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by Elmore Leonard

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Unknown Man No 89 (1977). Leonard, Elmore - Frank Ryan 02. Unknown publisher (2011). Unknown Man Elmore Leonard. Chapter 1. A friend of Ryan's said to him one time, "Yeah, but at least you don't take any shit from anybody

Unknown Man No 89 (1977). A friend of Ryan's said to him one time, "Yeah, but at least you don't take any shit from anybody. Ryan said to his friend, "I don't know, the way things've been going, maybe it's about time I started taking some.

unknown man no. 89. Leonard, elmore. Published by ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE LIBRARY 1993 (1993). Book Description ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE LIBRARY 1993, 1993. ISBN 10: 1562870491 ISBN 13: 9781562870492. More information about this seller Contact this seller. 89 is the only book of the thirty-one I’ve written that came into being with the title

UNKNOWN MAN NO. 89 is the only book of the thirty-one I’ve written that came into being with the title. In the preparation of other books, several times I’ve thought of a title before writing the first line, but in those instances I did have some idea what the books would be about and the titles, at least to me, were appropriate. A year or so before I wrote the book, a feature story about the Detroit Police Homicide Section appeared in the DETROIT FREE PRESS. In it was a paragraph heading that introduced a scene in the Wayne County Morgue and I saw it immediately as a title. Unknown Man No. 84. Well, almost a title.

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In "Unknown Man Leonard introduces us to Mr. Perez, the nicely-dressed, polite, older man from Louisiana. He seems out of his element in Detroit City, but he isn't. It's our buddy, Jack Ryan, who's in too deep. Sure, Ryan can serve people papers without getting roughed up. But dealing with Perez and the cute druggie, Denise, is too much for him. Good thing Ryan has a police friend, named Speed, giving him some advice. Matching wits with Perez, Ryan forgets one important obstacle: Perez has a mean, down-home killer on his side. 89 (Library Binding). Published 1977 by Delacorte Press. Published November 30th 1993 by Armchair Detective Library. Hardcover, 276 pages. Library Binding, 264 pages. Author(s): Elmore Leonard.

No one is Leonard’s equal, declares the Chicago Tribune-and anyone who might doubt it would only have to read Elmore Leonard’s riveting noir classic, Unknown Man to become a true believer. Marshal Raylan Givens of the hit TV series Justified.

Unknown man by. Leonard, Elmore, 1925-2013. Mystery & Detective - General, Fiction - General, Fiction, Fiction, General, Literary, Process (Law). Now he's looking for a missing stockholder known only as "Unknown Man No. 8. But his missing man isn't "unknown" to everyone: a pretty blonde hates his guts and a very nasty dude named Royal wants him dead in the worst way. Which is very unfortunate for Jack Ryan, who is suddenly caught in the crossfire of a lethal triple-cross and as much a target as his nameless prey.

Unknown Man Annotation. Author: ELMORE LEONARD. Jack Ryan, Detroit’s best process server, sets out to find a missing stockholder and finds himself part of a vicious, potentially lethal triangle, the perils of which are complicated by his growing love for Lee, a vulnerable alcoholic.

Leonard, Elmore - Jack Ryan 02. Sal Virgil left his good hat in the panel truck with Tunafish and put on a tan crocheted cap that came down snug over his forehead. Sal Virgil left his good hat in the panel truck with Tunafish and put on a tan crocheted cap that came down snug over his forehead ld the twelve-gauge Hi-Standard pointing down his leg beneath the raincoat. About six pounds of gun with the barrel and most of the stock cut off. A little bell jingled when he opened the door. Nobody heard him. Nobody was in the part where the empty desk and the couches were. Or in the section with the stools and the lit-up vanity mirrors.

On the trail of a missing stockholder, Unknown Man No. 89, Jack Ryan, the best process server in Detroit, discovers that he is only one of the men who are after this man and that the others are willing to kill to find him.

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Imagine this. A remote relative or obscure neighbor leaves you stock in his or her will. But then, suppose no one tells you. And when that person dies, well, what’s it to you? You don’t know you are a beneficiary. And the stock enters a kind-of limbo.

