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by Hung Ju

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Three Steps, One Bow.

As they bowed down in full prostrations to the ground once every three steps, they prayed for world peace and sought spiritual awakening.

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I returned from the City about three o’clock on that May afternoon pretty well disgusted . I had been three months in the Old Country, and was fed up with it.

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This is wonderful on so many levels: a travel adventure, a history of Buddhism, explanation of Buddhist precepts from men who were on their bath to enlightenment, and a glimpse back into the 70s. On my next trip to Seattle from Southern California, I will be taking the train alongside much of the route they took, so that the places and people encountered will become more meaningful to me.
As a disciple of the Master Hsuan Hua as are these two Bhikshus I enjoyed this immensely. In addition the writings of these two dedicated monks are captivating.
The first Three Steps One Bow journey in US I know is Rev. Heng Sure and Heng Chau's pilgrimage ( see "Highway Dharma Letters" ) and I thought that's the first Three Steps One Bow in U.S. I was surprised to find out Heng Ju and Heng Yo's journey took place before that, traveled greater distance, through more difficult weather, and with no car as transportation and shelter! I couldn't believe one would take on such a difficult journey so I got the book and start to read.
At the pace of a few Kindle pages a night for a few months, I travel with them in the journal as they bowed from San Francisco to Seattle. As the journey goes on, through the journal, they tell all kinds of amazing stories they went through. The story of living outdoors on the road, the story of bowing in rain and wind, the story of cooking on the road, stories of meeting people question them, encourage them, challenge them, praise them, take things away from them, supporting them.... All kinds of amazing stories. Stories happens outside in the world, stories happen inside the mind. Stories of facing fear, emotion, or peace. As I read towards the end of the book, it's amazing to see what they encountered have changed as they changed inside.
It's an amazing book full of amazing encounters inside and outside the mind. I'll enjoy reading this book over and over again and I encourage you to read the book and travel their journey.
This is the first time American is exposed to one of the most dedicated pilgrim practices: Three steps and one bow. This is an excellent book full of anecdotes about buddhism, travels, and reflections from two persons who take the trip from San Francisco to Seattle in the late 60s. It is easy to read, simple writing but with profound meanings as each time I read it, I found something new. A must read book.
Three steps, one bow download epub
Author: Hung Ju
ISBN: 0917512189
Category: No category
Language: English
Publisher: Ten Thousand Buddhas Press (1977)
Pages: 156 pages