thorough and determined, and most importantly, he cares deeply and never gives up on finding answers for the Sandlers. Information about the townspeople is dribbled out in a realistic, non-intrusive fashion. Coupled with Sigel's gift for description, this makes for a richly nuanced image of The Hollow and its inhabitants.

In The Disappearance, Efrem Sigel has crafted a haunting, beautiful novel of tragedy's aftermath, with deeply human characters and a satisfying resolution. <a href="[...]">On My Bookshelf</a>
The Disappearance download epub
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Author: Efrem Sigel
ISBN: 1579621805
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Language: English
Publisher: Permanent Press (February 1, 2009)
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