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Title: Miles and me, Quincy Troupe.

Title: Miles and me, Quincy Troupe. New York : Seven Stories Press, 2018 ,,, Quincy Troupe was an Upper West Side legend when I was introduced to him by one of my writers at the Voice. I remember a few things on first sighting-he had flowing dreadlocks, a massive head, an elegant Asian-meets-African sartorial style. And he had the most famous bachelor pad uptown.

A TOUCHSTONE BOOK Published by Simon & Schuster New York, London, Toronto, Sidney, Tokyo, Singapore. 2. Jazz musicians-United States-Biography. 1230 Avenue of the Americas. New York, New York 10020. D39A3 1990 78. '2165'092-dc20. 90-37501 ISBN 0-671-63504-2 CIP ISBN 0-671 -72588-3 Pbh. MN. Prologue.

It is also an engrossing chronicle of the author's own development, both artistic and personal.

He is best known as the biographer of Miles Davis, the jazz musician. Troupe is the son of baseball catcher Quincy Trouppe (who added a second "P" to the family name while playing in Mexico to accommodate the Spanish pronunciation "Trou-pay").

Miles and Me, Quincy Troupe's latest book, is an honest, serious and sometimes hilarious memoir of his .

Miles and Me, Quincy Troupe's latest book, is an honest, serious and sometimes hilarious memoir of his warm and cherished friendship with Miles Davis. From the Inside Flap. If there is a genius in music in the 20th century, it's Miles Davis, and no one has gotten more involved in his life and his music than the poet Quincy Troupe. -Barbara Christian, University of California, Berkeley

Miles and Me describes in intimate detail the sometimes harrowing processes of Davis's spectacular creativity and the joys and travails Davis's passionate and contradictory temperament posed to the two men's friendship.

Brilliant, poetic, provocative, Quincy Troupe's "Miles and Me "reveals the man behind the dark glasses and legend. -Ishmael Reed, author of "Mumbo Jumbo". Miles Davis was a great poet on his instrument. Over 14 million journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.

miles and me, and me too. com User, June 21, 2009. voila le livre comporte un fabuleux passage où l'on découvre que au delà des critiques les musiciens communiques et son humain et consciens de leurs faiblesse, mais ils ne peuvent se battre contre certaine chose qui sont au-delà de leur seul capacité.

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voila le livre comporte un fabuleux passage où l'on découvre que au delà des critiques les musiciens communiques et son humain et consciens de leurs faiblesse , mais ils ne peuvent se battre contre certaine chose qui sont au-delà de leur seul capacité .
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Very insightful. Get a sense of the real Miles Davis beyond the myth.
I very much enjoyed this portrait of Miles in the form of a memoir describing the relationship between Miles and his biographer. The portrait is an intimate one, and by a writer who openly admires (worships?) Miles music and was able to relate to it through all of its many incarnations. As a musician, Miles can do no wrong. This is the part of the book that I found least satisfying. The valuable material for me was the portrait of Miles as a person, and a rather flawed one at that.
I read Troupe's tome, and neither recommend nor disrecommend it. Those interested will read it. However, to me it brings to mind two comments I recollect: "I don't want to hear the bathroom noises of the artist" (Bill Evans), and "The greats are disappointing when you meet them" (Woody Allen).
I read "Miles" and was riveted. It is valuable, hard-hitting oral history. Reading this though, is a perplexing, even depressing exercise. (I'm not saying it's not well written, it is, and has some moving passages)The book is as much about Troupe as Davis, and I'm not sure what his modus operandi is for making public the tyrannical rages and assorted uglier impulses of Davis. Is he trying to bask in reflected glory, tripping that he "really knew" Davis? Is it necessary for music fans, etc. to read how Troupe stood up to Davis's verbal taunts? Does this have anything to do with, or cast any light whatsoever on the MUSIC( which, after all, is what we'll remember long after books like these fade away)?
Honesty notwithstanding, as a musician the more I read about Miles Davis the person, the more I'd like to forget.
The really important stuff is down on record.
As always, not many people will understand why Miles is so rough. The best way to look at Miles is as if he was a diamond just dug out of the earth. Only a select few truly KNOW what a GEM he was-the rest of us have to find out through good people like Quincy. Sometimes realizing how accomplished a jazz musician, composer, and artist that he became may shock people. I like to think that he survived, thrived, and bloomed like a tree or flower that lives in the concrete jungles of the city... Many people still do not realize that we are all part of a larger universe and the way we view things are the sum total of our experiences-both bad and good. I am personally a big FAN of MILES-I have his CD's and art as well as LD's or videos of him. I always hated how he was commercialized-it was so hard to see him in concert. Quincy helps the reader to know Miles as if it was the reader hangin' with Miles instead of Quincy. Thanks Quincy-God Bless you for puttin' TRUTH down about Miles. Too many people took pictures and sat on the periphery and expounded drivel about how they knew him. He is a human being with good and bad sides. I still and always will remember him for the GREAT VOICE of his playing. God Bless you Miles!
I just picked up the "Bitches Brew Complete Sessions" on CD. Troupe has a long essay in the liner notes that are seemingly taken right from this book (or vice versa). Given there are so many Miles Davis books out there, I have to say I really like Quincy Troupe's approach because he is not some music professor or cultural critic analyzing or deconstructing Miles and "the meaning" of his music, blah, blah, blah. Rather, Troupe was there with Miles in the same room, in the car, eating dinner, wherever. That's the real value of this book. If you put Miles on that high pedestal you may not want to read the book: Troupe details some incredibly awkward and tense situations with Miles's temper which made everyone run for cover; but there are also moments of showing Miles with his force field down. One can only imagine how fascinating and frustrating it would be to meet, let alone have a friendship with, one of your idols.
Wild Python
I picked up this book not knowing what to expect, hoping mainly to get some insight into one of my favorite musicians. On that level this book delivers. The author was very close friends with Miles through the later stages of his life and the book centers around the time they spent together and Troupe's perceptions of Miles during this time. We learn that Miles, while a brilliant and influencial musician, had his share of flaws and Troupe makes no attempt to cover these up - this book is not for those who cannot conceive seeing their hero portrayed in a sometimes negative light. The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars was because sometimes the author let his personal views and beliefs get in the way. Personally I would rather read about Miles than Troupe, but oh well, it is his book.
I've been a fan of Miles Davis since hearing "Kind of Blue" in 1992. Miles legend precedes him and this book helped me gain a better understanding of him as an artist, musician and man.
I especially liked the way the author used Miles music to recollect his own life--what he was doing and how he felt about each new release. For a fan like me, that gave me a idea of how it would have been to anxiously await each new Miles Davis album.
Quincy Troupe was obviously a fan and a friend. I'm glad he wrote this book.
Miles and Me download epub
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