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by Richard T. Watson; Robert P. Bostrom

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Richard T. Watson’s most popular book is Data Management: Databases & Organizations.

Author of Data Management, Data management, Metamorphosis, Computer augmented teamwork, Databases and Organizations, Database Management .

Author of Data Management, Data management, Metamorphosis, Computer augmented teamwork, Databases and Organizations, Database Management, Metamorphosis.

Data management: databases and organizations. New York, NY: John Wiley. Watson, R. & others (2004). A discussion of Richard T. Watson’s proposals at ICIS 2004. Communications of AIS, 18, 275-295. Geissler, G. Zinkhan, G. & Watson, R. T. (2006). (2004). Data management: banco de dados e organizaçes. Data management: databases and organizations. (2002).

This book discusses the technical aspects of database design and implementation as well as the why and how of the management of databases. Take the right steps for a successful career in data managemen. ata Management, 2/e provides students with the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Great emphasis is placed on the core skills of data management, with extensive coverage on data modeling and SQL. This coverage is intertwined so that students more readily understand the intent of data modeling.

Have been using this book for teaching and for personal reference for years. If only all textbook authors were as clear as Watson. Bought Kindle version to stay current with updates.

Starting with a managerial perspective. Have been using this book for teaching and for personal reference for years.

Wie Data Management: Databases and Organizations.

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Now in a completely updated and revised Fourth Edition, this highly readable book emphasizes the core data management skills needed to succeed in today′s business environment. The book presents a real-world, management perspective and offers fully integrated coverage of data modeling and SQL. * New chapter on future directions, including u-commerce. * New material on data integration, data quality, and data schemas. * Includes reference sections on data modeling and SQL. * Presents the "big picture" of data management.

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I came across this book while searching for a textbook for my introductory course to DB. This book is of an extreme value. It is a comprehensive reference for traditional relational data modeling and SQL and also contains updated advanced material on data mining, natural language processing, visualization and big data.

What I also like about the book is that it blends theory and practice of data modeling and SQL. Each chapter in the first part of the book starts with a data modeling concept (i.e. single entity, one-many, many-many etc...) and then shows how to implement it and perform queries with SQL.

The companion website includes all slides, datasets, and partial solutions of the exercises. All of that for $10 with Kindle, I can't ask for more. This is a must for database students and practitioners as well.
I got this book for my college class as required by the school I'm attending. It is a good book with valuable information inside. But the fact that it was a kindle book made it very limited in terms of how I could learn the material. It is written like a novel. A book like this needs more interactive features on a platform like Pearson. I think it would have been much better if we bought a hard copy instead.
Although the information contained is valid and helpful, I can find no logical way to locate that information. The Kindle version is very difficult to navigate, (location values instead of page numbers). I had a classmate with the printed version ask me for help in locating a specific exercise in a specific chapter. I couldn't do it because her version (printed) had page numbers for reference, and my version (Kindle) had location values. I have been hesitant to purchase a Kindle product and after seeing how this text is presented in the Kindle app for Windows, I'll pass. The reason I purchased the Kindle version is because it is "Required" under my educational program. In summary, the information is valid, but the presentation sucks.
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I use this book, and have done so for years, in an MSc course for students from all sciences that want to acquire literacy on database design and SQL. The students like it and it allows them to work quite independently, having both a lesurely pace and enough depth. The author keeps it up to date, too.
It's not at its strongest as a reference; but since SQL versions differ and change, that might be too much to ask.
This is the worst textbook I've ever had to use. It's unnecessarily wordy, full of grammatical and formatting errors (in one part of the book, the same paragraph was printed twice in a row; in another, the book said that there were three reasons for something and then proceeded to list four - and there are similar errors splattered throughout the entire book), and extremely hard to navigate. I have better luck jumping around randomly in the book in search of a section than I do trying to actually use the search function to find it. The author jumps around from subject to subject in a way that makes it hard to understand; it's almost like he put a bunch of SQL concepts in a hat and randomly drew a couple for each chapter he wrote. Furthermore, there is some weird story about a lady named Alice mixed in with the chapters in what I perceive to be an attempt to make the book slightly more interesting. I assume that my professor is personal friends with the author, because that's the only reason I could think of for any professor to choose this book as a class textbook. The reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because the book has been useful in the context of my Database Management class, and it has been genuinely entertaining to read a textbook so poorly written. However, unless you are absolutely required to have this textbook for your class, I'd recommend against buying it. I'm sure there are much better-written SQL books out there that will teach you a lot more.
I bought this for my DATABASE CLASS which was a good investment. GReat book with alot of examples
Great text book!
Easy to follow and the exercises it offers helps with the information discussed in the chapter.
Data Management: Database and Organizations download epub
Author: Richard T. Watson; Robert P. Bostrom
ISBN: 0471452254
Category: No category
Language: English
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd; 4th International edition edition (2003)
Pages: 624 pages