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by Margery Allingham

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A quiet, ruthless killer strikes in Londonâ?™s theatre district. Superintendent Luke thinks he has seen the pattern before.

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One of the best things about Margery Allingham's Campion series is that pretty much uniquely we follow his life from bright young thing in the 1920s to older and wiser in the 60s. In this book, set and written around 1944/5 he is on leave in a battered London and war weary. The Campion books also have an impressive range of plots from straight crime to treasure hunt.

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More vintage murder mysteries. A vintage murder mystery. Police at the Funeral. Nestled along the Adriatic coastline, the kingdom of Averna has suddenly - and suspiciously - become the hottest property in Europe, and Albert Campion is given the task of recovering the long-missing proofs of ownership.

Several books have been written about Allingham and her work, including: Margery Allingham, 100 Years of a Great Mystery Writer . The China Governess (1963). The Mind Readers (1965).

Margery Allingham: A Biography by Julia Thorogood (1991); revised as The Adventures of Margery Allingham as by Julia Jones (2009).

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This is the final book in which Margery Allingham writes as Maxwell March. The Man of Dangerous Secrets: Margery Allingham writing as Maxwell March. 24 Ağustos 2017, 11:55 ·. Herkese Açık.

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Connecting all the cases centered on Garden Green, Campion tracks his quarry's devious route, helps to protect some nice people, and corners his criminal.

When a murdered London pawnbroker's corpse is missing, clues are scant and witnesses few. Scotland Yard Superintendent Charles Luke has come up with a farfetched theory, and even the imperturbable Albert Campion has doubts when evidence points them to a most unlikely conclusion. Previous published.

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First of all, this is the same book marketed in the US as Tether's End. Having different titles for different markets coupled with international marketing causes confusion, or at least it confused me into buying a second copy.

Having said that I'm glad I bought this edition because it gave me a chance to re-read one of Allingham's later works. If Sherlock Holmes’s cases can be divided pre- and post-Reichenbach, Campion's can be separated by World War II. Frankly I prefer the frivolous pre-WWII ones, but the post-war titles are excellent in their own way.

Allingham, like Christie, elected to make her protagonist age at a more-or-less natural rate, which means that by the end of the 1950's Campion was approaching 60, and almost ready for retirement. I speak from experience when I say that when you reach 60 it's difficult to be a man of action, and what passes for persiflage at 25 causes people to look askance. Perhaps that is why Lugg does not appear in this title.

The aging of Allingham along with Campion made it difficult for her to write convincing dialogue for the young people who (other than Campion) make up most of the main characters in her later works, and dialogue is one of the best features of her earlier works. This problem is especially clear in reading The Beckoning Lady, or The Mind Readers (although the latter has a meeting between Campion and Thos. T Knapp as good as that in Mystery Mile, and makes up fro any amount of fake-hip speach).

The above set-up sounds like I am getting ready to pan this book, but the opposite is true. All these faults are largely mitigated here by the fact that Campion appears as a mostly unseen omniscient observer. The dialog is crisp, the plot is taut, the motivations are believable, and the characters, even the villain, engaging. As an example of what R. Austin Freeman called an inverted detective story, it is an outstanding tour-de-force.

My recommendation, even if you find the later Campions to be inferior, is to try this one.
The murderer is revealed early in this tale. The plot revolves around chasing him down and trying to stop him before he murders again. This book is short on Albert and long on the characters.
Note: I don't consider the below review to have "spoilers" since the killer and some of his characteristics are revealed very early in the book.

While this book includes both Albert Campion and Superintendent Charlie Luke (with cameos of Oates & Yeo), it's not a whodunit, though there is some mystery as to how they try and catch the killer. Mostly it's a thriller--esp. regarding several nice people and their relationships with the killer--who is easily identified early in the book. It's been compared with The Tiger in the Smoke: Albert Campion #14 which includes another "serial killer" though today it might not be considered so serial in that the killer's motivations are more mundane--as Allingham says in The Fashion in Shrouds: Albert Campion Mystery #10 page 338, "He's got exalted ideas of his own importance. A lot of them have...They honestly think a bit of their cash or a bit of their convenience is worth someone else's life." Yet, his psychology is explored a bit in this book--especially against several foils both young and old. But, perhaps the most interesting character from a psychological point of view is Aunt Polly and her very odd relationship with Gerry. This is particularly evident at the very end of the book. The bond between the two is remarkable, though difficult to comprehend. A good example where rationalization overpowers cognitive dissonance--a prevalent, though unfortunate characteristic of humans brought to an extreme herein.

However, on a somewhat happier note, the interaction of Gerry and Richard is interesting, enlightening, and perhaps even humorous. While Allingham inserts a considerable amount of cleverness regarding Gerry's activities, alibis, etc., the main thrust of the novel is in the characterizations, especially in the psychology of human interactions of normal people with rather unusual (fortunately) people.
While not as insouciant as the young Albert Campion (from which were drawn most episodes of the fine British TV series), this is a good one which can held its own against much of the competition today. The characters and plot are interesting, the settings, indeed, flavorful. While Albert's long time friend, police superintendent Luke, takes up more of the stage, Campion does have his innings. For those counting on detective stories for much of their light entertainment and escape from the stress of the day, this will be a winner.
I should mention that I purchased my used copy for the four dollar shipping charge plus a nominal charge of under ten cents and found it to be quite a good reading copy though the cheap paper is beginning to show the chemical changes induced by the aging process. A good way to go for a book which slips handily into a pocket for reading while waiting for, or traveling on, bus or train.
I am a huge fan of the underappreciated Margery Allingham. Fun read and very much of the period
This is one of Ms. Allingham's best, I think. It also can be found under the title "Tether's End". What can bring such a crime story to life is the people in it, and one can just see some of her creations as real human beings. Recommended.
Never a bad Campion.
Lovely plot, very different.
Tether's End download epub
Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Margery Allingham
ISBN: 1567230180
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Language: English
Publisher: Yestermorrow (November 25, 1997)
Pages: 216 pages