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by Pierre Berton

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The Dionne Years book. Pierre Berton again popularizes Canadian history and culture. The Dionne Years shines a light on this family and the quintuplets who were a worldwide sensation. The human cost was another story.

The Dionne Years book. Berton takes us back to the 1930's in Canada, and the historic births in Corbeil, Ontario. Jul 08, 2009 Arrika Arrachne added it.

Examines the lives of the Dionne quintuplets, five identical girls who were born in 1934 and spent the first nine years of their lives separated from their parents and exploited by. .has been added to your Cart.

Examines the lives of the Dionne quintuplets, five identical girls who were born in 1934 and spent the first nine years of their lives separated from their parents and exploited by the media and the Canadian government. The story of the Dionne identical quints.

Berton, Pierre, 1920-. Dionne quintuplets, Nineteen thirties. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Gutierres on October 26, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Pierre Berton was born in 1920 and raised in the Yukon. He worked in Klondike mining camps during his university years, spending four years in the army, rising from private to captain/instructor at the Royal Military College in Kingston. After the military, Berton went to Vancouver where he began his career at a newspaper.

Book by Berton, Pierre. One of the best books written about the Quints! By Thriftbooks. com User, January 10, 1998.

Pierre Berton wrote every single book on Canadian history, because . The Dionne Years: A Thirties Melodrama is one of his best

Pierre Berton wrote every single book on Canadian history, because Canadian history is super boring and uninteresting, so there was very little competition, and he was totally bad-ass, and actually enjoyed it. And he wrote a new book every three months, and lived to be 234 years old, so the CBC had to keep re-doing his stock obituary constantly. The Dionne Years: A Thirties Melodrama is one of his best. The reason you should be reading The Dionne Years now, as opposed to something else, is that Berton is completely, completely ON about the intersection of a nation in poverty and the need for a narrative like the one they were given by Quintland.

1977 The Dionne Years: A Thirties Melodrama. 1978 The Wild Frontier: more tales from the remarkable past.

Prefaced by an artist's reconstruction of the site, it's an extraordinary story that Pierre Berton tells full-length and undoctored (one might say) for the first time. On one side were the Dionnes, rough-edged, religious French-Canadians: he mocked as a super-stud, she deemed unfit to care for her miraculously identical baby girls-by the very persons who drove thousands of miles to watch them play. On the other side was ""quintessential country doctor"" Allan Roy Dafoe, a well-born misfit become a backwoods martinet.

a Thirties melodrama.

Books by Pierre Berton. The Mysterious North. Pierre Berton’s Picture Book of Niagara Falls. Pierre Berton’s Canada. Pierre and Janet Berton’s Canadian Food Guide. Thirty seconds later, as the first wave of Canadians clambered out of the trenches there came a moment of spectacular beauty as hundreds of German rockets sizzled up from the dark bulk of the escarpment. These were SOS flares calling for an artillery bombardment of the Canadian front lines-four miles of dazzling fireworks, daubing the sky in gaudy streaks of green, yellow, orange, and red.

Book by Berton, Pierre

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Golden freddi
I have always been fascinated by the Dionne quints. Their story is heartbreaking. It's hard to believe that such a tragedy ever occurred. I would have enjoyed it if the book discussed their adult lives further. I'm interested in how their upbringing affected them. The Dionne Years: A Thirties Melodrama is filled with details. It focuses a lot on what was happening behind-the-scenes and the legal battle between Dad vs. Doctor. I was hoping there would be more information on the girls themselves - their personality types, their relationship (I can't imagine how close they must have been), and how this trauma impacted them. I know that the Dionne quints did eventually write a book of their own, and I'll most likely read that - but this book did give me a greater understanding about what exactly occurred and how something so peculiar unfolded the way that it did.
I have read this book so many times, I literally wore it out, and ordered another copy of it. I have a great interest in the Dionne Quintuplets, since I am related to them. It really told the story of how they fought for their lives, and how the fight to save them created a rift between the family and the medical team, and then in the family itself after they were reunited with them at nine years of age. A very tragic story. A great read for anyone who has an interest in these remarkable children who beat great odds and survived when no one thought they would.
Detailed account and well written. It was hard to put the book down. The author did a good job of explaining the outlook of the times and it was interesting to see how peoples' attitudes changed as the girls grew up. I would like to have read more about the Quints' personal lives when they were older, but guess I'll have to read their autobiography for that. Good job.
This book was VERY interesting. Had heard about these ladies and their life but wanted to read more to find out the truth. WOW is all I can say. After reading this I read into their later lives. So sad that this happened to them and they had to live through all the things they did. Glad I got this book.
This book is not quite what I was expecting, though that may well be my own fault. I purchased this when I was unable to find the autobiography of the girls at a reasonable price. This reads more like a documentary, and is a little dry, telling more of facts, and less of people's feelings and perspectives.
Loved it
Global Progression
The book was more than I expected...was very thorough about the younger years of the Dionne quints, the doctor who was just plain nuts, and the father, who I believed loved his children, but hey...if the doctor and the government were going to make all this money of the quints....why shouldn't he? The book is worth purchasing!
This is a must-read for history or Dionne Quint fans! Very in depth, intersting subject matter. Excellent addition to a collection or for anyone who thinks 5 identical girls are fascinating!
The Dionne Years A Thirties Melodrama download epub
Author: Pierre Berton
ISBN: 0140139524
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Publisher: Penguin; 1st edition (1991)