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by Richard F Newcomb

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Abandon Ship! : The Death of the . By (author) Richard F. Newcomb. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window).

Bantam Books is an American publishing house owned entirely by parent company Random House, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House; it is an imprint of the Random House Publishing Group. It was formed in 1945 by Walter B. Pitkin, J. Sidney B. Kramer, and Ian and Betty Ballantine, with funding from Grosset & Dunlap and Curtis Publishing Company.

The bantam war book series. Through these books we can discover what it was like to take part in the war that was a final experience for nearly fifty million human beings. This series of books is about a world on fire. In so doing we may discover the strength to make a world as good as the one contained in those dreams and aspirations once believed by heroic men. We must understand our past as an honor to those dead who can no longer choose.

Abandon ship! by. Newcomb, Richard F. Publication date. Indianapolis (Cruiser), World War, 1939-1945, Shipwrecks. New York, NY : HarperTorch. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

By Richard F. Introduction and Afterword by Peter Maas. ABANDON SHIP! The Saga of the USS Indianapolis, the Navy’s Greatest Sea Disaster. Other books of interest: Abandon Ship! American Cruisers Of World War II. By Richard F. At midnight, July 29, 1945 the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) lay almost half-way between the islands of Leyte and Guam in the Pacific. World War II was all but over as the veteran warship traveled alone. Brave Ship, Brave Men. Fatal Voyage. The Fleets The God’s Forgot.

Richard Fairchild Newcomb (June 6, 1913–December 3, 2004) was a wartime naval correspondent during World War II and received a Purple Heart.

1980-- Publisher: Bantam Books---GOOD FOR ITS AGE---unmarked--b874

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Horrible. I'am veteran of the U.S. Navy WAVES and I'm ashamed of what the Navy tried to hide and woeful for the Captain of the ship who finally took his life. Terrible, Terrible tragedy.
Excellent book, a must read for history buffs.......
Newcomb's writing style is the perfect blend of historical text and storytelling. Plenty of reviews of this book cover the major points I'd want to make in this review, but one interesting facet of the way the events unfold in the book is the point-of-view of the torpedo attack itself. We get to read narrative accounts in succession from several surviving officers and crew, but the very first account we read is from the point of view of the Japanese sub commander. We get the cold, hard, wartime mission attack version before we get the frightening accounts of the terror and death from those who suffered it.
My introduction to the Indianapolis story was as a 9-year old hearing Robert Shaw's semi-fictional account of it in "Jaws". Some details in his monologue were not exactly accurate, but certainly were true to the spirit of the real event.
Given the tragic events of the last few years and weeks (the WTC and Pentagon attacks, not to mention the Rhode Island nightclub fire of Feb. 2003 that burned alive nearly 100 concert-goers -- a recent event as I type this), it is horrifyingly simpler now to imagine the kind of fear and sheer terror the sailors on the Indianapolis went through, and to have empathy as well as sympathy.
And the bureaucratic process that allowed this tragedy to happen and divert blame for it is shameful.
If you aren't familiar with the story of the Indianapolis, grab this book and educate yourself. These events are too important to be lost to the sands of time, which is an increasing possiblility as the decades march on farther and farther away from World War II.
As a teenager in the early sixties I caddied for Charlie McVay frequently at the Litchfield Country Club, in Litchfield, CT. We thought then that we knew the story of the sinking of the Indianapolis, and we thought then that we knew the man who had been held responsible for the tragic loss of life, hours before the end of World War II. But it wasn't until Richard Newcomb's Abandon Ship! that any of us who knew McVay were able to understand the Admiral's profound pathos. The military's bungling, its cover-up, its stonewalling, its court martial of an innocent man, culminating in its gross miscarriage of justice, are more often the stuff of fiction. But it wasn't fiction, and Newcomb gives us every damning detail to prove it. Peter Maas provides an afterward showing how McVay was eventually exonerated, 32 years too late to save the the Indianapolis' last victim, my old friend, Admiral McVay, who shot himself to escape his grief. Abandon Ship! is for anyone who values truth, and who is engaged by tragedy.
Fantastic book about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis it's crew and Captain. The accounts of the sailors and their ordeal of being lost at sea, battling sharks, thirst, hunger, one another and desperation is at once heartbreaking as well as uplifting. It's a true testament to the courage of the men who lived and those who died and the cowardice of the Navy brass who not only contributed to the sinking of Indianapolis but caused further loss of life due to incompetence ashore that delayed the rescue.
The final injustice is brought against Captain McVay who is eventually court martialed by his peers. The story of these sailors and their Captain is nothing less than haunting and we can only hope the current leaders in the Navy have learned a lesson never to be repeated.
This book reveals the story of the USS Indianapolis and the tragic events that lead to her sinking and the aftermath. The story was little known to me, other than the famous speech by Quint in JAws, but this book opened my eyes to how tramatic this incident was. I became interested in the ship's story after beginning to teach Marine Biology and wanted to learn more about the incident in order to use it as a discussion when the class is dealing with sharks and although the book dealt very little with the actual shark attacks, I was still mesmerized by the story and how it affected the Navy, the captain and all those recovered from the ocean. Great read!
The author, Richard F. Newcomb, has obviously spent many countless hours researching this event and interviewing the survivors. He did a great job trying to make this book come alive.

This book describes many aspects of this incident such as the time before and after the actual sinking of the Indianapolis. I found it interesting that the author gives you a little history on Captain Charles McVay and even on the Japanese submarine commander.
Abandon Ship! talks about what the men had to go through after the sinking of the great ship in the Pacific. At the end, Newcomb includes the Court Marshal of Captain Charles McVay.
Overall I think this is a great book that makes history come alive. I really got in to this book and I would highly recommend reading this book.
Abandon ship! (Bantam war book series) download epub
Author: Richard F Newcomb
ISBN: 0553128841
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Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books (1980)