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by William F. Buckley Jr.

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Who’s on First A Blackford Oakes Mystery William F. Buckley, Jr. MYSTERIOUSPRESS. COM For Dino John Pionzio What were the terrible 1960s and where did they come from? To begin.

Who’s on First A Blackford Oakes Mystery William F. A Blackford Oakes Mystery. William F. For Dino John Pionzio.

While at Yale University, he studied political science, history and economics and graduated with honors

While at Yale University, he studied political science, history and economics and graduated with honors. Buckley wrote "God and Man at Yale" (1951) which was an indictment of liberal education in the United States, "Up from Liberalism" (1959), "The Unmaking of a Mayor" (1966), which tells of his unsuccessful mayoral campaign as the Conservative Party candidate for New York City in 1965, and "Quotations from Chairman Bill" (1970).

This rich and provocative book follows Baldwin and Buckley from their earliest days to their confrontation on the debate . First, a word of caution to anyone interested in reading this book.

This rich and provocative book follows Baldwin and Buckley from their earliest days to their confrontation on the debate stage and on TV, showing how they talked past one another. The Fire Is upon Us is excellent history but it's also brimming with relevance for contemporary racial politics. ―Patrick Allitt, author of The Conservatives. The actual coverage of the Buckley - Baldwin debate itself is a very small fraction of the book's contents. Rather, the book consists of a lengthy but fascinating traversal of the civil rights era through the lens of Buckley and Baldwin and their respective worldviews.

From William F. Buckley J. nationally bestselling author and one of the keenest political minds of our time . nationally bestselling author and one of the keenest political minds of our time-comes an ingenious blending of satire and suspense, the riveting tale of an presidential candidate and the dark shadows cast behind him. Read online. Blackford Oakes dodges KGB spies and Hungarian freedom fighters while trying to stop Sputnik The students of Budapest rise up against the Soviets with the assurance that the West will help them fight.

by William F. Buckley Jr. series The Blackford Oakes Mysteries

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Who's on First (novel). Country. United States Plot. CIA agent Blackford Oakes is sent to Hungary amid the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.

With the U.S. and the Soviets racing to put the first satellite in space, Blackford Oakes is commissioned to kidnap a pair of extraordinary Russian scientists who would help put the U.S. in the lead. Reprint.

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I enjoyed this, as I enjoy all of Buckley’s novels, for his inside historical poop - Allen Dulles maintaining a close relationship with Dean Acheson of the previous Truman administration and seeking his counsel; the little bits and pieces of what Eisenhower was like as president, and a glimpse inside the Soviet gulag system.

And I wonder how much of the plot’s detail - about the space race, the technological difficulties encountered by each side as they raced to a put a satellite into space, and CIA efforts to spy on the Russian space program - is true.

CIA agent Blackie Oakes works with two Russian rocket scientists - one a defector, the other still working in the USSR - as the two nations race to put a satellite into orbit around the earth, the prize being global prestige as the Cold War continues.

It’s during the aftermath of the failed Hungarian Revolt in 1956, put down with much blood by the Russians. Oakes witnessed it, along with the demise of rebels looking to the US for help that never came.

Now the KGB sees the opportunity to shine up its global rep in a single dramatic blow, from oppressor to science leader. The CIA wants just the opposite. Both sides are close, each stumped by one piece of technology, but for each country it’s a different piece that the other country has solved. (Readers are presumed to know that the Russians ultimately beats the US here, launching Sputnik in 1957.)

Oakes’s efforts on the satellite project collide, in Paris, with his ties to the Hungarian revolt. And the KGB’s Europe head wants Oakes dead. Oakes must grapple with burdens of conscience in both projects while doing his duty to his country.

Spoiler alert: don’t read past here if you haven’t read it.

I enjoyed Buckley’s style as I always do, but found the resolution so elliptical I didn’t quite understand it. Towards the end, Oakes - having allowed the Russians to garner the U.S. technology they need, in return for the life of his agent - resolves to quit the CIA, both to take responsibility for the effort’s failure and to convince his gal, who wants him out of this line of work that puts him in danger and which he can’t talk about, to marry him.

There’s a flash forward a dozen years to the moon landing - when the U.S., after having lost the first satellite and first man in space races, finally wins - and it’s suggested that Oakes’ agent happily has contributed to it. What’s unclear is whether Oakes - traipsing around New Guinea working siting satellite tracking stations - is still with the CIA, or got out as he said he would, and whether his gal married him, although I think it’s clear from other stories that she did. If he’s still in, how did he resolve the romance question? If he’s not, what’s he doing? Also, the “Who’s on first” bit wasn’t set up very well. It’s some code Oakes uses with a fellow spook, but what it means, and what Oakes is told a dozen years later at the time of the main landing, isn’t really clear.
This is the first novel I have read by Buckley and it was surprisingly good. Written around the space race between the USSR and the United States to put the first satellite into orbit, it presents a very credible scenario involving cold war espionage with a blend of fictional CIA, KGB and rocket scientist characters and true life US and USSR government leaders. The story is set in the 50's so it might help to brush up on the history and politicians of that period. Well written book with a very plausible ending.
This Blackford Oakes thriller explores what might have taken place on the run-up to the launching of Sputnik and the space age on Oct. 4, 1957. The plot centers on the efforts of the Soviet Union and the U.S. to obtain -- illicitly -- needed info that would enable either one to be the first into space. Oakes plays a major role in this intrigue. I found the book interesting for its characterization of some famous players in those days as well as for some plot twists. It's a typical Buckley book -- good characterization, sparse description, spotty mood setting and a plot which plows ahead slowly but steadily. I'm beginning to see that the Oakes books are more Cold War period pieces than blood-stirring thrillers. But I'll read the rest of them nevertheless.
Excellent Story. WFB at his finest!
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Great spy novel based on not too long ago history of US and world events.
My husband loves these books by Wm. Buckley and was happy to find them at Amazon. He has enjoyed all of the books, in order!
Perhaps I should give Blackford Oakes a second chance, but based on the evidence of “Who's on First”, William F. Buckley did not persuade me that his Cold War super spy is up there with the Brit trio of James Bond, George Smiley or Quiller He is cool and dashing, but rather too much so for my taste.
I was pleasantly surprised with "Who's On First," my first Blackford Oakes novel as well as my first reading of WFB. This is along the lines of Graham Greene, John Le Carre, and David Ignatius but with a slight conservative bent. This is the type of CIA spy novel written by someone who has been a CIA officer (WFB was for 2 years), not a Hollywood version of the CIA. As such, its more realistic and more fun and is told against the backdrop of the Cold War's space race. The references to real historical figures were an added bonus. The main character is what you'd expect of a 1960's CIA officer. The story was such that its the type of thing that probably happened and may still happen. Very enjoyable--can't wait to get into the rest of the series. I actually found this novel better than the handful of Le Carre novels I've read.
Who's on First download epub
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Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
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