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by Karen Brattain,Dennis Stoval,George Byron Wright

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George Byron Wright was born in The Dalles, Oregon. Along with his mother and brother, he migrated to three other small Oregon towns as his father pursued the life of a mortician. Living in Baker City, Tillamook and Roseburg endowed him with a lifelong fondness for small places.

George Byron Wright was born in The Dalles, Oregon. Following a lengthy career in the not-for-profit sector, during which time he wrote professionally, publishin George Byron Wright was born in The Dalles, Oregon. In 1996 he began work on what has become his Oregon Trio, three novels set in the small towns of his youth. Baker City 1948 was published in 2005, followed by Tillamook 1952 in 2006, and now Roseburg 1959, completes this unique body of work. George lives with his wife and first reader, Betsy, in Portland, Oregon.

George Gordon Byron, the 6th Baron Byron FRS (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824), known simply as Lord Byron, was an English poet, peer, and politician who became a revolutionary in the Greek War of Independence, and is considered one of the historical.

George Gordon Byron, the 6th Baron Byron FRS (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824), known simply as Lord Byron, was an English poet, peer, and politician who became a revolutionary in the Greek War of Independence, and is considered one of the historical leading figures of the Romantic movement of his era. He is regarded as one of the greatest English poets and remains widely read and influential

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George Gordon Byron was born in 1788, the son of British Capt. John ( Mad Jack ) Byron and Catherine Gordon, a Scottish heiress. After John squandered most of her fortune, she and her son lived on a meagre income in Scotland. After her husband had squandered most of her fortune, Mrs. Byron took her infant son to Aberdeen, Scotland, where they lived in lodgings on a meagre income; the captain died in France in 1791. George Gordon Byron had been born with a clubfoot and early developed an extreme sensitivity to his lameness. In 1798, at age 10, he unexpectedly inherited the title and estates of his great-uncle William, the 5th Baron Byron.

First 25 of 219 words: George Byron Wright Abilene, TX George Byron Wright of Abilene, Texas, 87, passed away Thursday, June 2, 2016.

George Byron Wright Obituary. Published in Abilene Reporter-News on June 3, 2016. First 25 of 219 words: George Byron Wright Abilene, TX George Byron Wright of Abilene, Texas, 87, passed away Thursday, June 2, 2016. View Full Obituary & Guest Book for George Wright. George Wright Guest Book. This Guest Book has not yet been signed. Be the first to sign. Restore and sign this Guest Book.

George Byron Wright reads from Roseburg 1959 at the May 2008 Author Night at the Ashland Public Library. Roseburg 1959 is one book in the Oregon Trio, the others being Tillamook 1952 and Baker City 1948. Chi City Record Pool Webmercial Promo (Dj Don Cannon). Duration: 1m 9s. Uploaded: Category: Entertainment.

On August 7, 1959, at 1:14 a.m., a truckload of explosives blows up, gutting twelve square blocks of downtown Roseburg, Oregon. Ross Bagby stands at the edge the conflagration unaware that his so-called life has also just gone up in the flames. Ross s often humiliating marriage to the granddaughter of timber baron Jonah Armbruster is already an exercise of placid endurance. But when war hero Colonel Gordon Butler McKenzie, the figurehead director of the Armbruster charitable foundation, is with the wrong woman when the town explodes, Ross inherits complications he could never have imagined. A piece of shrapnel puts the Colonel in a coma and Ross, as his assistant, is appointed to replace him. Things immediately get messy when a belligerent board member accuses Ross of embezzling foundation funds. While Ross vents his denial of the theft, the woman the Colonel was with turns up pregnant. Things darken further when Ross receives anonymous letters decrying the sexual exploitation of vulnerable women by men in positions of influence. The desperate letters are pleas for Ross to act on their behalf, to make the abuse go away so the women can have their lives back. Along with his own infatuation with a young waitress, Ross faces layers of adversity such as he has never known. In the days ahead, he will discover what he's made of.

