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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. On the night of a raging electrical storm, a group of teenage boys gathers to bury one of their own.

The first part is pure spooky, shivery, delicious fun. Black Valley reminds me of all those Dean Koontz books I read a long, long time ago. A style I should clearly revisit

The first part is pure spooky, shivery, delicious fun. A style I should clearly revisit. And then it all gets silly and implodes. From Jim Brown, author of the celebrated 24/7, comes a spine-tingling tale of a small town haunted by dark secrets. When the citizens of Black Valley.

Best Selling Authors on Black Valley by Jim Brown. Ferociously creative, twisting and curving like a serpent, this story kept me awake and turning the pages until the very end. – Tess Gerritsen. Author and creator of the Rizzoli & Isles book and TV series. Terror runs amok in Black Valley – a Dean Koontz – style thriller pulsating with suspense, intrigue, and a twenty-year old vendetta that rises (literally) from the grave.

BLACK VALLEY has it all-an ingenious premise, engaging characters, masterful storytelling, and hair-raising scenes that chilled me to the marrow. Jim Brown is clearly a rising star in this new golden era of suspense fiction. Best-selling Author John Saul. Best-selling Author Katherine Neville. A classic page-turner, BLACK VALLEY is an intense, intelligent, fast-paced, first-rate thriller.

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Bad always has a way to come back.

I write internationally published novels of suspense and I’m a TV anchor/reporter and you won’t believe what else. Bad always has a way to come back. f cm sw r tw dp U x casbDbQZ2Q9N. ia on pi. witter.

On the night of a raging electrical storm, a group of teenage boys gathers to bury one of their own. From Jim Brown, author of the celebrated 24/7, comes a spine-tingling tale of the small town of Black Valley, Oregon, that is haunted by the dark secrets of a revenge plan gone fatally wrong.

by. Brown, Jim, 1956 August 14-. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

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On the night of a raging electrical storm, a group of teenage boys gathers to bury one of their own . . . alive. It isn’t murder, though, because the “victim” is a willing participant, part of a gang-initiation stunt. But even the best-laid plans can go horrifically wrong.Fast-forward twenty-two years: The events of that stormy night are a distant memory. And the boys involved are now respected men in their hometown— the sheriff, the mayor, a congressman, even a Nobel Prize–winning physicist. Yet in spite of his newfound prestige, Dr. Dean Truman is a haunted man, tied to his town by a personal horror even his old friends know nothing about. But when a mysterious drifter arrives, bringing a wave of grisly and bizarre killings with him, Dean’s battle with his conscience will give way to a much more desperate fight: for his sanity, for the survival of his friends and neighbors, and for his own life.

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This was a very exciting book with so many twists and turns that I felt I was on a rollercoaster! I was so sorry to read that the author, Charlotte Williams, passed away in 2014 and we won't be seeing any more Jessica Mayhew Ph.D. psychotherapist-detective mysteries. I will try to see if Ms. Williams had written any other books. The characters were complex and there was so much backstabbing going on that it was making my head spin!

[On a personal note, I write this review in honor of my father, Leonardo Oczon, who passed away on 29 January, 2016, at the age of 84. He was a voracious reader himself, particularly of Westerns; his favorite author was Louis L'Amour. He passed his great love of reading on to me.]
This is an unusual book. The main character, Jess, is a psychotherapist, in the existential tradition. She gets too mixed up with a patient, a painter who is a twin. At the same time, she begins a relationship, as she and her husband are separated, with an art critic and promoter. The art world, with its manipulations, draws her in. The center of all this is a reclusive artist whom no one ever sees, but who does "socially conscious" art. The novel moved very slowly, in one way, but,as I thought about it, I realized the pace was deliberate and complex. I found myself thinking about the main character, wondering how she was being manipulated--because I knew she was. It is not an fun kind of read, but a very thoughtful and thought-provoking one. I am sorry that there is only one more book by this author, in this series, since she passed away. Very intellectual piece, a good read. There are moments of truly lovely writing too.
Dr. Jessica Mayhew, a psychotherapist, is proud of her therapy skills. She is less certain about her personal life in which she is dealing with divorce, a 17 year old practically living with her boyfriend, and a younger daughter, who is fast approaching her teens. Then her professional life is complicated by artist Elinor, a new patient who is unable to paint and has become claustrophobic after the unsolved murder of her mother. Jess is drawn increasingly into Elinor's life while adjusting to a new love interest, her ex-husband's new girlfriend, and a suspicious death. This novel is an engrossing psychological thriller, that progresses slowly, but surely, to a climax and the solution to murder. Williams is very good at creating believable and interesting characters. Reading the novel, I felt uneasily suspicious of several of these characters, which increased my anxiety for Jessica's safety and how the book might end. Williams handles the problem of ethics in the practice of psychotherapy, along with several other issues, such as the conflicts of parenting, very well. It is sad that Williams died, and that there will be no more of her books to look forward to.
Pretty much told from one person's perspective on events. Nothing unusual or unexpected. I found the "mystery" not very mysterious, and although I appreciate some descriptions to form a mental image, there was too much writing wasted on what the heroine was wearing or how little lipstick she was wearing on any given day. The "climax" was disappointing and flat, with no surprises - for me, anyhow. Only part I thoroughly enjoyed was learning the Welsh terminology and some of the customs, & descriptions of the ancient Welsh architecture, etc.
deadly claw
Set in Wales, half the fun of reading this novel is to get a sense of the environment, customs, history and language. Using a female therapist as the protagonist was a nice twist. The world of art, collectors, investors, and art critics made for an unusual backdrop, as did the plight of Welsh miners. While the plot was suspenseful and the characters fully three dimensional, there was a great deal of exposition at the end, in the form of a confession, to tie things up. I would have preferred a different way of learning these things.
I was drawn to this book because of its great reviews and because the author had passed. I can only say that after reading this book, her family, friends and her soul herself should be very proud. It was full of intrigue, fast-moving, some romance, but not over the top romance and well worth reading.
I was excited to read this book, however, it turned out to just be boring. The author was great at developing the characters, but it went on and on for multiple chapters. I kept reading hoping that somewhere soon things would pick up. It doesn't start to get good until you are 3/4 through the book, and then she just wraps it up in a very non creative way in the end. I would not recommend this book to anyone really. Just a few hours of my time that I can't get back.
I had a hard time getting into this book and actually stopped reading it for a short time. When I picked it up it moved past a lot of the personal minutia that had stalled me. It was suspenseful at times and sometime predictable.
Black Valley download epub
Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Jim Brown
ISBN: 034544700X
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books (June 29, 2004)