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Superman Vs. Doomsday Collector Set download epub


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Comments: (7)

Both figures were made very well. They come with stands you can use to stand them with. The book is a nice graphic novel wouldve been better if it was hard covered. Other than that though really nice collectors set for under $20.
Got this for my son for Christmas he loves it superman and doomsday are toys that were built tough and can stand a beating great buy
I personally didn't like the way this story arc of killing Superman was written. DC should had been more clever in bring about his death. Superman in the past fought smarter and tougher enemies than this Doomsday and none got lucky in taking him out. Not even the famous Zod general could do it. Anyway, it's a worthwile read, if you have'nt read the death of Superman or never got to reading about it when the story was publish in the 90's.
I bought this for my son's birthday. He is really too young to really appreciate it, so I'm writing the review. I'm not a collector or anything so I'm writing from the point of few that this is something to play with and not something that stays in its box on a self. For thirty dollars this is a great set of action figures that I think will hold up to some abuse. The comic while a good read is pretty flimsy. The cover fell off the spine as soon as I opened it. The characters are very articulated and come with stands that you can pose them on. They are heavy and seem durable. I think it is cool to be able to read the story and then be able to reenact it with the toys. Overall I really like the set, but my kid hasn't really come around to it yet.
For being a collector's item the box had multiple debts. Now I have to take it to a professional to try and get these dents and wrinkles out. Just more money to spend.
Anyone a fan of DC Universe and Superman a Must have for the collection.

Great comic and quality figurines! Highly recommend for any collector of comics and or super heroes
Very fast delivery great product. What more can you ask for
Superman Vs. Doomsday Collector Set download epub
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