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Enlightened self-protection: The Kasumi-An ninja art tradition : an original workbook download epub

by Stephen K Hayes

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Enlightened self-protection book. On a hot steamy July day in 1975, Stephen K. Hayes stepped off a jetliner in Tokyo with the thinnest of hopes that he could find the Togakure ninja dojo.

Enlightened self-protection book. The Kasumi-An Ninja arts tradition - hard to find book. I found them and they accepted me as an uchi-deshi student in the grandmaster’s home dojo.

book by Stephen K. Hayes.

Enlightened Self-Protection: The Kasumi-An Ninja Art Tradition: An Original Workbook (1992), Nine Gates Press. The Ninja Defense: A Modern Master's Approach to Universal Dangers (2012), Tuttle Publishing. The Complete Ninja Collection (2013), Black Belt Communications. Tulku, a Tale of Modern Ninja (1985) Contemporary Books. This section needs expansion.

Enlightened self-protection: The Kasumi-An ninja art tradition : an original workbook.

The Kasumi-An Ninja arts tradition - hard to find book. Shipping: US$ . 9 Within . Destination, rates & speeds. 30 Day Return Policy. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Enlightened self-protection The Kasumi-An ninja art tradition an original workbook Author: Stephen K Hayes.

Modern martial arts training takes you outside the walls of the training hall and right into your home. Our students succeed at their training through an extensive platform that gives them direct training in not only realistic self defense, but weapons training and life skill development. Unarmed Self-Defense. Use the ninja’s self-defense principles to defeat today’s common attackers. Learn all about modern and classical ninja weapons including sword, bo and knife.

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We can tell you if you would like this book! Rate some books to find out! Blurb.

The Kasumi-An Ninja arts tradition - hard to find book

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I bought this book because the subject of Ninjutsu does fascinate me and I have read most what Stephen K. Hayes has written over the years. I was a little bit disappointed as the subject matter in this book has already been written before in his other (and better) works. Also this book itself was more geared a manual for those who have joined his dojo of which I am not.

This is not a bad book and it is good for most beginners, but there are better ones out there. I would recommend his "Ninja" book series written for the Ohara publishing group.
Legend 33
obtaned for prosperity purposes, being a long time practirioner of varied schools of koryu bujutsu, including Bujnkan Ninjutsu- I basically wanted to add it to my collection of reference materials, brief limited information, but well written and Im one the prefers drawings over photos for instructional purposes
Rose Of Winds
Very satisfied with this book...not enough space to expand upon how important this book is to my personal life..
Helpful in my practice and improvement.
Stephen K Hayes was the first Westerner to be accepted as a student of Masaaki Hatsumi, who inherited 9 different systems from Toshitsugu Takamatsu which were related to traditional Japanese combat practices. Author Hayes is a pretty amazing guy, having gone over to Japan in the 1970's to study martial arts with Hatsumi, becoming the first westerner to become proficient in what we call today Bujinkan ninpo traditions. Hayes remained a student of Hatsumi's (and may still be privately, for all I know) for many years.

Hayes established the Kasumi-An Ninja Arts tradition in the 1990's.. Not a whole lot new here, as this is all material he learned from Hatsumi or through other than the fact that the teaching materials are organized in a practical and understandable manner, and this book is really a testament to that. Frankly, Bujinkan teaching in the US needed some organization as far as explaining & teaching in a practical matter for those who couldn't dedicate themselves to the cause 24-7, and this workbook fits the bill for beginners on the path.

What this book really is is an excellent introduction to Stephen Hayes Kasumi-An Ninja school, explaining in a very detailed manner precisely what ninpo is, the philosophy, and a technical section showing examples of techniques from the 5 elements series (striking and grappling for Earth, Water, Fire, & Wind). Hayes says:

"The martial techniques and methods on which our training is based have been handed down for generations by the following nine Japanese historical warrior traditions: Togakure ryu ninpo, Gyokko ryu koshijutsu, Kuki shinden ryu happo-hiken, Koto ryu koppojutsu, Gikan ryu koppo, Shinden fudo ryu taijutsu, Gyokushin ryu ninpo, Takagi yoshin ryu jutaijutsu..." (page 5)

Combines elements of Ninjutsu from Hatsumi's 9 traditions with Mikkyo Buddhism, Shugendo practices from mountain ascetics. Hayes writes that the word Kasumi translates to Haze, like a fog obscuring vision, and An as hermitage. Hays writes:

"...the Kasumi-An is a training center for the exploration and cultivation of new skills and thought processes for enhanced performance in the world. At the same time, it is a delightful retreat, an up-lifting place in which to spend time with like minded individuals who share a commitment to the original ideals of the warrior sages of the ancient east". (page 2)

In addition to being a legit documented ninja master teacher, Hayes has worked as a body guard to the present Dalai Lama and on the Shogun series with Richard Chamberlain, and is also a devoted family man with 2 daughters, married to the same lady 30+ years...The real deal.
This is one of Stephen K Hayes books that he gives to all his new students. Each copy is autographed and there is nothing collectible about them as they are easily obtainable from the SKH Quest website for less than $20. As I said this is a manual for his students and anyone not a student would be better off buying his other books that go into deeper details than this beginning book which is designed for new white belt students.
Great book
Enlightened self-protection: The Kasumi-An ninja art tradition : an original workbook download epub
Author: Stephen K Hayes
ISBN: 0963247395
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Language: English
Publisher: Nine Gates Press (1992)
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