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by Tony Healy

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Out of the Shadows book. Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia.

Select Format: Unbound. ISBN13:9780330274999. Release Date:January 1994.

mystery animals of Australia. Mystery animals of Australia. Published 1994 by Ironbark in Chippendale . Written in English.

This is the first book to examine the history of the Poltergeist phenomenon in Australia and includes Paul and Tony’s direct encounters with a mysterious unseen intelligence. Tony Healy and Paul Cropper – Australian Poltergeist. We Landed a Spacecraft on a Comet.

Four out of five animals that live in Australia only can be found there. These jellyfish can swim contrary to most other jellyfish that can only float. So make sure to stay out of the water if there are warning signs during jellyfish season in summer. Animals in Australia: Crocodiles. Among the animal species that can only be found in Australia are the monotremes, which are mammals that lay eggs! The platypus and two species of echidna are the world's only egg-laying mammals, so called monotremes. Australia has almost 400 mammal species and about 140 species of marsupials. Since Crocodile Dundee we all know that there are crocodiles in Australia.

The Shadows to the Fore was an EP by The Shadows, released in May 1961. The EP was released as a 7-inch vinyl record in mono with the catalogue number Columbia SEG 8094. The Shadows to the Fore was the UK number-one EP for 28 weeks, having three separate stints at the top of the chart from June 1961 until May 1962. Side A. "Apache" (Jerry Lordan). Man of Mystery" (Theme music of the Edgar Wallace film series) (Michael Carr). Side B. "The Stranger" (Bill Crompton, Morgan Jones).

I really enjoyed reading Healy and Cropper's book, even though some of the material was, necessarily, repeated from their 1994 book Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia (Healy & Cropper 1994).

Healy, T. and Cropper, C. Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia, Ironbark, NSW, Australia . Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia, Ironbark, NSW, Australia, 1994. Hope, . Practical Techniques of Psychic Self-Defence, Aquarian Press, UK, 1983. Reed, A. Aboriginal Words of Australia, Reed Books, NSW, 1965.

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A balanced and thoroughly researched study of the region's six most interesting cryptozoological puzzles. These include the thylacine's survival on Tasmania, the same animal's possible survival in Australia, alien big cats, the Queensland "tiger," the ape-like "Yowie," and the legendary bunyip. The authors assign them credibility in about that order, although they actually build the strongest case for the introduced American puma. Healy and Cropper lose scientific credibility only in the final chapter, where they discuss "psychic animals" (apparitions) as an explanation for some of the reports. I fear zoologists will discard this otherwise valuable book when they get to that point.
- Matt Bille, author, Shadows of Existence: Discoveries and Speculations in Zoology (Hancock House, 2006)
Horrified to see this listed as out of print ! I bought a copy in London at UnCon'99. Six mysteries of Australian and Tasmanian animals extinct or fortean in nature. Well written and very enjoyable. Many plates of the Thylacine and locations of sightings and well done illustrations of the various critters so dear to the hearts of armchair monster hunters everywhere.
James Boyd
[email protected]
This book needs to be reissued in paperback form.
An absolutley excellent book, exploring a number of the "mystery" animals of Australia such as the Queensland Marsupial Tiger and the Thylacine. Each chapter has an extensive history of the beast, as well as eyewitness accounts and more. The author never becomes carried away with the subject and declares that such animals DO exist, but deals with it in an interesting and logical manner. A must for any cryptozoology fanatics, especially those from Australia!
This is an excellent discussion of Australian cryptozoological creatures. Debunks many myths yet leads the reader into a world of the possible. The book is thoroughly readable.

The section on the marsupial lion is "interesting" as there have now been 2 (indistict) videos of this creature shown on national television news! Still no bodies though!
Out of the shadows: Mystery animals of Australia download epub
Author: Tony Healy
ISBN: 0330274996
Category: No category
Language: English
Publisher: Ironbark (1994)