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by Nadia Aidan

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12 Wicked Nights by Nadia Aiden Contemporary Romance -Nov. Fans will enjoy the Twelve Wicked Nights of Christmas with much of the pleasure coming from what the next sexual toy the lead couple deploys.

12 Wicked Nights by Nadia Aiden Contemporary Romance -Nov. 12 Wicked Nights by Nadia Aiden is short, sweet and sexy! Isabella is smart professional and on the fast track. She and Justin are old friends. The lead couple is a strong honest pairing of two delightful people whose lives seem to have magically crossed for the second time. Fast-paced and filled with heat, Nadia Aidan provides a fabulous Yuletide contemporary.

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Twelve Wicked Nights Aidan Nadia Random House (USA) 9780451231314 : A sexy new voice in erotica delivers a. .Now, only one thing is certain-Isabella and Justin are in for twelve steamy, sexy, unforgettably wicked nights.

Twelve Wicked Nights Aidan Nadia Random House (USA) 9780451231314 : A sexy new voice in erotica delivers a hot twist on the holidays. This season, the only gift attorney Isabella. Описание: Presents the story of the author from the time she is 15 until she is 20.

About Twelve Wicked Nights. A sexy new voice in erotica delivers a hot twist on the holidays. This season, the only gift attorney Isabella Andreu wants to unwrap is Navy SEAL Justin Rourke. She never set out to bed her sexy childhood rival over the holidays, but when a blizzard hits their sleepy hometown, she weathers the storm with Justin, and gives in to long- suppressed desires. Then Justin learns that he has only twelve nights before he’s deployed on another high-risk mission. Now, only one thing is certain-Isabella and Justin are in for twelve steamy, sexy, unforgettably wicked nights

Twelve Wicked Nights.

Twelve Wicked Nights. By (author) Nadia Aidan. Format Paperback 273 pages.

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Twelve Wicked Nights - eBook. Then Justin learns that he has only twelve nights before he's deployed on another high-risk mission.

A sexy new voice in erotica delivers a hot twist on the holidays.

Find nearly any book by Nadia Aidan. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Nadia Aidan (Aidan, Nadia). used books, rare books and new books. Find all books by 'Nadia Aidan' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Nadia Aidan'. Bedtime Stories: Three Sensual Tales of Love, Lust and Romance. ISBN 9781440473296 (978-1-4404-7329-6) Softcover, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012. ISBN 9780451231314 (978-0-451-23131-4) Softcover, Berkley, 2010. Find signed collectible books: 'Twelve Wicked Nights'.

Forget about old St. Nick and the partridge in the pear tree. This holiday season, there's only one gift that attorney Isabella Andreu cares about unwrapping---and that's Navy SEAL Justin Rourke.

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This story was funny sometimes overwhelming , the sex in the story was ok after all it is a story written in a book. It is not a super great story but it has a happy ending
Isabella and Justin have been lifelong friends, but the romantic chemistry has never made an appearance between them - until now. Isabella is on her way back to her hometown, to help her mother out with their family owned bakery when she gets stuck in a blizzard. Having just been dumped by her fiancé, she is not in the best place in life. Coming home in her fancy car from her fancy high-powered law career, Isabella is not cut out to trudge through the snow to find help. Luckily, Navy SEAL Justin gets wind that Isabella is in trouble and comes to help her out - again. He finds himself doing this a lot when it comes to Isabella.

Back at his house, an odd spark of attraction comes between them. Feeling a bit crazy, Isabella challenges Justin to a game of strip Scrabble. Justin is already on edge and confused with this sudden physical interest in Isabella and is hesitant to play this game - but Isabella is stubborn and bored. And Justin isn't one to back away from a challenge. Soon - unclothed body parts appear, and one thing leads to another...

Justin has twelve nights before he has to go back to South America with the SEALs. During these next twelve days and nights, Isabella and Justin explore their relationship and test out the romance that is blooming between them.

I really enjoyed the first half of Twelve Wicked Nights. I like a friends to lovers trope, although Isabella and Justin have more of a brother/sister rivalry than truly friends. Their attraction to each other becomes undeniable and in the beginning, their sexy times are very steamy and intense. I mean - you can't go wrong with strip scrabble. But then as a reader I started to become sexually frustrated. Isabella soon learns Justin is into BDSM and likes to be dominant. Much is made of whether Isabella is willing to submit, but when the actual sex scenes come and the BDSM comes into play, it kind of fizzles. Justin really doesn't come across as a strong dominant and likewise, the issue of whether Isabella is going to submit doesn't come into play. Overall, the BDSM is very light in this book. While I liked the actual story, at times I wanted the sex scenes to be more evolved. If you are going to have Isabella get into a bondage swing, than devote more than 1 1/2 pages to the scene! I want to read about the dirty stuff!

Towards the end, it becomes a bit silly as well. Justin becomes jealous of Isabella's ex-fiancé and acts immature. His behavior just didn't do it for me. Isabella's best friend Celeste and the town sheriff have a nice side story, and although Celeste annoyed me at first, I came to like her and the sheriff at the end.

Twelve Wicked Nights was just okay for me. Could have been better, but I still enjoyed the time I spent reading it.
Need something to take the chill out of you this winter season? Twelve Wicked Nights is sure to heat you up and leave you feeling warm after long after.

