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by Frances Sakoian

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demands of professional astrologers, The Astrologer's Handbook is, happily, a book that serves every reader. The authors, two respected innovators in the field, explain carefully all of the central concepts and provide easy-to-follow instructions for doing a complete interpretation - both general and specific - of any natal chart. For those who wish to actually cast their own charts, step-by-step directions are provided.

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The Complete Guide to the Interpretation of HoroscopesPrecise, comprehensive, and richly detailed, The Astrologer's Handbook moves far beyond the common 11 sun signs" to the important planetary aspects - trines, squares, oppositions, conjunctions, and sextiles - discussing their impact on the human personality and exploring their subtle but firm influence on all our lives. More by Frances Sakoian.

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Frances Sakoian’s most popular book is The Astrologer's Handbook. Showing 28 distinct works. The Astrologer's Handbook by. Frances Sakoian, Louis S. Acker.

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Although undertaken originally to meet the demands of professional astrologers, The Astrologer's Handbook is, happily, a book that serves every reader.

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Rated this book B4. This is the A # 1 book to read if you are starting out on your study of astrology!! Hands down, the best book to start with. No mystical horse crap. Gets right to the heart of the matter. I see it as scientific/psychological. This books delineations projected a sexually transmitted disease years before the HIV virus broke loose. Just look up Pluto Transit Scorpio in this book. Astrology at its finest. And I highly recommend all of these authors books; Sakoian and Acker.
this is a very useful book, even though nowadays there are also a lot of computer programmes available, too, which can do an equally good job (at times perhaps even out-doing this book).
This book discusses the planets, their position in signs and houses, the traditional "major" aspects in the natal chart (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition), and other subjects (exhaltations, dispositors).
The language in this book is quite clear, but descriptions at times seem too extreme, presenting the qualities described either as very negative or, conversely, extraordinarily fantastic (like, e.g., clairvoyancy). I normally use this book in connection with other books or computer programs; yet, as a whole, the book is well worth the money,
I use this as a quick reference when I'm reading an astrology chart and get stuck or need some inspiration. I wouldn't use it as a live and breath bible because I don't agree with all the interpretations but I find the layout of info super quick, concise and easy to access. Perfect little size to fit in my purse too.
Popular astrology, as most people think of it, deals exclusively with sun signs -- the astrological sign in which the sun was located at your date of birth. But the moon and each of the planets were also in a sign when you were born -- and each might be in a different sign. Serious astrology takes into consideration your moon sign and the signs in which each planet was located at your birth time, as well as your sun sign. This collection of the positions of the "lights" (sun and moon) and planets in the zodiac of signs makes up your personal horoscope. Also important are the angles (called "aspects") which the lights and planets make with respect to each other. All of these factors -- plus the astrological "houses" -- are explained both simply and clearly in this excellent introduction to serious astrology. If you want to go beyond "newspaper astrology" this is the best book to start with.
The Astrologer's Handbook is a virtual encyclopedia of Astrology, Charting, and Interpretation. This wonderful
comprehensive guide is valuable for beginners and experienced alike. The intriguing and detailed writing style will keep readers engaged. All this knowledge and quality at such a low price makes this book a great gift for the serious learner.
I read this book 20 years ago. I love her knowledge of astrology. Great book!!
Old time classic for astrologers. Great for a quick look up.
Best astrology book hands down. That is all.
Astrologers Handbook download epub
Author: Frances Sakoian
ISBN: 0601373472
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Publisher: Harper Row; HARDCOVER edition (January 1, 1973)