This is the premise of UNKNOWN MAN NO. 89. In this entertaining crime novel, it is the business of the sleazy and dangerous Mr. F.X. Perez to identify people who don’t know they have inherited stock. And for a substantial finder’s fee—sometimes all but $10,000 of the stock’s total value—Mr. Perez will do the paperwork and create a windfall for his clients. His associate, Raymond Gidre, who is a baleful doofus, helps with the details.

The hero of UNKNOWN MAN is Jack Ryan, a process server that Mr. Perez hires to find Robert Leary, who does not know he owns stock worth $150,000. Turns out that Leary is a violent criminal with a vengeful enemy and an alcoholic wife he never sees. Ryan, who has a knack for finding people, is able to locate both Leary and his wife Lee, thanks, in part, to a connection in the Detroit police department. But then Ryan, an alcoholic in recovery, falls in love with Lee and decides the stock, instead of going to Mr. Perez…. Well, enough already… read the book if you want to know.

Elmore Leonard is a spare but elegant writer whose sweet-spot is sinister yet amusing male interaction. He also is a terrific action writer and—you are there!—as Raymond, wielding and firing a shotgun, chases Ryan through the nocturnal streets of Rochester, Michigan. You are also in the moment as Raymond enters the Watts Club Mozambique, where the rascal Virgil and the stupid Tunafish are waiting with the swag.

On the other hand, I wasn’t impressed when Elmore turns his narrative to romance. Then, his perfect touch seems to founder with sincerity.

Regardless, this is a fun and accomplished crime novel and recommended.
Re-reading this 1977 thriller is pure bliss. It moves on and on smoothly and intelligently with real-sounding dialogues and plenty of sudden surprises. Its venue is Detroit, called Motor City and Motown back then, and it is about a man from Louisiana tracking stockholders unaware of their ownership aiming for the highest finder’s fee or -percentage possible, before disclosing the name of the stock concerned.
Mr. Perez, as his name is, hires Jack Ryan, divorced and a relapsing alcoholic, who finally found a vocation and job satisfaction as process server for the state of Michigan and Detroit law firms. And being good at it, finding targets faster than anyone else. After being hired by Mr. Perez from Louisiana to locate a man, then a woman to sign a contract about some treasure, Ryan’s fruitful searches prompt him to rethink his deal with Mr. Perez, risking a cool 15.000 dollar fee, big money in 1977.
Why? Because his job got harder since Mr. Perez’s dim-witted, prejudiced associate Raymond and Virgil Royal, a black man who wears his hat just right, begin to complicate matters. And because Jack sympathizes more and more with Mr. Perez’s second target, the widow of his first. She is an alcoholic girl. Can this end without major violence or drama?
This book has not aged since 1977, it just powers on, chapter after chapter with brilliant prose, great plotting, marvelously-described violent scenes, and perfect dialogue. This book also contains one of Elmore Leonard's best scenes ever, the burglary of a hotel room where every piece of paper has to be removed: it is about a picture or painting of a cat clinging on to life on a distressed sailing boat during a storm. As described by Elmore Leonard, this scene alone is worth the price of the book. World class writing!
I just finished re-reading Unknown Man #89, many years after the first pass through the book. It is Leonard at his very best. In fact, for sheer intelligence and craftsmanship, this is as good as the crime novel ever gets. Most crime writers can't write convincing love scenes or complex love relationships. This one does. The unfolding relationship between Ryan and Lee is by turns warm, loving, desperate, funny, and playful, bringing a depth of characterization to Ryan that one almost never sees in this genre. And the bad guys? Vintage Leonard slimeballs. Perez, and the burn he gets in the end, is vivid, plausible and delightfully odious. Rarely is a comeuppance as delicious as this fellow gets. But he keeps scamming to the very end. Elmore Leonard is the king of American crime writers, and one the great novelists in America. This is him at his best.
A hero with a troubled past. A modern day damsel in distress. Villains with competing agendas who are themselves interesting but keep you guessing. What's not to love? This is Elmore Leonard at his best, epitomizing the genre. Several mysteries come into play as the story unfolds. Perhaps the biggest mystery of all, though, is why this book never got the recognition it deserved or caught the right attention to merit transformation into a great movie. Whether or not this happens one day, the book remains a great read.
My first approach to Elmore Leonard had been "Get Shorty".Nothing especial. But this crime story is really involving and impressing.Absolutely to read.
Unknown Man, No. 89 (Armchair Detective Library) download epub
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Author: Elmore Leonard
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