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The trend continues through the second novel ("The Gentle Giants of Ganymede"), though by "Giants' Star" (the last and best of the three) there are signs that Hogan has been thoroughly taken to task for his poor treatment of women in his novels, and he makes a certain amount of effort to redress the problem.

Moved onto Gentle Giant's of Ganymede and just finished that

Hogan’s prose have improved markedly but the plotting for The Gentle Giant’s of Ganymede doesn’t achieve the same level of excitement as that of his first book. Moved onto Gentle Giant's of Ganymede and just finished that. Today, my new Kindle Fire got delivered and this series was the first thing I One of the many childhood sci-fi novels I've chosen to read again as an adult.

She turned to look at him and made a Ganymean gesture of resignation. Your science would have reached the same point eventually even if we hadn't arrived, and not all that far in the future either if my judgment. Your science would have reached the same point eventually even if we hadn't arrived, and not all that far in the future either if my judgment is anything to go by. As things are, you'll dodge the worst since we can show you most of what's involved anyway. Fifty years from now you'll be flying ships like this on. "I wonder. Hunt's voice was far away

The woman looked helplessly at the table for a second, then made a gesture of resignation. If you put it like that, I guess it doesn't make sense

The woman looked helplessly at the table for a second, then made a gesture of resignation. If you put it like that, I guess it doesn't make sense. Thank you," Danchekker acknowledged stonily. Henri Rousson leaned forward and poured himself a glass of water from the pitcher standing in the center of the table. He took a long drink while the others continued to stare thoughtfully through the walls or at the ceiling

The Giants series is a group of five science fiction novels by James P. .

1 Origins Primary Chronology. 25 million years ago: Intelligence arises in the Solar System on the planet of Minerva, situated between Mars and Jupiter, in the form of the "Giants". ISBN 978-0-345-38885-8) – March 1994 (republication of The Minervan Experiment).

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Gregg," he said, in a tone of mock reproach. You've been pulling strings again. You set us u. "I did?" Caldwell's voice was suitably innocent.

Do we have any ships more than fifteen hours out from us at maximum speed?" "No, sir. The farthest away is out near Projector Two.

The Gentle Giants of Ganymede ( Giants - 2 ) James P. Hogan Long before the world of the Ganymeans blew apart, millennia ago, the strange race of giants had vanished. Do we have any ships more than fifteen hours out from us at maximum speed?" "No, sir.

The Gentle Giants of Ganymede. Long before the world of the Ganymeans blew apart, millennia ago, the strange race of giants had vanished. Publication date: 1978. All that remained of them was a wrecked ship, abandoned on a frozen moon of Jupiter. Now Earth’s scientists were there, determined to ferret out the secret of the lost race. Then suddenly the Ganymeans returned, bringing with them answers that would alter all Mankind’s knowledge of human origins.

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This is the second book in the Giants Series by James P. Hogan. It picks up right where Inherit the Stars left off: Humans knew about the alien race of Ganymedes and found one of their ships, but thought they had died out long ago. Then a ship full of them that had been lost in space time appeared suddenly. This book is all about the Ganymedes, their struggles, visit to Earth, the knowledge they shared about our origins, and their eventual departure to find their own kind.

This was a good book, but I preferred the third and first book in this series to the second one. Probably because I knew 80% of the plot from the third book, which made this one lose its magic. Don’t read them out of order like I did.

Like the other two books, this is a work of hard science fiction. Logical, researched, and plausible. My favorite kind of sci-fi!
The Gentle Giants of Ganymede is a sequel to Inherit the Stars. It isn't necessary to read the first novel to understand the second, but doing so would give the reader a fuller appreciation of the characters and setting in the second novel. The plots of the two novels, however, are only loosely connected; it would be easy to follow the story in Gentle Giants without reading Inherit the Stars. If you haven't read Inherit the Stars, however, I would recommend doing so. It is a better novel than Gentle Giants.

