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Also by Boris Starling VODKA STORM MESSIAH For Charlotte Contents Cover Other Books by this Author Title Page Dedication . Three days before this book was published in the United Kingdom, my sister, Belinda, died

Also by Boris Starling VODKA STORM MESSIAH For Charlotte Contents Cover Other Books by this Author Title Page Dedication Acknowledgments Chapter 1. .Three days before this book was published in the United Kingdom, my sister, Belinda, died. She was thirty-four, and her first novel had just been accepted for publication. Her myriad qualities as a sister and friend aside, she had always been my most perceptive and constructive critic.

Boris Starling (born 1969) is a British novelist, screenwriter and newspaper columnist. Starling has written seven crime novels. His first book, Messiah, was published in 1999. Notable for its fast pace and high levels of gore, Messiah was a commercial and critical success, reaching both The New York Times and the official UK bestseller lists. It was subsequently adapted for television by the BBC, with Starling taking a cameo role as a murder victim's corpse.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Please send us a message if you have any questions about one of our items. At first it seems the Great Fog has claimed another victim. A drunk, perhaps, stumbling into the water. But Max Stensness was sober when he died - and in the hours before his death.

Boris Starling is a British novelist and screenwriter. He was born in 1969 and educated at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a First in History. Many critics feel that "Visibility" is the best of Starling's books so far. The Guardian's Maxim Jakubowski called it "mystery at its best," while in the New Statesman Adam LeBor said: "Visibility" is an intelligent and thought-provoking book, one that asks lingering questions about the very nature of loyalty and love. Boris Starling lives in London with his wife, a television producer, and their children. He is currently working on a variety of book, film and television projects.

Boris Starling has worked as a reporter for the Sun and the Daily Telegraph. His other books include Storm, Vodka, and Visibility. He studied at Cambridge and currently lives in London with his partner and their daughter. His first book, Messiah, was made into a miniseries on the BBC, for which Starling was the series creator. Библиографические данные.

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VISIBILITY (Police Proc-Herbert Smith-England-1952) - VG Starling, Boris – 4th book An Onyx Book, 2008, US.VISIBILITY is the fourth book from Boris Starling. It is set in 1952 in London in the middle of one of the last great, lingering pea-souper fogs

VISIBILITY (Police Proc-Herbert Smith-England-1952) - VG Starling, Boris – 4th book An Onyx Book, 2008, US Paperback ISBN – 9780451412508. First Sentence: The fog was coming, without and within. It is set in 1952 in London in the middle of one of the last great, lingering pea-souper fogs. VISIBILITY could be a reference to the fog which is all pervading and dictates all of the action and events in this post-war thriller.

In his book The Double Helix, Watson recalled: The instant I saw the picture, my mouth dropped open and my pulse began to race. Within weeks, they had deduced the two crucial elements of the molecular structure that Rosalind had missed; that the chains ran antiparallel rather than parallel, and that the base nucleotides were invariably paired together, adenine with thymine, guanine with cytosine.

Автор: Starling, Boris Название: Visibility ISBN: 0451412508 ISBN-13(EAN) . Описание: Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, Teenagers is one of the first titles in the brand new Haynes Explains series.

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From the author of Messiah, Storm and Vodka comes a thrilling mystery set during the Great Fog of post-World War Two London, a time of secrets and intrigue. At first, it seems the Great Fog has claimed another victim. A drunk, perhaps, wandering unsighted through Hyde Park and stumbling into the icy shallows of Long Water. But Max Stensness was stone cold sober when he died. And in the hours before his death, the young biochemist had claimed to be in possession of a secret that would change the world. Having traded MI5 for New Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Herbert Smith thinks he has left the murky world of espionage behind him – until he begins retracing the final footsteps of Max Stensness. Suddenly he’s being tailed, and thinly veiled threats are issued–danger lurks at every turn in the investigation. The CIA, KGB and MI5 are all vying to get their hands on the dead man’s secret, and as the body count climbs, it’s clear there’s someone who will stop at nothing to claim it.From the Hardcover edition.

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I really liked this book. The characters were all colorful. I especially liked Hannah. There was a little delay getting to the chase, but I found that intriguing rather than vexing. His descriptions of the fog made it feel as though you were there trying to find your way around. Good story, good characters. I would recommend this book.
Good read and characters
As always, Starling draws very convincing primary characters with back stories and inner lives much more complex that what you get in a typical detective story. Where he comes up short is in the secondary characters and with the eventual revelation and resolution of who the bad guy is and what happens to him. Some of the secondary characters seem added just for additional gruesome scenes and their identities really force you to suspend disbelief more than is necessary. And as always with most whodunit books the final conflict where the bad guy(s) are captured or killed prove to be something of a letdown. Still it is a good suspenseful read that I would recommend.
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As a fearful fog moves through London, Herbert Smith of London's murder squad is on the hunt for a suspect who killed a young scientist in the murky waters of Long Water. London is gripped by this fog which is such a pea souper that it causes ambulances and police to lose their way and hinders people who become lost though they know the area as well as the back of their hand. The fog is also toxic and it makes many people sick and unable to breathe. The hospitals are full of people suffering from breathing difficulties and bronchial ailments. Herbert meets many people of interest in his quest to find the killer. During his investigation he makes friends with Hannah, a blind diver who searches the river for evidence in the case. Her help proves to be invaluable in the fog since she doesn't depend on sight to help her get around.

Shady characters come out of the woodwork and spies are around every corner. It seems that the young scientist had proof of something that could change the entire world.

After the war, there was spy activity from Russia, England, USA and elsewhere. The hunt was on for Nazi war criminals and there were hunts for communists. And everyone wanted intelligence. Who could be trusted? Who was a spy? Who was a Nazi, or a commie or a double agent? Who had secrets that could change the world? The unsettled atmosphere of post World War II is present in this spy caper set in enshrouding fog in the city by the Thames. The dense fog adds to the mysterious atmosphere as the story skips back and forth between Nazi occupation and the hunt for the mysterious killer where the suspect list grows with each piece of evidence that Herbert discovers.

I really enjoyed this story. It was the first book I've read by Boris Starling and I will look for more of his work. If you like a good post World War II yarn with all the paranoia and intrigue, this is a great story and it is filled with the atmosphere of London in 1952.
In 1952 former M15 operative, Herbert Smith works as a homicide detective with the Metropolitan Police's Murder Squad. His current case seems like a no brainer accident caused by the thick fog; a man drowned in a Kensington Gardens pond.

However instead of closing the book, Smith tries to at least uncover the identity of the dead floater. He succeeds as the deceased is King's College graduate student Max Stensness. The sleuth also learns that Max was gay and an active member of the Communist Party. Smith finds a tie to his former M15 boss, odious Richard de Vere Green. Hating Green whose treachery cost him his MI5 position, Smith keeps digging hoping to destroy his sneaky deceitful supervisor. Smith begins to find a connection to the Russians and the Americans as Stensness was apparently selling top-secret DNA information to the highest bidder, but the detective wonders if Green was the silent partner.

Using real people like double Nobel Prize winner Pauling and incognito Nazi criminal Mengele to anchor the 1950s anti-Communist fervor that swept America (McCarthy era -sounds similar to today's official scares) and somewhat England, Boris Starling provides readers with an exciting deep espionage thriller. The story line looks at the salad days of DNA research combining it with the Red scare and the WWII aftermath still devastatingly visible in foggy London. Readers will appreciate this fast-paced period piece that grips the audience with a whodunit spy thriller.

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Visibility download epub
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Author: Boris Starling
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