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by Horacio Quiroga

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The flamingos' stockings. Original title: Las medias de los flamencos; Book: Cuentos de la selva.

The flamingos' stockings. A Uruguayan writer, Horacio Quiroga was born in Salto, Uruguay, in 1878 and died in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1937. The flamingos were so much in pain that they jumped off from one side to the other, but the snakes didn't leave them alone till they saw not one bit of the stockings had been left. Besides, since most of the snakes were poisonous, they thought the flamingos would die from the bites. Translated by Alicia Rabinovich, Buenos Aires, Argentina allixrtel. ar OM PERSONAL thanks Mrs. Rabinovich for her contribution.

By Horacio Quiroga BIOGRAPHY

By Horacio Quiroga BIOGRAPHY. Once the snakes decided that they would give a costume ball; and to make the affair a truly brilliant one they sent invitations to the frogs, the toads, the alligators and the fish. The fish replied that since they had no legs they would not be able to do much dancing; whereupon, as a special courtesy to them, the ball was held on the shore of the Parana. The fish swam up to the very beach and sat looking on with their heads out of water. When anything pleased them they splashed with their tails. A Uruguayan writer, Horacio Quiroga.

Horacio Quiroga (1878 to 1937-Salto, Uruguay) is considered the first modern South American short story writer. He called Edgar Allen Poe his greatest teacher (and he lead a life at least as tragic as Poe's). He had several very doomed from the start love affairs and marriages When he was 22 his step father shot himself.

This book is written in Spanish, but also comes in English and Japanese, with illustrations on every page. A long time ago, Flamingos used to have white legs, but wished they had pretty colored stockings.

writer and naturalist Horacio Quiroga that was published to enormous success in 1918

Jungle Tales (Cuentos de la Selva) is a collection of eight short stories by Uruguayan writer and naturalist Horacio Quiroga that was published to enormous success in 1918. To this day children in elementary schools across all Latin America read this book as a part of their curriculum Jungle Tales he Bald Parrot, The Alligator War, The Blind Doe, The Story of Two Coati Cubs and Two Man Cubs, The Yabebiri Ford, and the Lazy Bee.

LibriVox recording of South American Jungle Tales by Horacio Quiroga. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit LibriVox. 06 - How the Flamingoes Got Their Stockings download. Translated by Arthur Livingston. 07 - The Lazy Bee download.

Horacio Silvestre Quiroga Forteza (31 December 1878 – 19 February 1937) was a Uruguayan playwright, poet, and short story writer. He wrote stories which, in their jungle settings, use the supernatural and the bizarre to show the struggle of man and animal to survive. He also excelled in portraying mental illness and hallucinatory states, a skill he gleaned from Edgar Allan Poe, according to some critics

The Flamingosī stockings. Tale taken from "Cuentos de la Selva by Horacio Quiroga. A set of 5 worksheets with vocabulary exercises to work in small groups. Here is the first worksheet.

The Flamingosī stockings. The tale is divided into 5 paragraphs. Hope you like it. Level:intermediate Age: +10 Downloads:17.

A long time ago, Flamingos used to have white legs, but wished they had pretty colored stockings. One day at a party, an Owl gives the Flamingos an idea about how to get a hold of some!

This book comes in English, Spanish, and Japanese, with illustrations on every page.

The Flamingos Stockings download epub
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