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For Thomas and Alice Tessier. The little blond girl, about nine or ten-Kate’s age-and enough like Kate to make Julia feel dizzy, ran floating up from nowhere along Ilchester Place and, windmilling her arms at the street corner, flew into the path to Holland Park.

For Thomas and Alice Tessier. Standing on the steps of the house with the man from Markham and Reeves, Julia’s first sensation was the sharp, familiar ache of loss, now so strong as to make her feel that she might shock the man from Markham and Reeves by being sick into the wilting tulips; but the real-estate agent, who had clearly decided that his customer was.

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Julia is my first Peter Straub read in over a decade. I'd previously read Ghost Story and Koko, and loved both, but I find myself in a dark gray area with Julia. What started as one hell of a creepy ride soon became an exercise in tedium.

Bestselling author Peter Straub’s Koko is a gripping psychological thriller in which horror and paranoia are indistinguishable from reality. Only four men knew what it meant. Now they must stop it.

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Peter Straub - Julia.

Peter Francis Straub (/straʊb/; born March 2, 1943) is an American novelist and poet. His horror fiction has received numerous literary honors such as the Bram Stoker Award, World Fantasy Award, and International Horror Guild Award. Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Elvena (Nilsestuen) and Gordon Anthony Straub. At the age of seven, Straub was struck by a car, sustaining serious injuries.

Author Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1943. He began writing in 1969 and published two books of poetry in 1972

Author Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1943. He earned degrees in English from the University of Wisconsin and Columbia University. He taught English at his former high school for three years and worked for a time on his doctorate in Ireland. He began writing in 1969 and published two books of poetry in 1972. His novel Julia (1975) was an attempt to find a successful genre in which to work, after his first novel, Marriages (1973), did not sell well. He found that he had a talent for writing horror thrillers in the Gothic tradition. His stories are complex and well paced, with.

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I read and reread Peter Straub's Ghost Story so many times over the years that I finally decided, in spite of my fear that nothing else would compare, that it was time to risk reading another of Straub's novels. Unfortunately, I was correct in suspecting that Julia would pale in comparison. I did finish the book, but I can't say I truly enjoyed it and I would not waste my time rereading it. If you're a fan of the genre, do yourself a favor and buy Ghost Story. The aforementioned is one of the greatest modern horror novels ever written, but I can not say the same for Julia. On a brighter note, I can highly recommend the seller. It's not his fault that Straub's is an inconsistent writer; I'm happy to report that the book arrived on time and in good condition.
It's hard to sympathize with a character who seems as bent on her own destruction as the title character in Peter Straub's "Julia." The story opens with rich, harmless, and seemingly brainless, Julia Lofting in the process of leaving her brutal, domineering husband Magnus (With a name like that you'd hardly expect him to be the timid, sensitive type.) after the death of their daughter in a dining room tracheotomy gone wrong.
Understandably distraught, she buys a stupendous, eight-bedroom house in London. No sooner does she gain possession of the keys than she spots a little girl who reminds her of her own dead daughter, and becomes obsessed with this child who, we subsequently learn, makes The Bad Seed look like Anne of Green Gables.
Julia's new home, once the scene of a horrific murder, starts manifesting curious occurrences right away. The depiction of the haunting is genuinely frightening and ambiguous. The way that Straub upends the cliché of the cold that traditionally accompanies ghostly visitations was particularly effective in that it gave the house an oppressive, soporific atmosphere that almost (but not quite) explained Julia's inertia.
Although this multi million heiress experiences a plethora of weird phenomena including ghostly voices, regular sightings of that god awful little girl, and a the death of a psychic friend, she resolutely stays in that wretched house. It all ends badly, as these things invariably do. Alas, it also ends in total confusion.
Perhaps it was Mr. Straub's intention that we should share Julia's growing disorientation. If so, success was his. By the end of the story I wasn't sure of what was going on. There was no resolution of things that had gone before. No reason was ever given for the ghost child's malign nature and a totally, unnecessary main character ended up working as a janitor in LA! HUH?
For me confused and unresolved endings are a no-no. I may have to accept them in life but I will not have them in my fiction. For those of you, however, who like evil blonde children, dead cockney psychics, and rich people so idle that they will not even save their own lives, I highly recommend "Julia."
I read the book before long time ago & reread it after I saw the movie Full Circle with Mia Farrow & Kier Duela. Both were excellant. Peter Straub has always been one of my favorite writers!
this book was a fast read!it was good altho i didnt like the ending.started reading straub because i had read all of stephen king,and straub co-authored a couple with him.he is a good story teller,not as great as king but definetely worth reading.ghost story is awesome,and so far my fave.just got alot of straubs so ill post on them later.but julia is really a character where u dont kno if what is happening is haunted or insanity or both,i would reread it again...
This is his bomb. I kept falling asleep, taken me 3 times longer to finish because of it.
I always wanted to read Straub's first venture into horror and I am upset that I didn 't do so before now. I think I was afraid of Straub's dense prose but I see now that his way of writing just enhances the experience; you must pay attention and focus with all outside distractions completely nil. Once you do this you can immerse yourself totally in his dark realm and feel the palpable atmosphere of dread. Julia is a quiet start but ends up being terrifying.
The fear from this book is almost a living, breathing thing. There were times when I actually dreaded to open this book because I only read it at night and let me tell you this book can quickly cause you to jump at noises or creaking houses. I don't remember a book giving me such dread and I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend Julia for a weekend fright fest.
Julia download epub
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Author: Peter straub
ISBN: 0671826492
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Publisher: Pocket (January 2, 1979)