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The Jesus Encounter book. Combining imagination with the evidence of Scripture, William Tinsley writes the stories of those in the Bible who met Jesus as they would tell it. Get A Copy.

The Jesus Encounter book. com) What would the people of the Bible.

With creativity and insight, William Tinsley takes you for close-up encounters with Jesus. Including prayers and questions for reflection, this book is written to help you know Jesus better, deepen your relationship with him, and see him more clearly in others-and in yourself. Seen through the eyes not of his frontline apostles, but of ordinary men and women a row or two back, here are impressions of the Master that will deepen your appreciation of his impact as a flesh-and-blood man relating to real people in a distinct time and culture. The Jesus Encounter lets you walk in the steps of Joseph, of Mary’s sister, of Zacchaeus, of Nicodemus, of Mary of Bethany, of Barabbas, and others.

Jesus Encounter, The book. A marvelous collection of stories about first century people who had. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jesus Encounter, The. by. William C. Tinsley.

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The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God? is a 1999 book by British authors Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, which advances the argument that early Christianity originated as a Greco-Roman mystery cult and that Jesus was inve.

The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God? is a 1999 book by British authors Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, which advances the argument that early Christianity originated as a Greco-Roman mystery cult and that Jesus was invented by early Christians based on an alleged pagan cult of a dying and rising "godman" known as Osiris-Dionysus, whose worship the authors claim was manifested in the cults of Osiris, Dionysus, Attis, and Mithras.

Milfred Minatrea is missional! This book will be invaluable to churches who want to join the missional journey in the twenty–first century. –William Tinsley, WorldconneX; author, The Jesus Encounter. See all Product description.

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Scripture, by its own account, only gives the highlights of Jesus's life. The gospels tell us what we need to know. But that does not stop us from wanting to know more, from using our minds to imagine more.
William Tinsley has done just that in The Jesus Encounter. He has crafted 11 first-person accounts from the perspective of some of the gospels' more obscure personalities - Mary's sister, Zacchaeus, Lazarus, Barabbas, Salome and others. We are quite familiar with some of their names, but Scripture tells us relatively little about them. Tinsley shows what it might have been like for them to encounter Jesus in the flesh.
It's the little things in this book that bring the most satisfying insights. The reader experiences the ordinary that would eventually lead to the extraordinary. And in the process it gives us a fuller picture of what life with Jesus might really have been like.
"Our home was a happy one," says James, the younger brother of Jesus. "I remember Mother singing at night, my father playing with us on the floor, laughing. And I remember my brother Jesus singing and laughing as well."
There is no way of knowing if Mary really did sing at night in her home; but we do know she sang to Elizabeth, and it would be easy to imagine such a scene. And we do not know if Joseph played and laughed with his children; but good fathers do, and we can suppose that God chose him to raise the Messiah for some very practical reasons. And we do not know if Jesus sang and laughed with his family; but we do know that singing and laughter arise out of a loving environment.
That's how Tinsley paints with his word pictures, from notions that easily can be arrived at from what Scripture does tell us about Christ and about those who knew him. It becomes rather fascinating.
"I treasured being with him," James continues about Jesus. "I idolized him, followed him as younger brothers will do, wanting to be included in his circle of friends, to be a part of older boys' games. He included me, defended me when I needed it, and looked out for me. Being with him was always an adventure. He found wonder wherever we went, whether it was wandering in the hills outside Nazareth; exploring rivers, ravines, and caves; or making up games with other children. He made everything fun. He saw miracles in the smallest things. ..."
It is wonderful to imagine Jesus in such a way, to see him as a big brother, to think of his leadership skills blossoming at an early age. Tinsley leads us to think of things that we might never have thought of before, little things, everyday things, but in so doing we experience the part of Christ that was fully human.
The book also shows Jesus' divinity, the part of His nature that set Him apart from others, that revealed Him to be the unique Son of God who came to bring forgiveness of sins to everyone else.
"Of course," says Lazarus in the book, "you want to know about the miracle. ... I remember... the sound of his voice. It was distant, echoing faintly far away. He was calling my name, `Lazarus! Lazarus!'
"I felt myself moving toward him. It is a strange memory. I remember wanting to stay, to remain where I was, in that world beyond this one, but, more powerfully, I felt myself drawn to his voice. How could I resist? I can tell you this: Were it not for his voice, I would not be here. ... Only he could have called me and caused me to reenter this mortal form of dying flesh."
There was Salome, the wife of Zebedee, the mother of James and John, the disciples. "I remember the day everything changed," Tinsley writes from her perspective. "Andrew and John had gone off to listen to a visiting preacher, a young man, slightly older than they were, but still barely thirty years old. ...
"When they returned, their faces were glowing, their eyes ablaze with excitement. They were convinced they had found the Messiah."
The day arrived when Jesus came to their village. "That is when they left - all of them: Simon, Andrew, James, and John. Jesus told them to follow him and he would make them `fishers of men.' I must admit Zebedee was not entirely happy about losing our sons from the fishing business. But I was thrilled! What mother wouldn't be? My sons were going to spend their lives learning from the chosen Messiah of Israel!"
This is a small book that can be read in one sitting or can be used devotionally over a number of days. Tinsley's writing style is simple and concrete, using short sentences to entice the reader along.
The author does not try to create a different tone or way of speaking for each character, so there is a similarity in expression used for all of the characters. Some might see that as a weakness, but it also can be a strength, as the author avoids literary device that might become cumbersome and distracting.
Tinsley includes in the stories details about life in biblical times, but he avoids any temptation to go on too long and thus rob the book of the power that comes from good story telling.
This book will leave readers with fresh insights into the life and times of Jesus. It also will leave them with a deeper appreciation of the impact Christ had in the lives of rather ordinary people so long ago, and they will recognize that the Messiah is still doing that today.
(The book is available in paperback from Veritas Publishing at ......
The first person perspective expressed by Dr. William Tinsley in "The Jesus Encounter", captures the imagination of the contemporary power of identification and application to the 21st century Christian. It is the most effective method of presenting truth.
These stories illuminate our relationship to others and encourage compassion as well as creating a sense of wonder. They shock us into recognizing a new truth while providing a different perspective.
Common ordinary every day people in contact with the Savior of all mankind inspires an examination of our own relationship to Jesus and encourages all Christians to walk humbly before God and obey his commandments. This book also reaches out to unbelievers contemplating a decision while wrestling with the truth of who Jesus really is. Lives of others influence our decisions and help us cope and reach conclusions.
This inspirational book is easily read and eagerly applied to our purpose in life. The characters deserve to be remembered and their reputations enhanced. William Tinsley has accomplished this concept with, "The Jesus Encounter".
The Jesus Encounter download epub
Author: William Tinsley
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Publisher: Veritas Publishing (2001)