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I am the one who ordered this book, I am Ilene Johnsons husband, and I am from Roseburg and remember the blast all to well. I however do NOT like this book because I was really wanting more pictures and stories from real people who were there when it happened.
So NO I am not at all happy with this book. I was expecting so much more.
I live in Roseburg, was born here and was 9 years old when The Blast happened. My Father's Union 76 Station was on the corner of Stephens and Washington street. This book had really nothing to do with any stories about The Blast. It was a great disappointment to me. I am curious about the time frame that Mr. Wright lived in Roseburg. One place in the book states that Ross got the Sunday Roseburg News Review....in 1959 The News Review was NOT published on Sunday. It was a 6 a day a week paper...Monday thru Saturday. Most people got the Sunday Oregonian. Another glaring mistake was stating that Garden Valley Boulevard was out by the Country Club. Garden Valley Boulevard ends now about at Troost Street. It then is called Garden Valley Road. It has NEVER EVER been referred to as Garden Valley Boulevard. Mr. Wright's "story" about the people in the book really had nothing to do with all the upheaval and problems that the entire city had to endure. There were many other "mistakes" in this book. I guess Mr. Wright assumes because Roseburg is such a small town no one will really care about the glaring mistakes he made and how he just glossed over the problems and the way people handled them. I was and am very proud of our town and how we ALL came together to help get through this time. The story Mr. Wright puts forth is one of sleeze and lies in a family. I do not consider that at all the way Roseburg is or was.
George Byron's books, set in ex-urban Oregon, are an immense pleasure to read, and ROSEBURG 1959 is no exception. Vividly written, its plot is firmly propelled by the conflicting needs of its nuanced characters, whose distinct voices and viewpoints engage, enrage, and amuse. Events are set in motion by an historical event: the accidental detonation of a truckload of explosives that cratered the town. After that, Wright's creative imagination takes charge to bring us a real page-turner of a story with an assortment of unlikely, and thoroughly likable heroes.

The explosion in town causes a parallel upheaval in the life of Ross Bagby, an accountant who has married into a family of wealthy timber barons. His polite endurance of their disrespect is pushed to breaking by the chain of events unleashed by the catastrophe. The clan harbors its share of closet skeletons, and their obsession with secrecy and creative financial instruments emerges like smaller-scale images of the greed and lack of accountability that infect our national experience today.
I came upon Roseburg 1959 by chance while looking among the "W" authors at the public library. I am an Oregon resident (Roseburg is located in S. Oregon) so I gave the book a quick glance and decided to check it out. I very much enjoyed reading the book; the author captured the setting and characters just right. You will like this book regardless of whether you live in Oregon. I recommend it! Since reading Roseburg 1959, I have read all of the author's books and enthusiastically recommend them as well.

Michael S.
Portland, OR.
The scathing review of my novel "Roseburg 1959", by an unknown writer, it without merit on several fronts. Of course anyone can take issue with an author's writing style, fair game. But to attack a novel based on ignorant assumptions is something I cannot let stand on a source as powerful as Amazon. First, this is a novel not a history book. It is highly influenced by the blast of 1959 in Roseburg, that is true. But the story is not a "thinly veiled tale of renowned lumber pioneer Kenneth Ford. It is a story influenced by the timber industry because that is what dominated Douglas County and Roseburg in that era. I too lived in Roseburg and hold the people there in high regard. This is a novel and not an slap at the people of the town. Every town has its stories, its good people and its bad. To assume that this work is somehow an insult to real people is indeed the thinking of someone who is quite naive. Read the book, and make your own judgements. --George Byron Wright, author
I have read all 4 of George Wright's novels. I did not grow up in Roseburg, but I have lived all my life in the upper Willamette valley. I cannot attest to the character resemblance nor the actual events depicted in "Roseburg 1959" alluded to by "Library Lady". What I can do is tell you what I think of his writing and that book in particular.

I have numerous bookshelves full of novels by many writers, some well known, some not so much. It is always a great pleasure to come across a new writer who knows how to put a story together. That happened with Mr. Wright. His books are easy to read, interesting and easy for me to identify with the characters. "Roseburg 1959" was no exception.

I do not know what "Library Lady" expected with this novel, but I suspect her review screed is simply an attempt to impress somebody with her deep knowledge of the Roseburg area and events. Just for her edification, I am a 70 year old military vet and a far cry from the "Portland coffee house mentality crowd" she references.

Do yourself a favor. Pick up one of George's novels and have yourself a rollicking good time with a great story.
Roseburg 1959 download epub
Author: Karen Brattain,Dennis Stoval,George Byron Wright
ISBN: 0963265547
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Language: English
Publisher: C3 Publications; one edition (October 1, 2007)