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by Sue Grafton

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C Is for Corpse: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries) by Sue Grafton . D IS FOR DEADBEAT When Daggett's corpse shows up floating in the Santa Teresa surf, the cops rule the death an accident. Kinsey thinks it's murder

D IS FOR DEADBEAT When Daggett's corpse shows up floating in the Santa Teresa surf, the cops rule the death an accident. Kinsey thinks it's murder. But seeking justice for a man who everyone seemed to despise is going to be a lot tougher than she bargained for―and what awaits her at the end of the road is much more disturbing than she could've ever imagined.

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Books in Kinsey Millhone (15 Book Series). I really enjoy reading Sue Grafton;s books and was sad to learn of her passing last year

Books in Kinsey Millhone (15 Book Series). Page 1 of 1Start OverPage 1 of 1. Previous page. I really enjoy reading Sue Grafton;s books and was sad to learn of her passing last year. D is for Dead", was a good read and it keeps you going with all the twists and turns of the story, trying to figure out who the murderer is. Love the characters, especially Kinsey Millhone.

Sue Grafton was born in Louisville, Kentucky on April 24, 1940. This was the beginning of the Kinsey Millhone Mystery series. B Is for Burglar won the Shamus and Anthony Awards and C Is for Corpse won the Anthony Award. in English literature from the University of Louisville in 1961. She also received the Cartier Diamond Dagger, the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from Bouchercon, and the Ross Macdonald Literary Award.

Originally published: New York : H. Holt, 1987. Following the successes of her previous "Alphabet" mysteries, Grafton puts Kinsey Millhone back on the case. This time, the feisty female . gets pulled into a former client's suspicious life-and death-and soon discovers an impressive list of potential murderers among the mourners.

A Kinsey Millhone Mystery). My name is Kinsey Millhone. Chapter 1. Later, I found out his name was John Daggett, but that's not how he introduced himself the day he walked into my office. I'm female, self-supporting, single now, having been married and divorced twice.

This is my thirteenth Sue Grafton mystery that I've read. Book four in the series. PI Kinsey Millhone gets a new client whose story seems a bit fishy

This is my thirteenth Sue Grafton mystery that I've read. So, I'm more than halfway done with the series. LOL. And what a marvelous private eye series it is. She develops her characters with care. In D is for Deadbeat, Kinsey tracks down the murderer of her client who's check bounced. He was a drunk, a bigamist, and a killer, but Kinsey feels like she owes it to him and his daughter to figure out who offed him and why. Interesting twists, satisfying and haunting resolution. PI Kinsey Millhone gets a new client whose story seems a bit fishy. He wants her to deliver a certified check to a teen-aged boy.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: "He called himself Alvin Limardo, and the job he. .And it is always the same: I like the Kinsey Millhone books a lot but I usually don& have a nerve to start reading them.

It was only later, after he'd stiffed her for her retainer, that Kinsey found out his name was Daggett. And when I& started I& got the feeling the story goes on an on as chewing-gum for about fifty pages.

Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries (Volume 4. When Alvin Limardo walks into . One of the things that makes Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series so unfailingly entertaining is Millhone's character.

Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries (Volume 4). Sue Grafton. St. Martin's Paperbacks. Kinsey Millhone's office, she smells bad news. She's the last one to cultivate eccentricities in the Nero Wolfe manner, and her unsentimental, loner's-eye view of herself and the world keeps her feet on the ground. But her cases often get messy because she feels things strongly.

D Is for Deadbeat

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In case it matters, I have become a real fan of Sue Grafton. This particular novel is the fourth story in a continuing series. They are titled in alphabetical order. The protagonist is Kinsey Millhone, a thirty something, female private detective. She resides in California and is an interesting combination of a lady like professional, "film noir type" private Investigator, and just a little bit of a smart ***.

The stories are all stand alone novels, but have continuing characters and one may miss some of the nuances if some of the stories are skipped. I have been reading them in order. The writing is a modern popular style and is an easy read. I can easily follow the story on audiobook while taking a walk or doing simple chores.

This particular story is a somewhat typical mystery with an unusual twist. As a former homicide investigator, I have to admit that Sue Grafton did fool me. I don't want to do anything to spoil the reading experience for anyone. I did find this story to be, at some point, the most poignant of the four novels thus far. On the other hand, there were times I found this story to be the most humorous of the stories thus far.

