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by Lennie Lower

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Still considered one of Australia's funniest books ever, Here's Luck is Lennie Lower's most inspired lunacy. A wild and uproarious masterpiece set in Sydney during the early depression years, it follows the hilarious exploits of its hero and narrator, Jack Gudgeon

Still considered one of Australia's funniest books ever, Here's Luck is Lennie Lower's most inspired lunacy. A wild and uproarious masterpiece set in Sydney during the early depression years, it follows the hilarious exploits of its hero and narrator, Jack Gudgeon. Deserted by his long-suffering wife and gorgon-like sister-in-law, Gudgeon and his dreamy, disaster-prone teenage son, Stanley, manage to stumble into a never-ending series of adventures and catastrophes from which they invariably emerge with monumental hangovers.

Here's Luck was a complete sensation when it was published in Australia in 1930, and propelled Lennie Lower to a decade of ceaseless comedy writing in books and newspaper columns. This is a darn funny series of sketches, really, hung around the loose plot of a father and son pair who are generally no good, gambling, drinking, and verbally abusing "Blow in your ear, and wake yourself up", exclaimed Daisy contemptuously, "I wouldn't send in the coupon if you were a free sample.

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The Online Books Page. Author: Lower, Lennie, 1903-1947.

Lennie Lower wrote the novel Here's Luck in 1929. This novel deals with the twists and turns of fate befalling Jack Gudgeon and his feckless son Stanley. When Jack's wife Agatha suddenly leaves them, both go it alone on a wild rampage through Sydney's race courses, gambling dens, pubs and cafes

Here's Luck!" is an Australian comedy classic.

Here's Luck!" is an Australian comedy classic.

Here's luck, Lennie Lower ; with a new introduction by James Scanlon Prion London 2001. Australian/Harvard Citation. 2001, Here's luck, Lennie Lower ; with a new introduction by James Scanlon Prion London.

From Publishers Weekly First published in 1930, this reissue of what has been hailed as "Australia's funniest book" will leave modern American readers asking, "Says who?" Lower's pursuit of irony and folly is tireless

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This riotously funny book is also consistently surprising. Just when you think you have the rhythm of the humor down pat, Lennie Lower strikes a different path. Ostensibly, this is a rowdy book about a hard-drinking, somewhat misogynist Aussie good old boy and his ne'er-do-well son, who -- suddenly freed of any female oversight -- gamble, tussle, smoke and drink to glorious excess. It's a kind of a road story where the characters never go anywhere, and appear dangerously close to self-destruction at every turn. You would expect the writing to be curt and fairly coarse -- yet it's also subtle, exceedingly well-turned, consistently delightful. Mark Twain is cited in the introduction as a reference point, but Damon Runyon seems fair too, and I kept thinking about Kingsley Amis as well.

Before I even finished the book, I had sent copies to two people. It's that kind of book -- a surprise to anyone not reared among kangaroos and waltzing Mathilda. Read it and discover a dazzling comic voice. One of the best of the excellent Prion Humour Classics.
The funniest Australian novel. A great shame that Lennie didn't write more. Also a pity that this e-book version is in typewritten form. The book should be required reading in schools but I doubt that modern generations would understand many of the slang expressions. A great pleasure to read regardless!
This is a traditional book of Australian humour and apparently a classic. I found the humour out- dated and forced, and I gave up before getting too far.
One of the funniest books ever written about Sydney in the 20's and 30's and the antics of a real wag. Totally inappropriate for today's sensitivities but as a cultural record priceless.
An uncle known for his eccentric taste in gifts gave this to me when I was about 11, so it naturally lay unread for years. Definitely my loss, as the pithy one-liners alone make it a joy to read again and again. Virtually every page is a comic gem, but I can't decide whether Jack's attempted reconciliation with his wife (and subsequent unfortunate confrontation with his mother-in law and sister in-law), or the passionate tribute to alcohol by Mr Sloove (aspiring MP) is the highlight of the book - perhaps both?
It is a crying shame for Australian literature that Lennie Lower wrote but one novel in his lifetime 'Here's Luck'. However at the same time as we lament the lack of a more volumous collection of work, let us be thankful that the hard drinking, hard talking Lower found time to chip in with this sweet reminder of Australia leading up to the depression era of the 1930s.
The book comprises of a short timespan in the life of Jack Gudgeon and his family, living in Sydney during the late 1920s. Jack Gudgeon is used by Lower as his champion of the working man (although I use the term working very loosely)! Gudgeon is left to fend for himself when his wife Agatha and her sister depart the household leaving only reprabate son Stanley for company.
The story follows Jack and Stanley's unorthodox approach to living without Agatha which consists of chopping up the furniture for fuel, many meals of steak and eggs, and parties with fairly dramatic conclusions.
Lower writes constantly with tongue in cheek but where as it would be easy to criticise sections of the book as msogynistic, I believe that Jack Gudgeon (in his own unique style) comes to the conclusion late on that perhaps he truly recognises how important Agatha his wife is to him. An example being when he describes the realization he got out of 'hugging the same pair of hips every night'.
Perhaps this book is now dated, nearly a quarter century since initial publication, however for me that just adds to the charm of the narrative. A good read for anyone wishing to escape the confusion of the modern world for a while.
This book was first published in 1930 and was reprinted some 13 times up to 1955 by Angus and Robertson Publishers.

It is a light hearted, fun comedy set in Sydney in the racy 30's. The story concerns the escalating problems that beset a typical Australian 'bludger' (lazy type), his immature 18 year old son and his silly brother in-law, when the man's wife leaves him, having been encouraged to do so by her venomous sister and sniffly mother.

It is a fun read, although perhaps getting slightly dated now and a bit mysoginistic.
It is faintly reminiscent of the escalating humour of 'The Adventures of Barrie McKenzie' (an Australian comic strip by Barrie Humprhires (Dame Edna Everidge) and turned into a film by Bruce Beresford in the mid 70's) and also perhaps Crocodile Dundee because of its colloquial Australian flavour and euphimisms.

It is now out of print but Angus and Robertson (Syndey, Melbourne, London and Wellington) may know where copies lie.
Here's luck download epub
Author: Lennie Lower
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Language: English
Publisher: Angus & Robertson; Arkon ed edition (1973)