The "Gentle Giants" to which the title refers appear in Inherit the Stars only as a long dead (or at least long absent) race that once lived on a planet in our solar system (Minerva) that was destroyed in the distant past (the mystery surrounding Minerva's destruction is the force driving Inherit the Stars). A starship of the long-lost Giants returns to the solar system after an extended journey ... one that would take 25 million years if the effects of relativity were ignored. The Giants woefully discover that Minerva is gone and make reluctant contact with the new kids in the solar system: a species known as humans.

The first half of the novel generates some energy despite its tendency to turn into a series of science lectures, primarily focused on how the Giants manage to control gravity. An unfortunate tendency of some "hard" sf authors is to elevate Great Ideas above story or character development, and James Hogan succumbed to that temptation in this novel -- much more than he did in Inherit the Stars. The novel's second half, after First Contact is made, tends to fizzle out altogether. The story leads up to a plot twist that is probably supposed to leave the reader gasping with surprise, but it's not all that surprising and ultimately amounts to just another Great Idea. There is little human (or alien) drama in the story; it's interesting, in its own way, but not captivating.

Inherit the Stars maintained a strong sense of mystery that is absent from the sequel. While the two main characters from Inherit the Stars return in Giants, they play a relatively small role. A computer called ZORAC, responsible for translating communications between humans and the Giants, has more personality than any of the human characters. The Giants are more intriguing (they abhor conflict and value cooperation) but by the novel's second half, they are relegated to the status of tourists -- and who really wants to read about tourists? Ultimately, although the novel has its moments, it doesn't have enough of them to sustain a sense of wonder. Diehard fans of hard sf might enjoy it -- it isn't by any means a bad novel -- but it just isn't in the same league as Inherit the Stars.
Excellent sequel in the three book Giants saga.
I had read this book many years ago and it made me a James P Hogan fan. I love this one because it takes an entirely different view of the formation of our species. This series and Bug Park really should on everybody's must read list.
Good good good!
I bought the book "The gentle giants of Ganymede" from "James P. Hogan" on Amazon.com and received in a very good state. Of course the was not like new but that is to be expected when its more than 30 years old. I'm very happy with it.
I enjoyed Mr. Hogan’s first novel (Inherit the Stars), and this starts out as a worthy successor. However, the narrative uniqueness that worked so well in the first book fails to deliver in the sequel. The first in the Giants series was an interesting take on scientific method: a fantastic way to engage in world-building (especially when one of those worlds is our own), and a great way to keep pace and interest. However, there comes a point when something has to happen – and when that point occurs about halfway through “Giants,” the novel fails to deliver. This is not meant to take anything away from the other readers who clearly enjoyed this book in its entirety; it just didn’t work for me.

As with Inherit the Stars, our primary protagonists, Danchekker and Hunt begin by putting together the pieces of a biological, historical, and astronomical puzzle. Their efforts are aided when the subjects of their inquiry mysteriously show up after millions of years of travel through time-dilated space. This is where the novel gets lazy – instead of a launch-pad for a plot that has all of space and time at its disposal, “Giants” gives us a MASSIVE coincidence of timing, a computer that can answer all the protagonists’ questions (the deus deorum ex machina, if you will) , and one of the most tepid First Contact sequences I’ve ever seen. Hogan’s scientific chops are such that the novel is still filled with more interesting concepts than a typical author can cram into a series (e.g. the origins of aggression as a response to cardiopulmonary evolution, etc.), but the narrative urgency fades once we see nothing really interesting will happen.

I wanted to enjoy it, and I did enjoy about half…but then the book simply ran out of steam for me. I don’t know whether or not it is worth your time to continue on to the third volume in the series, but I have personally tapped out my interest in Mr. Hogan’s style. At this point in time, it feels a little like the Endeavor/Morse series on Masterpiece Mystery – vaguely engaging if you have nothing else to do, but certainly not something you would sacrifice a lot of time to sit through if you had a choice.
Gentle Giants of Ganymede download epub
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