I purchased this novel on Kindle and also audiobook. I read and listened simultaneously. The narrator was Mary Peiffer. Miss Peiffer is excellent. There are times her comedic timing and intonation is excellent and literally had me guffawing. There is no doubt that Miss Peiffer added to my enjoyment of this fine novel.

In summary I am really glad I read this book. I am gladness I am reading this series in order and I am really glad to have purchased the audiobook narrated by Mary Peiffer. Thank You...
Disclaimer: I am a mystery fanatic, and thought I had read all the good stuff. Then I discovered Sue Grafton and her unsinkable lady detective Kinsey Millhone. The books are alphabetical! I have read "A" though "D" and intend to work my way through the rest of the alphabet. Though these books seem to be aimed at a female audience, I find them quite engaging: great plots, lots of red herrings, very well written, and an amazing assortment of plausible yet sketchy characters (and I am only up to book "D"). Further, unlike many serial mysteries, each book, so far, is notably different from its predecessors and holds its own well. Hope Ms. Grafton can keep it up. Her redoubtable lady detective, Kinsey Millhone, is daring, dogged, and amazingly resilient, but a completely plausible character.
We read Sue Grafton all the time. But the D for Deadbeat is a little quiet. But that's all right. Sometimes we need to relax & enjoy. This is not a negative comment just my interpretation of the novel to this point.
Sue Grafton takes a different approach to writing mysteries. Instead of writing super fast, graphic thrillers, she instead constructs a story around pure mystery, leaving the reader wondering how it would be possible for her lead - private eye Kinsey Millhone - to find the truth. But when the truth does come, there is no warning. Suddenly, the tension hits you, then keeps building to a crescendo.

In the fourth book in Alphabet series, Kinsey encounters a deadbeat who asks her to find someone for him and give him a cheque as compensation for an accident years ago. But this is Kinsey we're talking about here, so it's not long before things unravel. The client goes missing, the check bounces, and Kinsey finds herself facing a web of lies including bigamy and criminality spreading from Santa Teresa to LA and to the infamous San Quentin prison. Where, in all this, does the truth lie. When it finally arrives, it will devastate you.

Grafton keeps her prose simple, but the plot complicated enough to stop you figuring it out ahead of time. She makes it feel as though everyone is guilty, and it works perfectly here. For those of you who enjoy an older style of mystery, you can't go past "D is for Deadbeat".
I started reading Sue Grafton's mysteries starring private investigator, Kinsey Millhone in the middle of the alphabet, went forward to 'V' and then backed up to 'A.' "'D' is for Deadbeat" is the final entry I can read until 'W' comes out, and during this process I've gotten to know Grafton's private eye as well as any friend. I fantasize that someday we'll get together under the Golden Arches for a couple of quarter-pounders with cheese and an order of fries.

Warning: this series could turn you into a junk food addict.

Grafton puts together a competent mystery, but her forté is character development. Kinsey's running commentary on the people in her life is rude, funny, and right-on. If you read this series long enough, you will find your own foibles described--whether you bite your nails, obsessively stroke your mustache, wear too much eye make-up, or try to comb those few remaining strands of hair over your bald spot. It might hurt, but you'll be laughing, especially since Kinsey herself generally slouches around in an old tee shirt and jeans, and cuts her own hair with a pair of nail scissors. SHE doesn't care what WE think.

The author's acute eye for the telling detail is especially obvious at the funeral for the eponymous deadbeat:

"From somewhere near the back, a woman hollered out "Yes, Lord!" and a second woman yelled out "Bulllshiit!" in just about the same tone. The minister, not hearing that well, apparently took both as spiritual punctuation marks, Biblical whoopees to incite him to greater eloquence..."

Kinsey takes on the task of locating someone who is to be the recipient of a large cashier's check. Many books in this series deal with California's upper crust, but 'D' is about the bottom-feeders--the trailer trash of the Golden State. When her client is found floating face-down in the surf, she also takes on the job of finding his killer.

This isn't the best mystery in this series--the murderer is too easy to finger--but Kinsey fans will enjoy learning the rules by which their favorite detective was raised up by her maiden aunt:

"When I was in high school, she'd called Home Ec 'Home Ick' and applauded when I got a D. She thought it would make a lot more sense if the boys took Home Ec and the girls took Auto Mechanics and Wood Shop."

Right on, Aunt Gin!
D is for Deadbeat: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery download epub
Author: Sue Grafton
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