High powered attorney Isabella is on her way back to Virgina from DC to help her mother with the family bakery for a little while when her car crashes off the road and cell phone dies with it. While she is walking home in the snow, Justin, or also known as Captain Save-a-Ho, drives up along side of her after receiving a call from Isabella's mother that she hasn't been able to get a hold of her daughter. Justin, a childhood friend, who is on holiday leave from the Navy SEALs gives hers a ride but takes her back to his house because of the impending snow storm, which happen to start earlier blocking the roads. She and Justin have known each other since they were very young and have remained friends over the years, but never having any kind of relationship other than a platonic one. Almost immediately, the good-humored, playful banter begins between them, and I loved every minute of that!

While being stuck inside Justin's house during the storm, Isabella needs something to take her mind off the fact that her fiance of two years just dumped her, over the phone no less. She's noticing Justin more than ever before and convinces him to play strip Scrabble with her even though Justin knew it wasn't a good idea, for he has been wanting her for a months now. From that moment on, the sparks fly and their quick wit comments begin to set the road for what's in store for them. They play, and at the end of the game both win because they end up in each others arms. Justin receives a call letting him know that he has to back on the Navy SEAL base earlier than expected, in thirteen days to be exact for a tour of six months in the desert. At that moment, both decide they would enjoy the next twelve nights wrapped in each others arms, feeling the most exquisite pleasure they've ever felt and exploring each others fantasies. Only did they not realize underlying emotions are brought to the surface that are going to have to faced very soon.

This goes to show that woman can not have unattached, unemotional sex. It's just not possible. We are too vulnerable in nature and although we like to believe we are strong enough that it won't have an effect on us, it will and does. There will always be some type of emotion running through you whether you realize it then or in 5 years. That's exactly what happened with Isabella. An innocent, well not that innocent game of Strip Scrabble lead to twelve erotic nights of nothing but pleasure and feelings erupting for each other that were buried for years.

I didn't think I would like a Christmas themed novel, but I enjoyed it so much that I am looking for more now. The characters are all very easy to adapt to and you can't help but like them all, including Celeste, Isabella's best friend. I LOVED the relationship between those two! To me, that's exactly how close friends are suppose to act. The romance was hot and the story emotional, although I wouldn't say it was a heavy emotional read, but enough to make it believable. I think the word I'm looking for is tender. Isabella and Justin were very tender towards each other. The only thing that wasn't too believable was the fact that Justin is into BDSM. It's clear he is since Isabella found the toys and knows what he is doing in bed but I wouldn't say he's a strong hardcore dom. That part of the story is very light in comparison to other BDSM novels out there. I think this would be a great novel for someone who isn't use to the BDSM world.

Some parts that I enjoyed are:

"Justin." She said his name on a breathless moan, begging him to cease with his brand of pleasurable torture.
He buried his face into the hallow space between her shoulders and neck, and laughed, the rich sound vibrating through her entire body.
"So, have you learned your lesson?"
For a moment she blanked, until it slowly came back to her. Oh, right- she was suppose to be learning to trust him.
"I've always trusted you, Justin." That much was true.
"And yet you still hold back."
She stilled at his words, wondering if he'd somehow put the pieces together and learned the truth.
"You tensed up again. What are you afraid to tell me, Isabella?"
He nudged the tip of his erection against her moist heat, and she felt even that slight moment all over her body. She wondered if this was yet another method to his madness. Taunt her until she reveled all her deepest, darkest secrets.
"Justin, please?" Her words were as much of a part of a plea for him to let this issue go as they were to beg him to enter her.
He shuddered against her, his breath labored. A crackle of energy sizzled between them, hot and raw and carnal. She knew then that she'd won- for the moment at least.
"Keep your secrets, Isabella, but know this- I would never lie to you.

"If you keep staring at me like that, I might think you like me."
She snorted as she bit back a grin. "I told you your eyesight was failing you. You really need to get that checked. With your advancing age these things become more important."

He wasn't asleep, but he kept his eyes closed. She held him tight against her while his heart continued to thump loudly. Eventually it quieted, but neither of them said a word, too afriad to break the tenuous truce their lovemaking had brokered. She settled settled her head against the pillow and closed her eyes. She fell asleep with him still draped across her, their bodies entwined.

"I thought this was Strip Scrabble, not dirty word Scrabble."
Justin pointed to her words scattered across the board. "Everything you've spelled is something related to sex or a body part."
Orifice, tongue, cream, mouth, breast, sexual. Her cheeks heated as she felt herself blush. No wonder she couldn't focus on winning; she was too busy being distracted by all her gutter thoughts.
12 Wicked Nights by Nadia Aiden
Contemporary Romance -Nov. 2nd, 2010
4 stars

12 Wicked Nights by Nadia Aiden is short, sweet and sexy!

Isabella is smart professional and on the fast track. She and Justin are old friends. Although they aren't related they have known each other so long they are almost like squabbling brother and sister. No on can get on under their skin more than the other! But when Isabella finds herself stranded, Justin is called to rescue her on the side of the road. They think they will soon part ways. But the weather turns for the worse and both get snowed in together! And for 12 wicked nights they find a very different side to their relationship. As they warm each other in the bedroom!

The chemistry between the 2 main characters is combustible. Both main character felt very genuine and were very easy to relate to. I enjoyed the lively interplay between them. I could feel that they really knew each other well and felt comfortable with each other. It was fun to read how their relationship changed from platonic to steaming hot! I especially liked the 'strip scrabble.'

This was a fun, light-hearted read that will definitely heat you up for the holiday season!

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club
Twelve Wicked Nights download epub
Author: Nadia Aidan
ISBN: 1616649879
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Publisher: Heat (2010)