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by Parinda Joshi

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Live from London is a light-hearted, quirky, tongue-in-cheek and sassy novel set in London and Mumbai. It follows the life of a young Indian girl against the backdrop of the British music industry. What happens when fate forklifts a fun and fearless t.

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Live from London book. About the Author Parinda Joshi works in the Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles. She holds an MBA in Marketing. She is a freelance columnist and a professional Photographer.

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Live from London is a light-hearted, quirky, tongue-in-cheek and sassy novel set in London and Mumbai. It follows the life of a young Indian girl against the backdrop of the British music industry.What happens when fate forklifts a fun and fearless twenty one-year-old from a crazy college costume party and puts her straight onto the stage of Britain's Got Talent? Nishi Gupta lives in London, loves playing her red beauty (guitar) and has a knack of seamlessly landing up in dicey situations. Unable to battle her humiliation post a stage debacle, she interns at a record label company. There she meets Mr Fredrick, the godfather she was looking for; influential and hard to impress. Instead, she finds herself attracted to an international recording artist with a slightly funny name, Nick Navjot Chapman, who is part Indian, part Canadian and entirely sexy. A short steamy affair, a gig on Nick's debut album and a ticket to stardom; life changes fast for Nishi. Then the unthinkable happens and she finds herself back in India trying to build a fresh life in a country she vaguely remembers. Will she be able to move on forgetting her past, or are there more surprises waiting for her?

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I finished reading the book a while back and my reaction was fun read, excellent
flow of writing, good humour but could have been better. BUT don't let that last part
discourage you to read this one, if you enjoy light reading, I highly recommend it.
The only reason I felt it could be better is the promise of writing, the book showed.

It is a very well written book and flows very well. Each character is very well crafted
and thankfully none seem contradictory, very unlike many chick-lit one reads. I read
a lot of them and my major problem with a lot of writers is at times they take the
reader for ride in terms balancing the real and fairy tale aspect of story (too much
expectation from a chick-lit reader huh!). I would say Ms. Joshi really nailed it on
that one. One could really appreciate the realistic description of places and people
and even the entertainment/music industry described. None felt unreal. The writer
had definitely done her homework.

My fav part was also the strong undercurrent of subtle and mature humour that one
could feel while reading. No childish jokes or desperate attempt to sound funny and
no in your face humour. Strong yet subtle one liners, clever description of scenarios
and characters.

Overall, I felt it was good quality writing for being a chick-lit. A good one I have read
in a while. Mature writing and super fun story, easily relatable to jet-setting young
Stumbled upon this book after seeing it on Flipkart's hot item list. This book is about dreams coming true for the young protagonist, Nishi Gupta, her dreams and her love story. It made me want to go back to my teen years and live Nishi's life. The book was fast paced and engaging. I just couldn't put it down. Such a light fun read one can unwind with. Nishi's trip back to India made me miss home. The story is very well developed and the characters are down-to-earth and real. To see the main character and her parents interact reminds me of a very typical Indian family. Can't wait to read the next book from this author!
As promised, "Live from London" by Parinda Joshi is a light-hearted medley of love. The book is an out-n-out entertainer with sporadic doses of humor, romance and introduction to some interesting new hindi words (with translation for those who aren't acquainted with the language).

The story is about the life of a young girl, Nishi, who's an ambitious musician of Indian origin in Britain and finds a spot in the British music industry along with the love of her life. She eventually emerges somewhat successful despite ups and downs and part of her journey is about her re-discovering her home country as she revisits it. The depiction of her mental chatter, observations and experiences are quite intriguing and make you want to either go back in time or fast forward some years, i.e. gals in their 30s may reminisce their 20s and those in their late teens will aspire to be like her as they grow up to be young women upon reading this script. Secondary characters are nicely sketched as well and the narration is fresh without unnecessary verbiage.

I had two issues with the book. One, things change really fast for Nishi and sometimes one can't decide if it's because she struggled to get it or it was just a fluke. And two, that the ending was brief. I wanted the story to go on.

Get it while you can and it might just make for that fun read you'll want all your girlfriends to be a part of.
In short, I loved the book. Although this is Parinda's first book, her blog is total fun too! Live from London is written in two different settings - London and India and I relished both points of view. It was actually done quite well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different angles of the story and the depiction of the big, fat Indian wedding blending in with Nishi's spirited personality. The book has cute romance and the usual chick lit elements that makes it a fun read.

By far my favorite character is Nishi, who was portrayed as strong and driven to make it big at her new job. The character grew on me throughout the book and I could vividly picture myself at her age and connecting to various points in my life, perhaps not doing the same things, but definitely feeling those same emotions. I enjoyed the chemistry between Nishi and Nick, although I felt Nick was too easily forgiven at the end.

The story became more alive with other vibrant characters and some interesting twists and turns and moved along at a pace that entices the reader to keep reading. Overall I was very impressed with Parinda's debut novel and highly recommend it to everyone!
This book is about 21year old girl named Nishi who has more thoughts passing in her mind than trains at King Cross station.There are few moments in the book when you want to smack Nishi for creating more drama in her life than there is ...but soon you realise that -that's what 20 something do.(You tend to forget that in your 30s: I am sure lot of girls will be able to relate to her fun whitty situations when dealing with relatives and author Parinda Joshi has nailed some of the scenarios so well that one can't help but feel that they have gone through this at some point in their lives.This book is a great chick-lit and more...

Really enjoyed Author's depiction of Nishi's observations and experiences through out the book.
Light-hearted, free spiritied, adventorous, All things Sugar and spice for Nishi, a girl caught in the music world, her passion, her dream to succed, well written in this book. You will thouroughly enjoy Nishi's journey and maybe even get inspiration to follow in her foot-steps!!A good entertaininer from start to finish, hoping More Nishi adventures from the author.The author has also captured the essence of London to India and that will strike a familiar chord!!!
A light and fun read with well defined characters and a smooth story flow. I absolutely loved Nishi and her journey. A great debut from the author, congratulations!!
Live From London download epub
Author: Parinda Joshi
ISBN: 8129118238
Category: No category
Language: English
Publisher: Rupa & Co.; 1stEdition edition (July 31, 2011)
Pages: 200 pages